Compiled by Thelma Faye Cain Prince  


Researched by Mary Davis Elmore and Fellow Researchers
Berma Ashcraft Albright, Willie Nell Ashcraft,  Letha Ashcraft Houston, 1930's-2005. 
Copyrighted 2005 by Mary Davis Elmore  

Thank you , All

Generation No. 1

1 ASCROFT/ASHCROFT/ASHCRAFT.  It is estimated that he was born around 1659, England; he died October 1747 in New Kent Co. County, Virginia.  He married (1) MARY ______ in mid to late 1680's.  She died February 20, 1711/12 in New Kent Co. County, Virginia.  He married (2) JOHANNAH  ______ about 1713.  She died July 25, 1716,  perhaps in childbirth (listed in St. Peters Parish Vestry Book). New Kent County, Virginia.  The religion of Thomas and both of his wives was St. Peter's and Paul Parish Anglican Church, New Kent County, Virginia.

Thomas Ascroft (original spelling he used) came from England before 1689, probably in the early 1680's.  He lived in New Kent County, Virginia near the mouth of Black Creek.  Thomas Ascroft mentioned in Notes On Southside Virginia, p. 127 by Walter A. Watson, was the first of our ancestors to come to America.  Thomas is mentioned along with three other men, Francis Hayes, John Cole, Ralph Denby, as having been transported into the colony by John Watson.  In August 1689 John Watson received land in exchange for having paid the passage for these four men. Typically there was a matter of years between the time passage  was paid for a person and when the land was actually deeded to the payor.  See also Henrico Co. Order Book 1678-1693, pgs. 306-307.

According to the Virginia 1704 Rent Rolls, Thomas Ashcroft paid taxes on 180 acres on Black Creek in the parish of St. Peter's and St. Paul's,  New Kent County, Virginia.  He lived in New Kent County, Virginia the rest of his life.

Thomas became disabled about 1724.  His land on Black Creek in New Kent County was sold by the church and the proceeds were used to care for him.   He was cared for by Thomas Martin from 1724 through 1740.   James, son of Thomas, and Johannah, took over his care about 1741 and cared for him until his death in October 1747. See St.Peters Vestry Book records below.    http://www.rootsweb.com/~vanewken/vestry.html

                              Mentions of Thomas Ascroft/Ashcroft in St. Peter's Vestry Book:

pg. 57: July 10, 1698: Thomas Ashcroft was ordered along with others to help clear the roads in his precincts.
pg. 121, May 8, 1707:  Thomas Ashcroft ordered to help make a "rode" to the Mill of Charles "Ffleming."
pg. 88, October 25, 1707: Thomas Ashcroft paid 650 Ibs(tobacco) for keeping a bastard child.  (No indication as to who this child was.  It must have been a family member or Thomas probably would not have been paid to care for it.)
pg. 89: No date; no more than a year.  Tho. Ashcroft being allowed ___ agreement for keeping a bastard ye sd child dye before ___ proportionable to ye time.
 pg 447 of the book:  February 20, 1711/12.  Mary wife of Tho. Ashcraft departed this life 20th Feb. 1711/12.
pg. 419 of the book: July 25, 1716:  Johannah wife of Tho. Ashcroft departed this life 7 ye 25th 1716.
pg. 420 of the book:  October 1721, wife of Richard Ashcroft deceas'd Oct. 1721.

pg. 142: April 7, 1724, Thomas Ashcroft:  Ordered ye the Goods of Thos. Ashcraft be valued by Capt. Massie and George Wilkinson and yet:  Thomas Martin take them as they are valued (if he thinks fitt).

Pgs. 143-144: To Thos. Martin for keeping (this had been scratched through with a pen) Thos. Ashcraft.  (This sentence repeated) amount 525.
Ordered that ye chu: wardens do Continue ye goods of Thos. Ashcraft to ye Use of this parish before there be any more Tabco. Levyed for him or before they agree with any person for ye maintenance of him  at ye charge of this parish.
pg. 194:  Church wardens gave Thomas Ashcraft credit of forty shillings in a Store towards clothing for the next year.
Pg. 197:  Clothing again for Thomas Ashcraft.
Pg. 199:  September 29, 1741, James Ashcraft allowed 40 shillings and no ____ for keeping his father Thomas Ashcraft for ensuing year.
pg. 200:  September 29, 1742, Thomas Ashcraft 40 s in Tabco: @15 (??) 267.
Pg. 201:  September 29, 1742, James Ashcraft 40 shillings for keeping his father Thos. Ashcraft the ensuing year.
Pg. 202: September 24, 1743.  Jas. Ashcraft 40 s for keeping father.
Pg. 206:  September 20, 1744:  Jas. Ashcraft allowed 600" Tabco for support of father in Lieu of the 40s order'd him last year.
Pg. 207: 600" Tabco (tobacco) Jas. Ashcraft for keeping father.
Pg. 209:  September 28, 1745.  Jas. Ashcraft allowed 700" of Tabco for keeping father.
pg. 210:  October 11, 1746.  Jas. Ashcraft 700" for keeping father.
pg 293:  October 3 to October 16, 1747: To James Ashcraft for burying Thomas Ashcraft (LIIII8 II7 1/2 d) 257.
Excerpts from the Will of William Massie, Old  New Kent County Some Accounts of the Planters, Plantations, and Places in New Kent Co.  Vol. I by Malcolm H. Harris, pg. 200.  Will of WILLIAM MASSIE made 25 day of October 1749.  It was proved in 1751.  Among other lands willed to different of his children............. "To Thomas Massie land on Black Creek which his father (Thomas Massie) bought of Ashcroft and a tract of land near the mouth of Black Creek." William Massie was a Vestryman in the Parish of St. Peter's and evidently knew the Ashcrafts well.

