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 10. JOEL3 CASH (ROBERT HOWARD,2 WILLIAM1) was born in Va., and died before October 04, 1773 in Amherst Co. Va. Date of  Admr's Bond, Tabitha  Cash.  He married TABITHA 1756  probably in Amherst Co. VA.   Tabitha Cash consented for the marriage of her daughter, Rhoda, 24 Sept 1791.

Children of JOEL 3 CASH and TABITHA are:

         i. EDE4 CASH, d. Buried Elbert Co. Ga.; m. NATHAN BOND, JR., October 21, 1784, Amherst Co. Va.  Nathan was a Revolutionary Soldier.  They went to Elbert Co. GA. after the war.
        ii. KEZIAH CASH, d. Aft. 1835.  Keziah was single and living with Bartlett in 1835.  She was named as his sister in his will.
        iii. RANDOLPH CASH, d. before June 17, 1839, Amherst Co. Va. date will was probated; m. (1) SALLY BIBB, January 01, 1794, Amherst Co. Va.; m. (2) SOPHIA CASH, December 04, 1810, Amherst Co. VA.  Will names several grandchildren , and daughters.  He is found in the 1810-1820 censuses, Amherst Co. VA.
27.    v. BARTLETT CASH, b. December 18, 1757, Albemarle Co. Va.; d. April 11, 1835, Amherst Co. Va. m. ELIZABETH -----.
28.    vi. JOSEPH CASH, b. Abt. 1759, probably Amherst Co. VA.; d. Abt. 1810, Amherst Co. Va. m. MATILDA WRIGHT.
29.   vii. ROBERT HOWARD CASH, b. February 15, 1768, Amherst Co. Va.; d. October 14, 1835, Lyon Co. KY  buried near the old homestead there; m. SALLY GILLESPIE.
30. viii. ELIZABETH CASH, b. January 25, 1770, Amherst Co. Va. m. FERDINAND LEA.
        ix. RHODA CASH, b. Abt. 1771, Amherst Co. Va.; m. CHARLES MAYS, September 24, 1791, Amherst Co. Va..  Howard Cash, surety.  Consent of her mother, Tabitha Cash.


Children of MARY3 CASH and JOSEPH LIVELY are:

       i.  JOSEPH4 LIVELY, b. June 16, 1761; m. SARAH TILLER, November 04, 1784, Amherst Co. Va.
      ii.  BENJAMIN LIVELY, b. Abt. 1762, Amherst Co. Va.; d. Aft. 1797.   Residences: Tax Lists, Amherst Co. 1795-1796-1797.
     iii. JOHN LIVELY, b. Abt. 1764, Amherst Co. Va.; m. CLARA CARNALL, August 19, 1794, Amherst Co. Va..
    iv. MARK LIVELY, b. January 11, 1766, Amherst Co. Va; d. November 23, 1857, Taylor Co. KY; m. MARY HILL, November 30, 1791, Amherst Co. Va..
    v.  ROBERT CASH LIVELY, b. Abt. 1768, Amherst Co. Va.; m. ELIZABETH BETHEL,  August 20, 1793, Amherst Co. Va.
   vi. RUTH LIVELY, b. Abt. 1770, Amherst Co. Va.; m. WILLIAM GRIFFIN, June 17, 1793, Amherst Co. Va.
  vii. NANCY LIVELY, b. Abt. 1772, Amherst Co. Va.; m. PETER JOHNSON, April 05, 1794, Amherst Co. VA.
  viii. KESIAH LIVELY, b. Abt. 1774, Amherst Co. VA.; m. ZACHARIAH PETERS, November 18, 1794, Amherst Co. VA.
12. ROBERT HOWARD3 CASH, JR. (ROBERT HOWARD2, WILLIAM1) died May 06, 1782 in  Amherst Co. Va. left will naming children below.  He married TAMASIN HIGGINBOTHAM.  Proof of the marriage of Robert Howard, Jr. and Tamsin may be found in Amherst Co. Va. Deed Book E:38.   The children below are named with their spouses in Amherst C. Deed Bk K, p. 582.


