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 Please use this information with my compilation of the  Francis Wright Family of Amherst County, Virginia  and the Whitehead Family because these families intermarried several times.Also see the William Cash Family of Salem, Massachusetts. Be sure to see the new  Cash Descendant  Indexto locate your ancestor easily.

Generation One

1. WILLIAM 1 CASH was born Abt. 1653 in Scotland, probably Strathmiglo, Fife, and died Abt. 1708 in Westmoreland Co. Va..  He married ELIZABETH [PERHAPS SKINNER].

William Cash who died in 1708, Westmoreland Co. Va. is the progenitor of the Cash line under discussion here.  A British tax record in 1677 lists William Cash as "seated" in Washington Parish, Westmoreland Co. Va.  He left a will, written 16 February 1708/7, and recorded in Westmoreland Co, 25 August 1708, naming his children: William, Thomas, John, James, Howard, Joseph, Peter, and a daughter, Anise Cash.  His wife, Elizabeth was named as executrix and guardian of his children, William, Thomas, Anish, until they became of age. Therefore it is believed all the other children were older than these three whose ages were given in the will.  Peter Skinner was named as executor, and John Skinner a witness. The following will was abstracted from microfilm by the compiler of this work.

[Will Bk 4:141-142]

In the name of God Amen!  I, WILLIAM CASH, being sick and weak of body but of perfect sense and memory praise be God, do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament Revoking all other wills heretofore made save only this in manner and form followeth:  I give my soul to God which gave it and my body to the Earth there to be decently buried according to the discretion of my executor in sure and certain hopes of Resurrection and that I shall see my Savior at the last day.

 Item.  I do make my loving wife ELIZABETH CASH my Executrix and PETER SKINNER my Executor.  Item.  I give unto my loving wife my plantation with a third part of my land during her life.

Item.  I give one hundred acres of land being at the head of my land westward from my plantation to my son WILL: CASH and to him and his heirs and if he dieth without male heirs then tis my will that my son THOMAS CASH shall have it and his male heirs, and if my son THOMAS CASH dieth without male heirs then it is my will that it should fall to my son JOHN CASH and to his male heirs.

Item.  I give the remaining part of my land, it being one hundred twenty four acres to my son JAMES CASH and to his male heirs and if he die without male heirs, then it is my will that my son HOWARD CASH shall have it and if he dieth without male heirs, it is my will it should fall to my son JOSEPH CASH and his male heirs, and if he dieth without male heirs it is my will that my son PETER CASH and to him and his heirs forever.

Item.  I give all my personal to my loving wife after my debts is paid.  In witness whereof I have set my hand and seal this sixteenth day of Febr'y 1708/7.

To my son WILLIAM CASH underlined between the seventeen & eighteen lines before signed.

 I having a fatherly care of my children do order them my son WILLIAM CASH to live dutifully with his mother until he be of age of one and twenty and likewise my son THOMAS CASH and my daughter ANIS CASH until she be eighteen years Of age and if she or either of them will not be governed by their mother then it is my desire that my friend and Executor PETER SKINNER shall have full power over them or either of them that will not be obedient unto their mother to take them to himself for the full time aforesaid.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal.  WILL: CASH sig.

WILLIAM CASH age 19 yrs. 5th day of March 1708/7, THOMAS CASH age 11, 2nd day of August 1708,  ANISH CASH aged 15, 31st day of July 1708.

Westmoreland Co. Va.  At a Court held for the said County the Last Will and Testament of WILLIAM CASH was proved by the oathes of the witnesses thereunto as also the codicil above written and ordered to be recorded 25th August 1708.
Recorded 30 August         Test: JA: WESTCOMB, Clerk


 2.     i.    JAMES2 CASH  m. (1) SARAH ___ m. (2) SARAH ----.
        ii.  JOHN HOWARD CASH, d. Virginia.  This compiler needs information about this son.  I have  no firm birthdates for any of these children, except the three whose birth dates were in the will of their father.
 3.    iii.   PETER CASH, d. 1760, Stafford Co. Va. m. CHARITY BUSH.
        iv. JOSEPH CASH, b. Va.; d.  Granville Co. NC; m. (1) SUSANNAH                    MASON;  m.   (  2) ELIZABETH BRYANT.
        v. WILLIAM CASH, JR., b. March 05, 1688/89; d. April 02, 1720, Stafford Co. Va.  Deathdate from Register of St. Paul's Parish, Stafford Co. Va.  He married ANN MOSES.  William Cash, Jr. left a will in Will Bk K:19, index only.  Will Bk is missing.  An inventory of his estate was held in Stafford Co. in 1721.
       vi.  ANISH CASH, b. July 31, 1693.
      vii. THOMAS CASH, b. August 02, 1697; m. NANCY THOMPSON.
4.   viii.    ROBERT HOWARD CASH, SR.,  d. Bef. October 06, 1772, Amherst Co. Va. m. RUTH _____.   He is the ancestor of the line under discussion.