Children of THOMAS1 ASCROFT/ASHCROFT/ASHCRAFT and (1) MARY _____ are:

                   i.       THOMAS2 ASCROFT/ASHCROFT/ASHCRAFT, JR, b. unknown time, probably ca. 1686; m. SUSANNAH ELLIOTT HOPKINS sometime after 1713-15.  He was in Maryland in 1704 where he witnessed a deed for Daniel Sherwood.   Susannah was the  daughter of Edward Elliott and his second wife, Elizabeth Frith,  widow of Henry Frith.  Susannah m. (1) Will Hopkins.  Susannah was married to Will Hopkins by the time her father Edward wrote his will in 1704.  Will Hopkins and Susannah had two sons,  John, Edward, and a daughter, Ann.   Will Hopkins died ca. 1713-1715.  Sometime after 1713, Thomas, Jr and Susannah married and had their two children, Elizabeth and Thomas3 Ashcraft, III.

Thomas3 Ashcraft, III m. Jane Horney, October 20, 1742, Talbot Co. Md.  She is listed as b. 1727; her parents are listed as Elizabeth Harwood and Jeffrey Horney.  This was found on the internet and is subject to verification.

Elizabeth Ashcraft, daughter of Thomas2 Ashcraft and Susannah Elliott, m. Joseph Harrison who was b. Oct. 9, 1698 in Talbot Co. Md. d. 1752.  His estate was settled in Talbot Co. in 1755.  After Joseph died, Elizabeth married Robert Robson in 1755.  He was in the Colonial Militia of Talbot Co. Md in 1740-48.  Residence of all these was Talbot County, Maryland. See The information concerning Susannah Elliott Hopkins Ashcroft as found in: MARYLANDGENEALOGIES  A Consolidation of Articles from the Maryland Historical Magazine  Two Volumes with an introduction by Robert Barnes .Volume I indexed by Thomas L. Hollowak. Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.  1980.  See pp. 21-24.  Also see for information on the Harrisons:  http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~harrisonrep/hhdocs/82sephh.htm#robert.

                  ii.       RICHARD ASCROFT/ASHCROFT/ASHCRAFT, m. UNKNOWN; His wife d. October 1721, New Kent Co. County, Virginia. St. Peters Parish Church.  Residence New Kent County, Va.  Richard's wife, name not given, died October 1721, according to St. Peters Vestry Book.  This was the only mention found of this Richard in New Kent County in the research done to date.

Children of THOMAS1 ASCROFT/ASHCROFT/ASHCRAFT and  (2) JOHANNAH ________ are:

2.          iii. JAMES2 ASCROFT/ASHCROFT/ASHCRAFT, b. 1714, New Kent Co.;                d.1766, New Kent Co. County, Virginia. He married Mary _____.  Both  buried there. The area where they lived  and where it is suspected they are buried  is a lake now.

                 iv.       CATHERINE ASCROFT/ASHCROFT/ASHCRAFT, b. 1716; m. HENRY ROACH.  She is not a  proven daughter.Descendant Blanche Roach Strey told Mary Elmore in the 1980's when she was over 90 years old that all the researchers she was acquainted with over the country accepted that Catherine was the daughter of Thomas and Johannah Ashcraft.  Catherine named  sons, Ashcraft,  Richard, and a daughter Sabra Roach.  Two children are listed in St. Peter's Parish birth records. Ashcraft Roach was b. Oct. 29, 1736; baptized Dec. 12, 1736, New Kent Co. Va.  He was known to have supplied the Continental army with 250 Ibs of beef on October 29 1781. He died in 1815, Amherst Co. Va. according to above descendant.  Sabra Roach was b. Aug. 8, 1738; baptized Sept. 10, 1738. Richard and any other children they may have had aren't listed in the St. Peter's Parish records.   (http://www.rootsweb.com/~vanewken/vestry.html)

                 Generation No. 2

For brevity, the name will be spelled Ashcraft from now on.  It can be found in records in other variations.

2.  JAMES2  ASHCRAFT (THOMAS1) was born 1714 in New Kent Co. County, Virginia, and died 1766 in New Kent Co. County, Virginia.   He married MARY _______.  She died before October 03, 1771 in New Kent Co. County, Virginia. Both are buried there.  James and Mary were parishioners of New Kent Co.[Actually, Mary was a member of Blisland Upper Parish Anglican Church of New Kent County,Va.  She is listed on the membership rolls. James was mentioned in the St Peter's vestry book just in connection with care of his father.

The home of James and Mary Ashcraft was in the southeastern part of New Kent County near the James City County line, while Thomas Ashcroft had lived in the northern portion just south of the Pamunkey river.
James and Mary Ashcraft lived in New Kent County, Virginia all their lives. Though James never left New Kent County, when his sons were approaching adulthood (ages 19 and 16), James Ashcraft purchased a land patent on May 12,1759 in Brunswick County, Virginia.  The patent was composed of 178 acres located at the fork of Cedar Creek and mentions Little Cedar Creek and Middle Cedar Creek.  This description makes the land easy to locate on a present day map.  James paid twenty shillings of good and lawful money.