         i. FRANCES4 CASH m. RICHARD SLAUGHTER, May 26, 1804, Bedford Co. Va.  Luke Ray, Jr. surety.
         ii. PARMELA CASH m. LUKE RAY
         iii. SAMUEL CASH, m. JOICE MAJOR, May 09, 1809, Amherst Co. Va.
         iv. SOPHIA CASH, m. RANDOLPH CASH, son of Joel and Tabitha Cash, December 4, 1810, Amherst Co. VA.  His Will names several grandchildren , and his daughters.   Residences: 1810-1820 Amherst Co. VA.
        31.   v. BARNETT4 CASH, b. about 1781; d. Bef. June 19, 1854, Amherst Co. Va. Date of  Admr's Bond, Samuel G. Cash, Admr.  Barnett was the youngest child.


13.  ROSANNA3 CASH (ROBERT HOWARD2, WILLIAM1) was born  in Va..  She married WILLIAM BICKNALL/BICKNELL/BECKNALL Abt. 1758.   See Albemarle Co. Deed Book 2:10 for proof of marriage.  William's will, 1781, Amherst Co. gave the names of the children.
 iv. MICAJAH BICKNALL/BICKNELL/BECKNALL, m. PHEBY LANDRUM, October 23, 1782, Amherst Co. Va.  Micajah Bicknall was named as a grandson of Robert Howard Cash, Sr in his 1772 will.  Their son, William Becknell, is given in these articles about the Santa Fe Trail at:

"BECKNELL, WILLIAM." The Handbook of Texas Online.


14. SARAH3 CASH (ROBERT HOWARD,2 WILLIAM1) was born in VA, and died in VA, bet 1810-1820.  She married JOSEPH MAYS Abt. 1750 in VA. Record not found.    Sarah's married surname, Mays, is given erroneously as Mauze by many researchers, because of the mispelling of the name in her father's will.

Children of SARAH3 CASH and JOSEPH MAYS are:

32.      i. JOHN4 MAYS, b. Abt. 1751, Overwharton Parish Register, Stafford Co. Va.
          ii. JAMES MAYS, b. February 01, 1751/52, OverWharton Parish Register, Stafford Co. Va.; d. Abt. 1826; m. ISABELLA.
           iii. LYDIA MAYS, b. February 25, 1754, OverWharton Parish, Stafford Co. VA.; m. JAMES WALTERS.
         iv. JOSEPH MAYS, JR., b. April 18, 1756, Over Wharton Parish Register, Stafford; m. JANE.
          v. GEORGE MAYS, b. January 01, 1758, Over Wharton Parish, Stafford Co. Ga.; d. bef 1797.
         vi. ELIJAH MAYS, b. Abt. 1762; d. Abt. 1843; m. ELIZABETH.
   vii. CHARLES MAYS, b. Abt. 1763; m. RHODA CASH, September 24, 1791, Amherst Co. Va.  Howard Cash, surety.  Consent of her mother, Tabitha Cash.
      viii.  JAMIMA MAYS, b. Unknown; m. HOLLINGSWORTH.
        ix.  JESSE MAYS, b. Unknown; m. SUSANNAH WRIGHT, December 20, 1785, Amherst Co. VA.   Marriage Notes for JESSE MAYS and SUSANNAH WRIGHT: John Mays, surety. Consent of Susannah.
      x. LEWIS MAYS, b. Unknown; m. CATY CAMPBELL, February 17, 1800, Amherst Co. Va.  Peter Campbell, surety.  Certificate of marriage by Rev. James Boyd.
      xi. MOSES MAYS, b. Unknown; m. LUCY WRIGHT, April 09, 1800, Amherst Co. Va.
Jesse Mays, Surety. Certificate of Marriage by Rev. James Boyd. (M,R,)
    xii.  ROBERT MAYS, b. Unknown; m. BETSY CAMPBELL, December 16, 1800, Amherst Co. Va.
Generation No. 4
15. WILLIAM4 CASH (JOHN3, JAMES2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1752 in Westmoreland Co., Virginia, and died June 18, 1839 in Pulaski Co KY.  He married DOROTHY IRVIN (1759-1842)1773 in  Virginia.    William Cash was a Revolutionary soldier, serving from Spotsylvania Co. Va.   For more information see the DAR records,  ID #158506, also his pension records {R1779} on file in the National Archives.  He lived in Wilkes Co. NC from abt 1785[tax list] to 1811, when he moved to the Pulaski-Rockcastle Co. KY area near the county lines.  He lived in Pulaski Co., and is buried near the Rockcastle Co. line at Mt. Pleasant Church cemetery.