Generation No. 2
2. JAMES 2 CASH (WILLIAM1) died February 1782 in King George Co. Va..  He married (1)SARAH. He married (2) another lady named SARAH ____.
Notes for JAMES CASH:
James Cash married twice, each time to Sarah, maiden names unknown.  The second wife, Sarah, left a will in King George Co. in 1785.  The will of James Cash names his wife, Sarah, and children;  Archibald or Archdell, Margaret Rawlins, Samuel Rawlins, son-in-law, Mary Johnson, John and James Cash.  Also, it names the grandchildren: William Cash, son of John Cash, Thomas Cash, son of John Cash, James Rawlins, James Johnson, and Margaret Stone.

Children of JAMES2 CASH and SARAH are:

Archibald spelled his own name as Archdell in his own will.  He may be found on the King George tax lists, along with Sarah Cash, his mother.
 6.  iii. MARY CASH m. _____ JOHNSON.
 7.  iv. JOHN CASH.
      v. JAMES CASH.
3.    PETER 2 CASH (WILLIAM1) died 1760 in Stafford Co. Va..  He married CHARITY BUSH November 03, 1729 in St. Paul's Parish Register, Stafford Co. Va.  Peter left a will, Stafford Co. Va. in 1760.

Children of PETER 2 CASH and CHARITY BUSH are:

i.    JANE  3 CASH, b. 6 March 1733
ii.   JOHN CASH, b. 3 September 1735
iii.  FRANCES CASH, b. 9 November 1738
iv.  KATHERINE CASH, b. 9 March 1740
v.   CHARITY CASH, b. 26 November 1743
     All the above children's births from St. Paul's Parish Register.
vi. PETER CASH, b. July 17, 1746, Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co. Va.
4.     ROBERT HOWARD 2 CASH, SR. (WILLIAM1)  died Bef. October 06, 1772 in Amherst Co. Va. [Date his will was probated].   He married RUTH ______ in Va.  Although he appears to have been known as simply "Howard Cash" in his lifetime and in the wills of himself and his father, William, we know his full name was Robert Howard Cash because of this deed filed by his son, Robert Howard Cash, after Howard's death.  Abstract of the deed folows:

Deed Book E:38, Amherst Co. Va.   7 Sept. 1778.  ROBERT HOWARD CASH and wife, TAMSEY, to HENDRICK ARNOLD, all of Amherst Co.  for 150 Ibs, 545 acres willed to the said ROBERT CASH by his father, ROBERT HOWARD CASH, deceased.  Patented to ROBERT CASH 3 Nov. 1750 at Williamsburg.

WILL OF HOWARD CASH Amherst Co. Va. [ Will Bk 1:228-231].
 In the name of God Amen.  I, HOWARD CASH, of the county of Amherst, being sick and weak of body, but of sound and perfect state of mind and memory and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament.

First, I lend my wife, RUTH, eight negroes during her natural life, namely, Joseph, Cate, James, Charles, Sall, Dinah, Dick, and David.

Item.  I lend to my beloved wife during her life the land and plantation whereon I live, which said land and negroes  I lend to my wife during widowhood or natural life.

 Item.  I give to my son, JOEL, one hundred acres land joining the land on which he lives and 2 negroes named Dick, a boy, I give to my grandson, HOWARD, the son of JOEL CASH, after the death of my son, JOEL, to him and his heirs forever.

Item.  I give to my daughter, MARY LIVELY, a negro wench named Sarah.

Item.  I give to my son, BENJAMIN, 400 acres land adjacent to land that is at present the property of Capt.  AARON HIGGINBOTHAM, and the land whereon I now live, also a negro fellow named James, whom I purchased of W. THOMAS MITCHELL.

Item.  I lend to my daughter, ROSANNA, a negro wench named Fillis during her life and after her decease to my grandson, MICAJAH (her and her increase to him and his heirs forever).