On February 14, 1761, James Ashcraft again purchased land in Brunswick county.  This patent contained 186 acres that bordered Robert Moore's land at the Brunswick/Lunenburg County line (described as Lacey's, Williams, Barrow's, and Parish's corner back to the county line).  The purchase price was twenty shillings.  Both grants were signed by Francis Fauquier, and recorded in a Patent Book at the Virginia Archives, pgs. 251-252, and 814.

October 20, 1766- to Mary Ashcraft for 1 barrel of corn L_II 15 II James died around 1766 since Mary is mentioned in the Blisland parish records as selling one barrel of corn.  If James had been alive, or able, he would have been the one to sell the corn.Vestry Book 0f Blisland Parish at the Upper Church, edited by C.G. Chamberlayne.

Mary Ashcraft , 2 tithes, 217 acres from James City County, Va. Sheriff's Tax Book, 1768.  The county lines for New Kent and James City counties were adjusted in 1767.  Some of the eastern side of James City county was added to New Kent County, some of southwestern New Kent was then James City. In 1767 the lower end of New Kent County on the York River side, from Ware Creek down to Skimino Creek, was added to James City County.  all that portion lying beyond Diasum Creek was taken from James City County and given to New Kent.  {From a document on Blisland Parish by Martha W. McCartney]. The 217 acres land owned by Mary Ashcraft was right on the line between New Kent County and James City County after the lines were changed in 1767.

Transcript of the total contents of the Virginia Gazette newspaper article in the October 3, 1771 issue concerning Mary Ashcroft, wife of James Ashcroft.  This is to give notice to James, Robert, and Thomas Moore, who reside on the south side of James River, either in Surry or Brunswick Counties, that Mary Ashcroft, widow of ____ Ashcroft, who lived near Diesscon (Diascund) Bridge, in New Kent County, is lately dead, and has left behind her some Effects, which may be of Service to her Heir, if he or she can be discovered.  The said Effects are now in the Possession of a Person who lived and cohabited with her some Time before her Decease, and soon will be made away with by him, if not timely claimed.  For further Intelligence inquire at the Post Office.

                    Children of JAMES2 ASHCRAFT and MARY ____are:

3.        i.  THOMAS3ASHCRAFT, b. 1740, New Kent County, Virginia (documented by a Bible record, but location of Bible now unknown); d. December 28, 1825,   Anson Co. NC. m. OHOLABAMAH.
4.       ii.   JOHN ASHCRAFT, b. 1743, New Kent County, Virginia; d. 1816, Chester Co. SC. m. (1)
                 MARY BROWN; m. (2) REBECCA ______.

5.      iii.    ELIZABETH ASHCRAFT, b. 1750, New Kent Co. County, Virginia. m. ROBERT  MOORE.

Generation No. 3

3.  THOMASASHCRAFT (JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born 1740 in New Kent County, Virginia, (from Bible record, location now unknown); he  lived for awhile in Brunswick Co. Va., sold land there in 1770, then migrated to NC about 1770.  He died December 28, 1825 in Anson Co. NC (now Union Co.NC).  He married OHOLABAMAH.  They originally were buried without markers in the area across Lane's Creek from their home.   An adult and child grave was also found there in the early 1930's.  Their son, Benjamin is believed to be buried by his parents.  Later on, these graves were moved  to Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery near their homeplace.

John and Thomas Ashcraft moved from New Kent Co. to Brunswick Co. Va. before their parents died, probably around 1759, working the land which their father had gotten and they lived as a neighbor to a Robert Moore.   John Moore is listed as an early settler of Brunswick County, Va. in the book Brunswick County, Virginia 1720-1975 by Gay Neale, p. 36.   This Moore family also came from Black Creek in New Kent County before settling in Brunswick County, so it is thought the Ashcrafts and Moores were close friends for a long time.

At a court held for Brunswick Co. Va on Monday,  26 September 1768:  Thomas and John Ashcraft now in court chose Robert Moore their guardian whereupon the said Robert Moore together with Valentine Moore his security entered into and acknowledged their bond in the amount of 100 Ibs for securing the orphans estate and indemnifying the court.  Therefore the Moores vouched for the brothers that they were the rightful owners of this land.  We don't know exactly when the brothers came to work in Brunswick County on the land their father acquired, but the Moores evidently took them under their wings and taught them the trade of milling and how to read and write.  The elder brother Thomas was a miller.  More research  needs to be done for the particulars.

At a court held for Brunswick County, Va on Monday 27 August 1770:  An indenture of bargain and sale between Thomas Ashcraft and George Connelly, was proven by the oaths of Thomas Lambert and Richard Hardin, Witnesses.

Below is in the words of descendant Mary D. Elmore:
There are indications that John may have spent some time in the Chatham County area when he first immigrated to North Carolina. After Thomas Ashcraft came to North Carolina, they settled land in Orange County, N.C., which was in what is now Alamance County, where their land grants were located.   The eldest son of Thomas, William, said that he was born at Tar River, North Carolina, who left a Bible record in which he stated this (Unable to locate this record now.).  During the Revolution, they were living in Orange District and received their vouchers for furnishing supplies to the militia from Hillsborough District, North Carolina.  Most militia records, even if there were any, haven't survived.   Thomas and John, without any doubt, did fight. The Guilford Courthouse battle was just a matter of 40 or 50 miles from their homes. When fighting broke out in your area, you defended it. Many more men served in the Revolutionary War than records may be found. The records are very incomplete, even for those in organized regiments.