Children of WILLIAM4 CASH and DOROTHY IRVIN are:

        i. LEWIS5 CASH (1774-1856) m. MARY JUDD.  [From DAR ID #158506]
33.   ii. JAMES CASH, b. N.C.; d. 1837, Pulaski Co. KY.
        iii. LARKIN CASH.
        iv. JOHN CASH.
         v. WILLIAM CASH.
        vi. NANCY CASH.
       vii. WALLER CASH.
16.  LYDIA4 CASH (STEPHEN3, ROBERT HOWARD2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1752 in Albemarle Co. Va., and died 1821 in Bedford Co. Va..  She married JAMES COTTRELL Abt. 1775 in Va., son of THOMAS COTTRELL and SUSANNAH ____.  JAMES COTTRELL was born Oct 14, 1748 (Rev. War Pension claim made in 1841 from Pike Co. OH.).  Residences: Albemarle Co.>Amherst Co>Bedford Co. > to Pike Co. by 1841.

Children of LYDIA 4 CASH and JAMES COTTRELL are:
(Not in order of Birth)
         i  ANNA  5 COTTRELL, b. 1785/86, Bedford Co. Va. m. WILLIAM EWING, 25       February 1805, Bedford Co. Va.
34.   ii. BETSEY COTTRELL, b. 1788, Bedford Co. m. DANIEL McCANN, 5 January     1807, Bedford Co. Va.
 iii. SALLY COTTRELL, m. HENRY KINZER, October 11, 1808, Bedford Co.Va.

        iv. SUSAN COTTRELL.
         v. JAMES COTTRELL, b. 1775-1784.
        vi. THOMAS COTTRELL, b. 1790, Bedford Co. Va.; m. SALLY CAMPBELL,  November 16, 1812, Bedford Co. Va.  He served in War of 1812.
     vii. STEPHEN COTTRELL, b. Abt. 1791, Va.; d. August 03, 1849, Henry Co. IN; m. (1) MARTHA GOUCH; m. (2) RHODA ANN WRIGHT, daughter of MOSES WRIGHT and ELIZABETH WHITEHEAD, on February 18, 1812.  STEPHEN COTTRELL  served in the War  of 1812.
17.  HOWARD 4 CASH (STEPHEN 3, ROBERT HOWARD 2, WILLIAM 1) was born Abt. 1754 in Albemarle Co. Va., and died July 16, 1843 in Cornelia, Habersham Co. Ga..  He married (1) LUCY ANN TYLER in Va.  He married (2) ESTHER STARRITT December 03, 1831 in Habersham Co. Ga.  [Please write to Dale Mueller about the Tyler family in Virginia at]

Howard Cash was a Revolutionary soldier, and moved to Elbert Co. Ga.  by 1791 from Amherst Co. Va.   He may be found in the DAR Patriot Index, Vol I:119.NSDAR Natl. 515148.  He was the Howard Cash, Revolutionary Soldier, mentioned in the Rev. Pension Claim of John Cash, his brother.  He received a warrant for 200 acres land in Elbert Co. Ga., 4 April 1791.  He is listed on the earliest Elbert Co. tax list adjacent to John Cash, and in the 1805 Land Lottery. About 1819, he went to Habersham Co. Ga. and he appears in the 1830 and 1840 censuses there.