Item.  I lend to my daughter ANN POWELL, a negro wench named Peg during her life and after her decease to the heirs of her body and if she dies without issue my will is that the said negro her increase may descend to the children of my daughter, ROSANNA.

Item.  I give to my son, ROBERT, 240 acres land lying between the land whereon I live and STEPHEN CASH'S  land, moreover, I give to my son, ROBERT, 400 acres land which I left to my wife, after her decease, a negro boy named John and also a bed and furniture and 2 cows.

Item.  I give to my daughter, MARY ANN, a negro boy named Ralph and also a bed and furniture and a cow and a calf.

Item.  My will and desire is that my daughter, ELIZABETH NUCKLES, may have 30 pounds to be raised out of my estate which I have willed to my wife, to be paid in ten years by an order for 3 pounds a year upon some merchant as soon as it becomes due.  I give to my daughter, RUTH, a negro girl named Nell and her increase to her and her heirs for ever and also a bed and furniture and a cow and a calf.

Item.  I give to my son, STEPHEN, 5 shillings and I give to my daughter SARAH MAUZE, 5 shillings.

Item.  My will after the decease of my wife, RUTH, is that two negroes, James and Charles, may descend to my son,  JOEL, and Joseph and Cate to my son, BENJAMIN, and two negroes, Sall and Davie, to my son, ROBERT.

 Item.  My will is that after the decease of myself and my wife, the increase of Sall if any may be equally divided between my daughters, MARY ANN and RUTH, and if either of said daughters should depart this life unmarried or before they arrive to lawful age, the survivor of them should possess the issue of the negro woman.

 Item.  The residue of my estate which I have not already devised may go to my beloved wife during her life and after her decease to be equally divided between my three sons, JOEL, BENJAMIN, and ROBERT.

 Item.  I do not desire that my estate be appraised and I appoint my beloved wife, executrix, and my sons, JOEL, BENJAMIN, and ROBERT, executors of this last Will and Testament.

Test:  Roderick McCulloch David Crawford           s/HOWARD CASH (seal)
28 Feb. 1772
Sworn to by the oaths of Roderick McCulloch and David Crawford and ordered to be recorded.  To executors, RUTH CASH, JOEL CASH, BENJAMIN CASH, and ROBERT CASH, a certificate granted them for obtaining probate in due form, which they with RICHARD POWELL, GABRIEL PENN, their securities, entered into and acknowledged bond of 2000 pounds.   s/Edmund Wilcox, Clerk of Court.
6 Oct. 1772.  Amherst Co. Va.
ADMINISTRATION OF RUTH CASH [Amherst Co. Va.  Order Bk 1782-84:205-206] On the motion of HENDRICK ARNOLD, Adm. of the estate of RUTH CASH, Dec'd is granted him, who with CALEB HIGGINBOTHAM, his Security entered into and acknowledged their bond in the penalty of One Thousand Pounds, took the Oath required by law and ordered to be recorded.
March Court 1784

JACOB SYMTH, JOHN KARR, NATHANIEL HILL and JOHN HILL (or any 3 of them) they being first sworn are appointed to appraise in current money the slaves and personal estate of RUTH CASH deceased and return an inventory thereof to this court.

Children of ROBERT HOWARD 2 CASH and RUTH are:

 8.     i. STEPHEN 3 CASH, b. Abt. 1730, Va.; d. Bef. June 17, 1799, Amherst Co. Va. m. (1) JEMINA GRINING; m. (2) HANNAH _____.
  ii. ANN CASH, b. Va.; m. THOMAS POWELL, Bef. 1772, probably Amherst Co.
 9   iii. BENJAMIN CASH, b. Va.; d. Bef. February 03, 1777, Amherst Co. Va. date will was probated.   He m. NANCY SUSANNAH SAVAGE.
           iv.  ELIZABETH CASH, b. Va.; m. ____ NUCKLES, Bef. 1772.
10.   v. JOEL CASH, b. Va.; d. Bef. October 04, 1773, Amherst Co. Va. Date of  Admr's Bond, m. TABITHA ______.
11.   vi.     MARY CASH, b. Va. m. JOSEPH LIVELY.
       vii.     MARY ANN CASH, b. Va.
12.  viii. ROBERT HOWARD CASH, JR., d. May 06, 1782, Left a Will in Amherst Co. Va. naming children below.   He m. TAMASIN HIGGINBOTHAM.