The Orange County tax records have survived for the years beginning in 1779. Thomas and John Ashcraft were listed each year from 1779 through 1785. Mary checked about three more years beyond 1785 to be sure they hadn't been accidentally missed in 1786. They arrived in Anson County, North Carolina in 1786, in time for both Thomas and John to add another son to their family. Both were named Thomas. Thomas Jr. was born January 2, 1786, to Thomas and Oholabamah; Thomas, son of John and Mary, was born August 6, 1786 in Anson County, North Carolina. For years, Thomas, son of John and Mary, was said by a descendant to have been born in Sampson County, North Carolina (Notable Men of Alabama Hon. Joel C. DeBose, Editor, 1904, pg. 315).  This was a mistake.  There is no indication that John and Mary Ashcraft ever lived in Sampson County.

The land patents for the Ashcraft brothers in Anson County [now Union County] were: Thomas lived on Lanes Creek under a patent  and John on Lick Branch of Lanes Creek under patent #1507. They both also purchased additional acreage. Thomas built a grist mill on Lanes Creek where he milled. The heavy timbers from the mill are still in the creek imbedded in the creek bottom. One of the huge grinding rocks is imbedded in the creek bank. When Mary visited this site, she could envision, in her mind's eye, farmers taking their corn to the mill for grinding, visiting with one another and catching up on all the happenings of the area. She had the most wonderful feelings of kinship and familiarity as she walked the lands and viewed the area where our ancestors trod.  Mary said many of the patent books in NC Archives were out getting microfilmed when she was there, so probably further records could be found by researchers.

In ca. 1791 John Ashcraft's first wife died in Anson County, North Carolina. He then married Rebecca, maiden name unknown, and they moved to South Carolina in 1799. The land John purchased was in Chester and York County, South Carolina on Fishing Creek. John remained there until his death in 1816. His will is located in Columbia, South Carolina in the archives. All of his children are listed in the will. Rebecca Ashcraft continued to live in Chester County, South Carolina until her death between 1830-1840.

Thomas Ashcraft lived in Anson County, North Carolina, where he settled in 1785/1786, until his death in 1825. Thomas lost his wife, Oholabamah, in 1818. He was living alone in 1820 and was 85 years old when he died. [From Bible record and tombstone]. They were buried on the opposite side of Lanes Creek from their home, on slightly higher ground. Over 100 years later, their remains were moved from the edge of a field to the cemetery of Bethel Baptist Church and within sight of their original home site settled 150 years or more before.

Thomas was in Orange Co. Hillsborough District, NC during the Revolutionary War.  A voucher for him was found in NC Archives.  See below:

     The North Carolina Archives in Raleigh, NC has in their Patent books or loose papers the following patents:

     #848.  John Ashcraft adjoined by James Roach, August 13, 1779.
     #978  John Ashcraft-1779
    #936 Thomas Ashcraft adjoining David McGwine and John Moore (No date on this one.)

Thomas Ashcraft, the eldest son of James and Mary, did not have a will. He deeded all of his sons land at an early age, except for John. It is suspected that he helped John to purchase an over 600 acres plat of land when he first married since he didn't deed him land as he did the others.   Thomas Ashcraft died December 28, 1825. The day before he died Thomas Ashcraft of Anson Co. N.C. deeded everything that he had to his youngest son, Thomas Ashcraft, Jr. Almost immediately, Thomas, Jr. sold the land to his eldest brother, William, and immigrated to Tennessee. From that time forward, the two brothers in North Carolina, William and Benjamin were estranged from Thomas, Jr. and there is no evidence that the breach was ever healed. Thomas, Jr. made an attempt in a letter dated 1849; Mary D. Elmore has a copy of this letter in her files if anyone wants to see it.


i.    WILLIAM4ASHCRAFT, b. Nov. 7, 1772, Tar River, Orange Co. NC; d. May 26, 1854, Anson Co. NC; m. ELIZABETH SIDES; b. July 1, 1775.Rocky River, NC. d. Feb. 5, 1852, Anson Co. now Monroe Co. NCTar River as his birthplace was told by William to his son, Levi Henderson Ashcraft and it has been passed down in his family, along with a Bible record.  Levi migrated to Sulphur Springs, TX.

     ii.       DAUGHTER ASHCRAFT, b. 1774; m. AUGUSTUS HILL FROM SC.
                                 Moved to Monroe Co. Mississippi.

    iii.       BENJAMIN ASHCRAFT, b. 1776, Tar River, Orange Co. NC; d. May 1850 m.    ELIZABETH, b. 1764, d. Feb. 1860, Monroe Co. NC.  Remained in NC.

6.  iv.       JOHN ASHCRAFT, b. Dec. 7, 1778,  Tar River, Orange Co. NC; d. Mar 26, 1845, Fayette
                                   Co. AL; m. SARAH HUNTLEY (b. Sept 19, 1786, NC; d. Sept 10, 1843, Fayette Co. AL) ca.
Mary Elmore's ancestor.  Both are buried in Newtonville, AL.

     v.       DAUGHTER ASHCRAFT, b. 1784; m.  JAMES JENNINGS of SC.

7. vi.       THOMAS ASHCRAFT, JR., b. January 2, 1786, Anson Co. NC. m. (1)TEMPERANCE
                             LUTUR (2) JANE MCCALL.