The list of children of Lucy and Howard Cash are not in birth order and may be incomplete.  Please see Elbert Co. Ga. deeds, tax lists, marriages for more on Howard Cash and his children, also the 1805 Ga. Land Lottery records, and the censuses. Deeds in Habersham Co. Ga: Deed Book Q:32, 326, 485, 488, 189 for Howard Cash's deeds to his children.  Also Jesse Cash to William Hailey Cash, Deed Book T:478.  Marriage records from Elbert Co. Ga. Book L-F. Please see Historical Collections, DAR. Vol III.  Elbert Co. Ga. Land and Court records.  This book was also used to put together this family.

Burial: Cash Family Cemetery, foot Red Mountain
Religion: Broad River Baptist; now in Banks Co. Ga.
 Drew in 1805 Ga land lottery, Elbert Co
Residences: Amherst Co. Va. >Elbert Co. Ga. 1791>>
Residences: 1819>Habersham Co. Ga.1830-1840census

Children of HOWARD 4CASH and LUCY TYLER are:

        i. HOWARD CASH, JR, m. SUSANNAH SCALES, November 21, 1808, Elbert Co. Ga.
Residences: 1830 Elbert Co. GA census; 1840-1850-
Residences: Habersham Co. Ga. censuses

        ii. FANNY 5 CASH, m. JOEL SCALES, January 03, 1811, Elbert Co. Ga.

35.  iii. JESSE CASH, d. 1863, Habersham Co. Ga..
       v. NANCY CASH, m. THOMAS FLANIGAN, December 23, 1819.

 vi. NELSON CASH, m. PRISCILLA RUSSELL, July 25, 1819, Habersham Co. Ga.
Residences: 1820-1840 Habersham Co. GA.
   vii. REUBEN CASH, m. ELIZABETH BUFFINGTON, December 10, 1818, Elbert Co. Ga.   Residences: 1820-Elbert Co. Ga.  Residences: 1830-1850 Habersham Co. Ga
18. JOHN 4CASH (STEPHEN 3, ROBERT HOWARD2, WILLIAM1) was born April 05, 1757 in Albemarle Co. Va., and died August 13, 1836 in Henry Co. Ga leaving Will Book A:38.  He married LUCY CAMPBELL January 23, 1782 in Amherst Co. Va.

See 1783 Amherst Co. tax list, early Elbert Co. Ga. tax list and 1820 census.  He drew in the 1832 Land Lottery from Henry Co. Ga.

Proof of Revolutionary Service, Widow's pension claim, W5894, and heirs' pension Claims on 9 June 1851 and 16 March 1853.  These records are the proofs for Lucy and John's birth and death dates, and the names of their children. The birth order of the children is unknown to this compiler.

PENSION CLAIM OF JOHN CASH National Archives W5894{Abstracted from Microfilm copies by Thelma F. Prince, compiler]

JOHN CASH of Henry Co. Ga. was a private in the company commanded by Capt. Sayle in the Va. line for 8 months.  Inscribed oh the roll of Ga. at the rate of $26.66/ begin 4 Mar. 1831.  Certificate #16824 of pension issued ? day of Oct.(blank) and sent to A.G. Morris, McDonough,Ga. Arrears to 4 Sept.1833. Semi-annual allowance ending ?____  1834=$13.33. Total $79.98. Rev. Claim, Act 7 June 1832. Rec. by _ Rice, Clk, Bk E, Vol. 6. p. 87.

Henry Co. Ga.  On the - day of Nov. 1832 personally came JOHN CASH, a resident of Henry Co., 7th Dist., aged 75 yrs on 5th Apr.last, before the Justice of the Inferior Court, who being duly sworn, makes the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed 7 June 1832.  He enlisted to go out on the Cherokee Expedition on Holston River about the long Islands.  He enlisted for during the expedition and was in service for 3 months, from September until just before Christmas.  He enlisted in Amherst Co. Va. by Capt.  John Sayle, Lt. James Franklin, Ensign Jesse Allen, and he thinks William & Nicholas Jones were sergeants.

This company formed what was called a ranging or scouting party-there were no higher officers . A small skirmish took place at Fort Chissell.  The Indian towns were destroyed and the country generally had been saved from the Indians by previous larger forces consequently the company returned home to Amherst Co. where this deponent was born and raised and lived for 6 yrs after the close of the Revolution, and then moved into Bedford Co. Va. in the vicinity of the Rev. James Turner, lived there 13 yrs, and moved to Elbert Co. Ga. from there to here.