         x.  RUTH HOWARD3 CASH, b. Va.; m. HENDRICK ARNOLD, son of Benjamin Arnold II and wife, Anne.  She was not of lawful age in 1772 when her father's will was filed.  She married Hendrick Arnold by 1778, and they moved to Laurens Co., SC, by 1794.  Ruth's middle name Howard was given by W.H. Arnold in The Arnold Family, West Publishing, 1935.  Hendrick Arnold was the admr of Ruth Cash, his mother-in-law's estate in March, 1784, Amherst Co.VA.
Another source, Some Ancestors and Descendants of Benjamin Arnold, King William County, Va. and Greenville, SC, Hazel Arnold MacIvor, The Arnold Family Association of the South, Lake Orion Michigan, 1974 says Ruth and Hendrick's children were: WILLIAM, MARY, and ANNE.

14.   xi.  SARAH CASH, b.VA; d. VA, bet 1810-1820. m. JOSEPH MAYS.

                                                                  Generation No. 3


6. MARY 3CASH (JAMES2, WILLIAM1).  She married ____ JOHNSON.

Child of MARY 3 CASH and ____ JOHNSON is:


Children of JOHN 3 CASH and UNKNOWN are:

15.     i.   WILLIAM 4 CASH, b. Abt. 1752, Virginia; d. June 18, 1839, Pulaski Co KY.
             ii.  JOHN CASH.
8.  STEPHEN3 CASH (ROBERT HOWARD2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1730 in Va., and died Bef. June 17, 1799 in Amherst Co. Va..  He married (1) JEMIMA GRINING May 26, 1747 in St. Paul's Parish Register, Stafford Co. Va..  He married (2) HANNAH ______ before 1766 in probably Amherst Co. Va.

Jemima Grining was Stephen Cash's first wife.  She died sometime after Sarah was
born 16 July 1763, and before he married Hannah who had their son Thomas by 1766.

Admrs of the Stephen Cash estate with will annexed were Peter, William Cash, and Daniel Tyler.  His children were named in these papers.  Amherst Co. Will Book 4:327, Will Book 4:4, Will Book 5:6,7.

WILL OF STEPHEN CASH [Amherst Co. Va.  Will Bk 3:550-551]

In the name of God, Amen.  I, STEPHENCASH, being  weak in body through infirmity of old age, but of sound memory, do constitute and appoint  this my last Will and Testament.

In the first place, I desire all my just debts to be paid by sons, WILLIAM CASH and JAMES CASH, to whom I give and bequeath my land whereon I now live, containing 295 acres, more or less, to be divided between my said sons, WILLIAM and JAMES CASH, by a line of division agreed on by them already.  I also desire that my dear and loving wife may continue in peaceable possession of so much of my property as she may think proper to answer her necessities and the rest of my personal property to be sold and equally divided among the rest of my children not herein mentioned.  And such property as my wife may see cause to keep during her life, at her decease, I desire that it may be divided equally as the rest of my personal property above mentioned.

s/STEPHEN (x) CASH          18 Dec, 1798
17 June 1799.  Will was sworn to by the 3 witnesses and ordered to be recorded.
The following records are in the Virginia State Library: Inventory of STEPHEN CASH, recorded 16 Feb. 1801, Amherst Co. Will Bk 4, Reel 18, p. 4. Administrator's bond for Stephen Cash's estate, dated 15 Dec. 1800, Ibid p. 327. Final Settlement naming all of Stephen's children, Will Bk 5:6-7.  The above and below records were abstracted from microfilm copies from Virginia State Library by Thelma F. Prince.


                                    [Amherst Co. Va.  Will Bk 4:327]
Amherst Co. Va. 15 Dec. 1800.  PETER CASH, WILLIAM CASH, and DANIEL TYLER, bound unto Justices of Amherst Co. in sum of $1000.  The condition of such obligation is that PETER CASH administrator with the will annexed of STEPHEN CASH dec'd, do make a true and perfect inventory of all the goods, chattels, and credits of STEPHEN CASH which shall become known to him, and further do well and truly pay and deliver all the legacies specified in sd Will as far as the value of sd goods allows and the law charges.
J Camm, D.C.
Recorded 15 Dec. 1800
Amherst Co. Va. 16 Feb. 1801.  The appraisement of STEPHEN CASH dec'd was returned and ordered to be recorded.   Appraisers were WM.  SANDIDGE, CHARLES TUCKER, JOHN SMITH.