4.  JOHN3 ASHCRAFT (JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born about 1743 in New Kent County, Virginia, lived for awhile in Brunswick Co. Va., then migrated to NC about 1770.  He died 1816 in Chester Co. SC.  He married (1) MARY BROWN.    He married (2) REBECCA ______ about 1793 in NC..  He was in Orange Co., Hillsborough district, NC during the Revolutionary War.  A voucher is found in the NC Archives for him:

 As quite a young man, John Ashcraft left New Kent County along with his older brother, Thomas, for Brunswick County, Virginia to work the two land patents purchased by their father  c. 1759 and 1761 on Cedar Creek.
 Their father James died  c. 1766, and their lives changed forever.

John moved to the Chatham/Orange County, N.C. area in c. 1770.  A few years before, one of their neighbors,  John and Lucy Brown in Brunswick County, Va. had moved his family to Chatham County, N.C.  John and Lucy Brown had a daughter named Mary, who became John Ashcraft’s wife.  The two Ashcraft brothers, Thomas and
John, stayed in Orange County, N.C. [the area where they lived was in what is now Alamance County] until 1785, the last year they were on the tax list.  By early 1786, they were in Anson County, N.C. where Thomas lived
until his death in 1825.  John and second wife, Rebecca, lived in York, then Chester County, S.C. from 1799 until his death in 1816.

Mary Brown Ashcraft died during the very early 1790’s, and John Ashcraft married second, Rebecca.  John and Rebecca Ashcraft had six children: Tilitha; Agnes; Joel; Jesse; Holly; and Esther.  Joel and Jesse  Ashcraft’s families eventually ended up in Arkansas, and most of the Arkansas present day Ashcrafts are descendants of these two sons.

After the death of  John, James and Drury, his two eldest sons, moved their families to St. Clair County, Al.  Thomas moved his family to Troup County, Georgia, then into Talladega County, Alabama.  Daughters of John and Mary Ashcraft:  Elizabeth; Mary; and Susanna all married Sides brothers, and they moved to Walker County, Alabama where many of  their descendants still reside.  Some of the descendants of James and Drury Ashcraft still live in Alabama, but many migrated to Texas when lands there first opened up, and are now all over the country.

Children of JOHN3 ASHCRAFT and (1) MARY BROWN are:

i.     JAMES4 ASHCRAFT, b. 1772, NC; m. NANCY BAKER.

          ii.    DRURY I. ASHCRAFT, b. 1773, NC; m.   ELIZABETH  BAKER;  lived in St. Clair, AL in 1820.
iii.    ELIZABETH E. ASHCRAFT, b. 1776, NC; m. JOHN SIDES.
                            Lived in Walker Co. AL.

         iv.    LUCY ASHCRAFT, b. 1778, NC; m. JAMES LEE.  Lived in Chester or
                            York Co. SC.

v.     MARY ASHCRAFT, b. 1780, NC; m. LEVI SIDES.  Lived in
                            Walker Co. AL.

            vi.     JOHN ASHCRAFT, JR., b. 1784, NC; m. ELIZABETH CHAMBERS.
                             He died on a British prison ship, 1815.

                vii.     THOMAS ASHCRAFT, b. 1786, NC; m. MRS. CATHERINE  ABEL STIGLER, March 15, 1815.Lived in Jackson Co. Ga, then Talladega Co. AL

               viii.     SUSANNA ASHCRAFT, b. 1788, NC; m. HENRY SIDES, JR; lived Walker Co. AL.

                  ix.     ANGILLICA ASHCRAFT, b. 1791, NC; m. JOSEPH CROOK.  Lived Chester or York Co. SC.

Children of JOHN3 ASHCRAFT and REBECCA ______ are:

                   x.      TILITHA4 ASHCRAFT, b. 1794; m. GREEN OWENS; lived SC.

 xi.      AGNES ASHCRAFT, b. 1796.

                 xii.      JOEL ASHCRAFT, b. 1798, NC; d. 1853, SC; m. MARTHA (PATSY) FURGUSON.
His family migrated between 1850 - 1860 to Arkansas.

                xiii.      JESSE ASHCRAFT, b. 1800, SC; m. (1) SARAH MCCLELLAN; m. (2) CATHERINE BYRD.
                         Migrated between 1850 - 1860 to Arkansas.

                xiv.      HOLLY ASHCRAFT, b. 1802, SC; m. JOSEPH FURGUSON.

                 xv.      ESTHER ASHCRAFT, b. 1804, SC.