He marched with the company by the Big Lick, Botecourt, Va., English Ferry on New River, Fort Chissell & thence in various directions through the country.  During this last winter of 1832 his house was consumed by fire, consuming his discharge from Capt.  Sayle and a copy of an oath he made to save the country as also required.

His brother, PETER CASH of DeKalb County is acquainted with the circumstances of his enlistment, absence and return & who was a witness to other services rendered, as he will testify.  Also, BARTLY CASH, one of sd company living yet in Amherst Co. Va., HOWARD CASH of Habersham, Ga., JOSEPH BOND, residence unknown, WILLIAM TYRY, JOHN SMITH, JAMES WARE, Dec'd, EDMUND HODGES, DAVID BELLOO.

Deponent was on 3 tours in the Virginia Militia.  The militia was divided into numbers of ten and they werepermitted to choose their numbers or were drafted.  Deponent and his brother PETER CASH (who was present when this statement was made) chose number two and went into the militia service at the Barracks near Charlottesville in Albemarle & served 1 month Under Capt.  James Pamplin.  Col.  Taylor was in command of the Garrison.  No written discharges were given.

Albemarle and Amherst counties had charge of the Barracks where were confined the prisoners of Burgoyne's defeated army who were afterwards removed to Winchester, Va.  Again, deponent served in the second division, counted as minuteman, under Capt.  Samuel Higginbotham, Lt.  James Ware, Ensign Joseph Staples.  This company marched through Albemarle, Fluvanna, & Goochland Counties to Richmond, Va. and took charge of the artillery.  Capt.  John Barnett's company marched with Higginbotham to Richmond from there to Petersburg.

His company remained at Richmond until the end of the monthly tour & were dismissed by company until called again into service under Capt.  Pamplin, marched to Jamestown, having first joined the main army under Gen.  Lawson at the Ground Squirrel Bridge, was in hearing of the firing at the Battle of Jamestown.  Next night after the battle, we marched by moonshine to the Battleground, were fired upon & retreated past Hickory Mill Church where wounded persons were receiving aid, from thence to Mobbin Hill, from thence to Richmond to New Castle upon Pamunkee River & there met Capt.  Samuel Cabell, then lately exchanged from British confinement.  About this time, Gen.  Lawson, for some misconduct, was deprived of his sword and the command was given to Gen.  Stevens.  From New Castle deponent was marched towards York.  A relief from Amherst overtook them at the Prickly Pair old field where he was discharged with others on 14th Aug. immediately preceding the capture of Cornwallis in Oct.

Deponent received a written discharge which was burned up 4 Dec. 1831 when deponent lost nearly all his property.  Deponent was on a trip after salt to Fredericksburg when an....... came for his decision to go to York, by which absence he missed being present at the taking of Cornwallis.

 Deponent is known by the Rev.  James Gamble, John Lamar, Doctors Jacob Stokes & Francis E. Morrison.  He hereby relinquishes any claim whatsoever to a pension except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of any state ... further that nothing but old age & necessity arising from infirmity of himself & a helpless female family induces him now to call upon the generosity of his country.

s/John Cash
Henry Co. Ga. 2 Nov. 1832.  Personally appears PETER CASH who swears that he was present with his brother, JOHN CASH, in every service mentioned (Cherokee excepted), therefore making his said statement his own (being present), and swears that it is true in every particular as to the service, & believes it to be true
throughout.  A full or similar statement ... by reference to a Declaration of deponent himself for his own right which he will present to this Department.
 s/ Peter Cash
Has a number, may be 9087? (unclear).  Georgia.  LUCY CASH, Dec'd, widow of JOHN, a Private in the Revolution.  Inscribed on the roll at $26.66/yr, to begin 4 Mar. 1843, and ending 23 Jan. 1848.  Certificate of pension issued 22 Mar. 1852 and sent to ANDREW R. MOORE, Griffin, Ga.  Acts of 3 Mar. 1843 & 17 June 1844.  Rec.  Bk A, Vol. 2,p.42.   In order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress 7 July 1838 entitled Act granting half pay and pension to certain widows.