Total value of estate not added up [Will Bk 4:4] Amherst Co. Va. in 1807 (month and day not given on return).  The following were paid legacies from the STEPHEN CASH estate: LYDDA COTTRAL, HOWARD CASH, JOHN CASH, SALLY TYLER, JEMIMAH CASH, THOMAS CASH/
Page is dated 1801 (P. 7): Rec'd of Wm.  CASH, L3 , 7 sh, 6 penceand rec'd of JAMES CASH, 1,2, 11 sh, 2 pence, only mention of Cash names.  At end of this page, it says Peter Cash account of the estate of Stephen Cash examined and find it to stand as stated this 11 July 1809.
s/Micajah Camden, Charles Tucker, Wm.  Sandidge
[Will Bk 5:6, 7]

Children of STEPHEN 3 CASH and JEMIMA GRINING are:

            i.  JEMIMA 4 CASH, b. date unknown, Va.   Her name was given as an heir in Stephen Cash's estate papers.   Nothing else is known of her.
16.   ii. LYDIA CASH, b. Abt. 1752, Albemarle Co. Va.; d. 1821, Bedford Co. Va. m. JAMES COTTRELL.
17.   iii. HOWARD CASH, b. Abt. 1754, Albemarle Co. Va.; d. July 16, 1843, Cornelia, Habersham Co. Ga. m. LUCY TYLER and (2) ESTHER STARRITT.
18.   iv. JOHN CASH, b. April 05, 1757, Albemarle Co. Va.; d. August 13, 1836, Henry Co. Ga leaving will,  Book A:38.  m. LUCY CAMPBELL.
19.   v. PETER CASH, b. February 21, 1759, Albemarle Co. Va.; d. Aft. November 1832, DeKalb Co. Ga. (date he made a pension claim) m. ANN HOLIDAY.
20.  vi. WILLIAM CASH, b. February 1761, Amherst Co. Va.; d. Aft. October 1850, DeKalb Co. Ga. m. (1) JANE PATTERSON (2) SALLY CAMPBELL (3) MARTHA.
21. vii. SARAH CASH, b. July 16, 1763, Amherst Co. Va.; d. December 20, 1849, Highland Co. OH. m. DANIEL TYLER.

Children of STEPHEN3 CASH and HANNAH _______ are:

22. viii. JAMES4 CASH, b. August 30, 1770, Amherst Co. Va.; d. March 18, 1830, DeKalb Co. Ga. m. MARY NANCY WRIGHT.
23.  ix. THOMAS CASH, b. Abt. 1766, Amherst Co. Va.; d. April 1856, Rockbridge Co. Va.m. JANE CAMRON.
9. BENJAMIN3 CASH (ROBERT HOWARD2, WILLIAM2) was born in Va., and died before February 03, 1777 in Amherst Co. Va., date will was probated.  He married NANCY SUSANNAH SAVAGE.   Benjamin Cash's will may be found in Amherst Co. Va. Will Book Bk 1:32, filed 3 Feb. 1777.  He died in Revolutionary War service.  Robert Cash, executor.
Nancy married Richard Oglesby after Benjamin died, and they had eight children.  At some time they removed to Kentucky, I think Shelby County.
Children of BENJAMIN3 CASH and NANCY SAVAGE are:
           i.   BETHANY4 CASH, m. JOSHUA HUDSON, November 30, 1789, Amherst Co.
Richard Oglesby gave consent for Bethany to marry.
           ii.   JANE CASH.
           iii.  NANCY CASH, m. MARTIN BIBB, September 23, 1795, Amherst Co. Va.
Nancy was over 21 years old at marriage.  Martin Bibb was a widower at the time of his marriage to Nancy.
           iv.  RUTH CASH.
 24. v.  JOHN CASH, b. February 01, 1760, Amherst Co. Va.; d. Abt. 1846, Jackson Co. Ga. m. SALLY WORTHAM.
25.  vi.  JOEL W. CASH, b. Abt. 1776, Amherst Co. Va.; d. Abt. 1851, Monroe Co. Tn.
m. SARAH ELIZABETH ROGERS,daughter Susannah Cash and Benjamin Rogers (26).
        vii. MOURNING CASH, b. Abt. 1777; m. ZACK MYERS, Shelby Co. KY.   She was born after her father, Benjamin's death.

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