The below will was sent and abstracted by Mary Davis Elmore

Date: 2 December or October 1816, Chester Co. SC Will Bk F:122-123

In the Name of God Amen

I  John Ashcraft Being in perfect mind and memory But in a low and afflicted state of Body Calling to memory the mortal state of man Do make this My last Will & Testament that is to say first I submit My soul to God the giver & My Body to be Intered from Whence it came_____ Secondly I Allow all my lawful Debts to Be paid       Thirdly I Bequeath to my beloved Wife Rebecca the plantation on Which we now live In time or widdowerhood then to my son Jesse to be his Property 4thly I Bequeath to my Son Joel the plantation that Levi Sides formerly Resided on 5thly I Bequeath to my son Joel the Brown Filly To _________ 6thly I Bequeath To my Daughter Tilitha a Bed & Furniture 7thly I Bequeath To my Daughter Agnes a Bed & Furniture 8thly I Bequeath to My Daughter Holly a Bed & Furniture I also Bequeath to my Daughter Esther a Bed & Furniture or the Price of one in money__all my stock & Tools are My Beloved wife's Until her Death I bequeath to my son Drury Ten Dollars and unto John Sides one Dollar Unto my son James Ten Dollars To Henry Sides ten Dollars to James Lee Ten Dollars & to the Heirs of my son John one Dollar To Thomas My son one Dollar To my Daughter Anjellica Twenty Dollars & after my Children Receives their Respective shares any thing shall remain To be Divided Betwixt my sons & Daughters Joel Jesse Telitha Agness Holly & Esther at the Death of their mother I do Nominate and Appoint My Son James & James Lee to see this my last Will & Testament completely Carried into Effect__In witness Whereof I do set my hand In presence of Us.
witnesses:  Green Owens, Joel Ashcraft, Jesse Ashcraft                 John   X  Ashcraft (his mark)

5.  ELIZABETH3 ASHCRAFT (JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born ca.1750 in New Kent Co. County, Virginia.  She married ROBERT3 MOORE, of Brunswick Co. Va., son of JOHNMOORE, grandson of JAMES1 MOORE.  The Moore family was compiled by Thelma F. Prince, 1980-2005.Elizabeth is my third-great-grandmother.


8.                i.       JOHN4 MOORE, b. June 03, 1776, Brunswick Co. Va.; d. May 22, 1845, Walton
                                  Co. Ga.
(Thelma Prince's line.)
                  ii.       THOMAS MOORE.
                 iii.       REUBEN MOORE.
                 iv.       LUCY MOORE.

Generation No. 4

6.   JOHN4 ASHCRAFT ( THOMAS3 , JAMES2,, THOMAS1) b. Dec. 7, 1778 Tar River, Orange Co., NC; d. March 26, 1845, Fayette Co. AL. ;  m. SARAH HUNTLEY ( b. Sept. 19, 1786, NC; d. Sept. 10, 1843)ca. 1804, Anson Co. NC.  Both buried Newtonville, AL.Mary D. Elmore's line.

John Ashcraft, son of Thomas and Oholabamah, first came to Mississippi, then to Alabama, and had two land patents in Monroe County, MS.  He left N.C. before 1822, because they had a son born in Monroe Co. MS in 1822.   John and wife Sarah both had a sister living in Monroe Co. MS.   Thier land was very close to their sisters, who had been there since 1815- 1818.

 John's first land patent was dated 1823.  His second one was dated 1826.  The land would have been worked by his sister's family and Sarah's sister's family.  Just enough to be able to apply for a patent.  The second one acquired in 1826 was ca. 5 years after they arrived in Monroe County, Ms.

After John sold his land in Monroe Co. Ms. in 1830, he came to Fayette Co. AL, and applied for land in Fayette County.  He received a patent March 30, 1837.  Evidently, being older, it took him longer to show enough improvements to make the patent final.  His second patent in Fayette County he received in 1839.  John died in 1845, and not long after that his two land patents were resold to George W. Castles.  If the one owning the patent, or his family were not living on the land, the government resold it to someone else.  George W. Castles was living there in 1850 when the census was taken.

                      i.       Pheby ASHCRAFT, b. Sept. 15, 1805
                     ii.       Jane, b. Aug. 8, 1807
                    iii.       Mary, b. Oct. 17, 1809
                    iv.       Nancy, b. Aug. 19, 1811
             9.     v.       Thomas, b. May 26, 1813; m. Rebecca Martin Cannon.
                    vi.        Stephen, b. July 28, 1816
                   vii.        John Mastin, b. June 25, 1818
                  viii.        Susannah, b. Jan. 29, 1820
                    ix.        Joel, b. Oct. 26, 1822, Monroe Co. MS; m. Martha Ann Bennett. Picture below.
                     x.        Elijah Dickson, B. Jan. 29, 1825; d. Sept. 15, 1843
                    xi.        Sarah, b. Jan 28, 1828
                   xii.        Zilphy Holly, b. Nov. 29. 1829

 7. THOMAS4 ASHCRAFT, JR. (THOMAS, JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born in Anson County, N.C. on January 2, 1786.  He remained in Anson County, N.C. until 1826, when he sold all of his property in Anson County, N.C. and moved his family to Perry County, TN, later Decatur County, where he resided until his death on September 22, 1858.  He is buried in the Yarbro Cemetery on the Will Long Farm.  Thomas was married twice, first to Temperance Lutur and second Jane McCall, a widow.   Temperance was born March 3, 1788 and died July 30, 1846.  No children by Jane McCall.


i.   Joel L.5 Ashcraft b. August 15, 1809 Anson Co. N.C. d. July 13, 1887.  Joel had three wives (1) Emilia Rushing b. Oct. 28, 1811 d. Jan. 10, 1837  (2) Malvina H. Brown b. Dec. 11, 1817 d. Dec. 7, 1857  (3) Zurilda McClannahan  b. Sept. 22, 1823 d. Jan. 26, 1898.

ii.   Caswell Ashcraft b. 1816 Anson Co. N.C. d. 1876 married Lucinda Kelley b. Dec. 11, 1828 Hardin Co. TN. Died before 1889.

iii.   Mahaly Ashcraft b. Sept. 22, 1821 Anson Co. N.C. married Richard Rushing b. May 23, 1812 d. Aug. 1, 1882.  Both are buried in Rushing Creek Cemetery in Benton Co. TN.