Pike Co. Ga. 15 Mar. 1845.  Personally appears before a Justice of the Inferior Court of sd county, LUCY CASH, a resident of Pike Co. Ga., aged 84 yrs, who being duly sworn makes the following declaration.  She is the widow of JOHN CASH who was a Private in the Revolutionary War, having in his life obtained a pension under the Act of 7 June 1832, his services set forth in his Declaration on file in the War Dept. she presumes.

She further says she believes from information received from ANDREW R. MOORE of Henry Co. Ga. that the pension certificate of John Cash was forwarded to the pension office at Savanna (sic) at or about the time of his last application for a pension which he received in the month of Feb. 1836 and died 13,Aug. next thereafter.  She married John Cash, 23 Jan. 1782.  She was born 3 Mar. 1760 and John, as well as she remembers, was born 26 Apr. the year she cannot recollect but understood he lacked from the 3 Mar. to the 26 Apr. of being 3 yrs older than herself.  She declares that a Bible which contained the dates of her and John's birth and marriage was burned with their-dwelling house in Dec. 1831.

She was married, after publication of banns, at the house of Charles Rose by a traveling minister, believes there was no license produced or read in the ceremony.  Her marriage took place in Amherst Co. & she believes there is no record of her marriage.  She & John lived 7 yrs in Amherst Co., 13 yrs in Bedford Co., moved to Elbert Co. Ga. about the year 1802 and lived there until 1829, then moved to Henry Co. Ga. and lived there until 13 Aug. 1836 at which date John Cash died.  She declares that she was not married to him prior to his leaving the service.  But the marriage took place previous to 1 Jan. 1794 viz at the time stated above.  She is unable to appear in Court by reason of infirmity.

Hartford Green, J.I.C.
s/Lucy Cash (her mark)
Dekalb Co. Ga. 18 Jan. 1848.  Personally came before me, John Flowers, an acting J.P. for sd county, WILLIAM CASH, who being duly sworn saith that JOHN CASH late of Henry Co. Ga., deceased, who was a Revolutionary soldier was the brother of deponent and was about 4 yrs older than deponent & he deponent will be 85 yrs of age if he lives to see the 14th day of Feb. next.

Deponent's father and his family resided at the time of the Revolutionary War in Amherst Co. Va.  Deponent was not present when his brother John Cash deceased was married, but has the best of reasons to believe that he was lawfully married as he resided in the neighborhood at the time and heard he was married on a certain day and that there was an....... at his father's house on the next day & from that time until the day of his death he & his wife lived together as man and wife and raised a family of sons & daughters.

The reason why deponent was not at the wedding himself is that he was sick at the time and unable to go.  The name of John Cash's wife prior to her marriage was LUCY CAMPBELL, and a short time after deponent heard of their marriage he went to his brother John's house & saw him & Lucy living together as husband and wife, and as to the date of marriage deponent thinkss that it took place previous to the year 1794 for following reasons.  Deponent was married himself 1781 which was the summer before Lord Cornwallis was taken & his brother John was married in the winter after the surrender of Cornwallis to wit in the winter of 1782.  He knows that John was married previous to the birth of deponent's oldest child, & by reference to the family record in which deponent registered the ages of his children he sees that his oldest child which was a daughter by the name of EFFEY was born on 3 May 1783.

s/William (x) Cash
DeKalb Co. Ga. 18 Jan. 1848.  Personally came before me, John Flowers, acting J.P., WILLIAM EZZARD, who after being sworn, saith that he is well acquainted with WILLIAM CASH who has made the foregoing affidavit & has known him to be a man of good moral character & unimpeachable veracity.

Pike Co. Ga. 9 June 1851.  Before me, Jason Burr, J.P., personally came NANCY and MARY CASH, who after being sworn, say that as well as they remember, their father, JOHN CASH, died in Aug. 1836 or 1837.  Their mother, the widow of John Cash, died on the thirtieth day Jan. 1848.  That they two and JAMES CASH of Campbell Co. Ga. are all the children of said John and Lucy Cash whom they know now to be living.  STEPHEN CASH resided in Mississippi 2 yrs ago.  In that time they have not heard from him and therefore do not know whether he is living or not.  All of them are much over 21 yrs of age.  The youngest, MARY CASH, is 50 yrs old.

s/Mary (x) Cash
s/Nancy (x) Cash
Pike Co. GA. 12 June 1851.  Affidavit of ANDREW R. MOORE saying he is well acquainted with NANCY & MARY CASH, and certifies to their being persons of veracity.  He says that from his own knowledge of their parents and their decease, he has no doubt about the truth of their statements in the above affidavit.  s/Andrew R. Moore

The last page of this record, sent by the National Archives to the compiler, is typewritten with some information filled in by hand, evidently a reply to someone's request for information.  It is signed, Commissioner.  The page says Lucy Cash died 23 Jan. 1848, and children of John and Lucy Cash were: James, b. 6 Nov. 1784; Nancy, 61 yrs old & Mary Cash, 52 yrs old in 1853, and Jane who died 14 Aug. 1848, and Stephen.  Brothers (of John, it is assumed the writer meant), Peter, William, and James.  It is not stated on the page as to where the writer got his information, and this page is not part of the original record.  Published works tell the compiler a pension claim was filed also on 16 Mar. 1853, but those papers were not received by the compiler from National Archives.  All papers are not sent in a file unless specifically requested.  A son, George, died 14 Aug. 1848, is given on the 1853 claim, according to published works.  Thelma F. Prince, compiler.

Children of JOHN 4CASH and LUCY CAMPBELL are:

      i. GEORGE 5 CASH, d. August 14, 1848, Ga. according to pension claims.
      ii. LUCY CASH, d. Bef. 1833, Elbert Co. Ga.; m. JAMES WHITE, October 25,
          1821, Elbert Co. Ga.
      iii. STEPHEN CASH, b. Va.; d. Bef. March 16, 1853, MS.  Drew in 1832 Elbert Ga.
            land lottery.  Residences: 1830 Elbert Co. GA census;Anderson Co. SC.
            1835-37; by 1843 gone to Mississippi.
      iv. JAMES CASH, b. November 06, 1784, Va.; d. Abt. 1868, Campbell Co. Ga.;
           MARY DAVIS .   See 1830-1860 Campbell Co. censuses.   He served in the war        of 1812.  Their daughter, MARTHA m. LEMUEL GARRETT.
37. v.  MOSES CASH, b. Abt. 1785, Va.; d. July 06, 1844, Elbert Co. Ga. m. (1)
           NANCY  HUDSON, 6 Sept. 1808, Elbert Co. Ga.; m. (2) NANCY (CRAFT) HUNT.
      vi. NANCY CASH, b. 1792, Va.; d. Aft. 1853, Ga.  Residence: Spaulding Co. Ga. in
     vii. MARY CASH, b. 1801, Va\; d. Aft. 1853, Ga.   Residence: Living in Spaulding Co.
           Ga. in 1853.
     viii. JANE CASH, d. August 14, 1848, according to pension claim.
19.  PETER4 CASH (STEPHEN3, ROBERT HOWARD2, WILLIAM1) was born February 21, 1759 in Albemarle Co. Va., and died Aft. November 1832 in DeKalb Co. Ga. (Living date he made a pension claim).  He married ANN HOLLIDAY June 16, 1789 in Amherst Co. Va. John & Fielden Holliday, Witnesses.

Peter was the executor of the will of his father, Stephen Cash, 1799 , Amherst Co. Va.  He was a Revolutionary soldier and filed a pension claim which was rejected for lack of proof of 6 months service.

Lewis L. Cash admr. of the estate of Peter in DeKalb Co. Ga.  In May 1845, Lewis asked the court for Letters of dismissal on the estate of Peter Cash (Ord.Minutes, DeKalb Co. Ga.).

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