iv.   Thomas Ashcraft, III born  ca. 1825 in Anson Co., N. C.   His wife was Sarah born 1835 in Mississippi.

v.   Martha Frances Ashcraft b. Jan. 29, 1826 d. Dec. 26, 1895  married John West b. Nov. 21, 1813 in Perry Co., TN. d. Sept. 13, 1870.  They are buried in St. Louis, Mo.

vi.   Sallie Ashcraft b. July 1, 1831 in Perry Co., TN. d. Oct. 2, 1875 married (1) Samuel Yarbro b. Dec. 16, 1819 d. April 22, 1850  (2) Dr. T. W. Jones b. Sept. 14, 1832 d. Dec. 3, 1888.  All are buried in Decaturville, TN.                      .

8.       JOHN4 MOORE (ELIZABETH3 (Betsy) ASHCRAFT, JAMES2 ASHCRAFT, THOMAS1) was born June 03, 1776 in North Carolina (according to son Robert's 1880 census) and died May 22, 1845 in Walton Co. Ga.  He was the son of Robert Moore and Elizabeth Ashcraft, and grandson of James Ashcraft and Mary, and great-grandson of Thomas Ashcraft and Johannah.    He married KEZIAH MCASHAN, daughter of NEHEMIAH MCASHAN and KEZIAH CHAMBERS.  She was born April 17, 1775 in Buckingham Co. Va., and died July 05, 1867 in Walton Co. Ga.  Keziah McAshan was married (1) _____Steadby and (2) _____Anderson and (3) JOHN MOORE.  Keziah and John Moore are buried in the Moore family cemetery, Bethlehem, Barrow Co. Ga.  The McAshan and associated lines are found here, compiled by Jane Duke McAshan:



An old Bible owned by Robert Moore (1813-1904) names Betsy Ashcraft as the mother of John Moore (1776-1845).

NANCY (STEADBY or ANDERSON) MOORE.  Nancy was the natural child of Keziah McAshan  and either her first husband Anderson, or her second husband Steadby.  She was a half sister of the Moore children below.

Children of JOHN4  MOORE and KEZIAH MCASHAN are:

                  i.       SALLY5 MOORE, m. JOHN FORTSON, March 17, 1814, Elbert County, Ga; b. February 12, 1794, Ga; d. December 06, 1860.  They lived in Elbert Co. Ga. and later are believed to have moved to Aberdeen, Prairie Station, Mississippi.

                 ii.       MARY (POLLY) MOORE, b. 1806, SC; m. EVAN THOMAS, June 11, 1821, Elbert County, Ga; b. 1797, NC.

                iii.       ELIZABETH (BETSY) MOORE, b. April 09, 1808, SC; d. May 21, 1893, Hall Co. Ga. Buried Alta Vista Cemetery.

               iv.       ROBERT MOORE, b. April 25, 1813, SC; d. October 09, 1904, Walton Co. Ga.; m. ANN COKER, October 04, 1836, probably Georgia; b. October 28, 1815, Ga; d. August 30, 1896, Walton Co. Ga.
  Ancestor of Thelma F. Prince, compiler of this web site.   For continuation of the Moore lines, please see this site:http://oursouthernancestors.com/bible-01.html


Generation 5

9.    THOMAS5 ASHCRAFT (JOHN4,  THOMAS3 JAMES2, THOMAS1)was b. May 26, 1813, Anson Co. NC; d. Feb. 10, 1880, Fayette Co. AL and married (1) REBECCA MARTIN CANNON of Tuscaloosa Co. AL. on Oct. 15, 1838, Tuscaloosa Co. AL.  She was b. Dec. 29, 1819, Tuscaloosa Co.; d. March 23, 1866, Fayette Co. Al.
m. (2) ELIZABETH CLANTON BLAKENEY, the widow of William Blakeney.  Elizabeth was b. ca. 1834, GA. d. Nov. 21, 1867 Fayette Co. Al. Tom and his first two wives are buried at Mt. Zion Methodist Cemetery.   Thomas   m. (3) SARAH WILLIAMS VAIL (sometimes written Vails), another widow,  (b. 1840 d. 1903) on May 18, 1873 Fayette Co. Al.   Sarah married again after the death of Thomas Ashcraft.  She married William Johnson.

Thomas was a farmer and was County Commissioner in Fayette County, AL in 1867.


       i.   Sarah6Jane, b. Sept. 1, 1840
        ii.   William Thomas, b. July 20, 1820, d. young, buried at Mt. Zion Methodist Cemetery.
       iii.   Isaac Newton, b. Feb. 14, 1845
       iv.   Keziah F., b. Jan. 19, 1847, d. Oct. 3, 1862; m. Jordan Bankston. Buried at Mt. Zion Methodist Cemetery.
        v.  Nancy Caroline, b. Feb. 20, 1849
 10. vi.  John Franklin, b. Oct. 30, 1851, Mary's line
       vii.  Andrew Jackson, b. Dec. 7, 1853
      viii.  George Washington, b. Dec. 1, 1857
        ix.   Matilda Ann, b. April 7, 1860
         x.   Mary Frances, b. June 20, 1862


         xi.   Thomas Sidney6 Ashcraft, b. April 25, 1866 Fayette Co. AL; d. March 21, 1949 Fayette Co. Al.  His mother died shortly after he was born on Nov. 21, 1867.  Thomas married numerous times.  He only had children with his first wife:  Sally D. Lindsey, married on Nov. 21, 1886 at the home of John Franklin Ashcraft.  They had four sons and two daughters.  Sally Lindsey Ashcraft died in Arkansas, and is buried there.

Sarah Jane, Isaac Newton, Nancy Caroline Ashcraft,
John Franklin, Andrew Jackson, George Washington Ashcraft,
Mary Frances Ashcraft, Matilda Ann Ashcraft.
Thomas Ashcraft, b. 1813 & Joel Ashcraft, b. 1822 & Martha Bennett
Thomas Sidney Ashcraft, son of Thomas. b. 1813 & (2) Elizabeth Blakeney
Theny Ashcraft & Walter Tarwater; Henry M. Ashcraft, wife Loyal, daughter, Julia


    xii  Henry Marion6 Ashcraft, b. 1874 m. Loyal
xiii   Theny Ashcraft, b. 1875; m. Walter A. Tarwater (1878-1944)

Generation 6

10.   JOHN FRANKLIN6 ASHCRAFT (THOMAS5 JOHN4, THOMAS3 , JAMES2, THOMAS1), b. Oct. 30, 1851,Fayette Co. AL; d. April 8, 1932, Lamar Co.AL; m. MARGARET ELIZABETH WILSON (b. Nov. 18, 1853, Fayette Co. AL; d. May 16, 1906) on Oct. 14, 1875, Fayette Co. AL.  John Franklin Ashcraft was a farmer, teacher, J.P., State Representative and on the Constitutional Committee in 1902. He was a Baptist; his wife was Methodist.   He and his wife are buried at Wesley Chapel MethodistChurch cemetery, Fayette Co. AL on the edge of John Franklin Ashcraft's land.


  i.       James Harvey7, b. Sept. 12, 1876; was a M.D.  No children.
       ii.      Matilda Isabell, b. Aug. 8, 1878, married, had a boy and a girl.
      iii.      William Houston, b. May 15, 1881, never married.
      iv.      Willis Belton, b. July 27, 1883 (2boys, 2 girls)
       v.      Virgil Lee, b. Jan. 13, 1886; was a MD; (2 boys, 1 girl)
11. vi.      Fannie Mae, b. April 20, 1889 d. Nov. 12, 1972.  (4 boys, 1 girl)
      vii.     Lillian Estelle, b. June 15, 1892.  No children.
     viii.     Mamie Pearl, b. March 31, 1896 (2 girls).

Generation 7

11.   FANNIE MAE7 ASHCRAFT, b. April 20, 1889, d. Nov. 12, 1972.  She m. DR. CHARLES A. DAVIS, Sr., b. May 10, 1884,  d. Oct. 7, 1947  Both b.  Fayette Co. AL, d.  Lamar Co., AL .   The A. initial was part of his name all his life, but does not stand for anything, according to Mary Davis Elmore, his granddaughter.  The Sr. was added when his son was born.  He was a M.D.


13.   i.   Charles8 Ashcraft Davis, Jr.,  b. Oct. 23, 1913, d.  Oct. 11, 2001; m. Sophie Mae McIntosh, (b. July 25, 1911, Desha Co. AR.  d.  July 25, 1995 Lamar Co. AL.) on March 28, Marion Co. AL.  He went by Charles, Jr. all his life.
       ii.   Yvlette, b. Aug. 13, 1915, Lamar Co. AL; d. Oct. 28, 1993, Lamar Co. AL  She m. Fred Savage (b. Feb. 1, 1913, Fayette Co. AL; d. Oct. 20, 1996, Lamar Co. Al) on Oct. 11, 1937.
      iii.   John William, b. July 11, 1919, Lamar Co. AL; d. April 24, 1982, Lamar Co. AL.  He m. Mary Evelyn Keenum (b. Oct. 1918, Colbert Co. AL) on April 28, 1939.
      iv.   James Lindbergh, b. Nov. 29, 1927, d. Oct. 6. 2003, Houston Co. AL.  He m. Charlene Taylor (b. Nov. 15, 1926, Pickens Co. AL) on Sept. 6, 1947.
       v.   Baby boy, stillborn Nov. 10, 1930


i. Harvey Lee9 Davis, b. Aug. 16, 1931  m. Nellie Jo Dorroh (b. Jan. 21, 1932, Pickens Co. AL) on Nov. 24, 1951, Columbus, MS.  They live in Tuscaloosa, AL. and have three girls, 1 boy.

ii. Mary Yuvetta Davis, b. April 26, 1935, Lamar Co. AL; m. (1) John Michael Cline, Jr. (b. Dec. 4, 1933, Lamar Co. AL) m. Dec. 19, 1952. Columbus, MS.  They divorced.   Mary  m. (2) James Elliott Elmore (b. Sept. 7, 1925, Hale Co. AL; he died Dec. 9, 2006, Northport, AL) on Sept 26, 1965, Tuscaloosa, AL.  Mary lives in Northport, AL.  They had three sons, one daughter.
Please write a query to Mary Elmore on my guestbook for further information or inquiries on the Ashcrafts.

iii.  Charles Ashcraft Davis, III, b. Feb. 13, 1943, Lamar Co. AL, m. Sharron Dee Curry, b. Aug. 17, 1948, Fayette Co AL. Live in Kingville Community, Lamar Co. AL. Three sons.

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