Descendants of Green Sorrels of Lawrence County, Mississippi

Compiled by Thelma Faye Cain Prince, © Copyright 1999

Green Sorrels, born after 1780 and before 1790, is on the 1820-1840 Lawrence County, MS censuses.  His parents  and  birthplace  are unproven.  Please see the compilation on Samuel and Walter Sorrells, including the unconfirmed lists of children for each of them.  Because no positive identification of a son, Green, for Samuel has been made, or of a son, Green, for Walter has been made, was Green Sorrels of Lawrence County the son of one of them? Docu­mentation is needed.

Marion Dewoody Pettigrew, author of “Sorrells and Allied Families, " a manuscript in the Pine Bluff, AR library, listed a son, Green J. Sorrells, of Alabama, for Alfira and Walter Sorrells.  In at least one place, Martha Edith Reed Quinn (3, G.W. Sorrels), listed the name, Green J. of Alabama, as a son of Samuel [CAR #28839].  One Green J. Sorrell of Chambers County, Alabama, was, in fact, a son of Greene and Susannah Barnett Sorrell of that place [3, 17, George Sorrell of Ga.}

On many DAR papers, the name, Greene, who removed to Arkansas, is given as a son of Samuel, including Mrs. Quinn's [#127153]  and most of the DAR papers that followed hers.  As pointed out before, all these ladies were descendants of George Washington Sorrels (q.v.), and they did not have to provide any proof of the siblings they listed for George Washington Sorrels.   

Records for two Green Sorrels  have been found in Arkansas.  Note the 1850 Quachita County census, Washing­ton Township, p. 043 for Matthew Sorrels, age 32, born Mis­sissippi.  One of his descendants is: Alta Paris Cole, Katy, Tx. 77450. Matthew's full name was Green Matthew Sorrels, Sr., and his son was Green Matthew Sorrels, Jr.  Their ancestry is unknown.


During the Mexican War, a Green Sorrels enlisted in Washington, Arkansas, age 20, as Pvt., Capt. Hunter's Co. G, Mtd. Regt. Ark. Inf., June 1846-47.  This record has been a puzzle, because there is a small town in Hempstead County, Arkansas, named Washington; there is a Washington County in Arkansas, and a Washington Township in Quachita County, Arkansas.  This Green is not identified.


The compiler has seen the name, Green, listed as a son of George Washington Sorrels, and no one has identified him yet [1812 Lineage #11158].  All of the Greens dis­cussed, except Green of Lawrence County, were born too late to have been the sons of either Walter or Samuel Sorrells of the Revolution.


It is thought that Pettigrew and the others may have identified the wrong Green Sorrels.  An old letter, dated 1905, from Eliza Finley (Sorrells) Howard, daughter of Walter Bartlett Sorrells (p.292 ), and his second wife, Rebecca Brooks, says "We have the following.  My great-grandmother's name was Alfira.  Grandmother's was Mary Bartlett, of Burke County, North Carolina.  Brother, Theodoric Finley Sorrells, Pine Bluff, Ark. is dead. Uncle Finley Boswell is dead.  His oldest son, Thomas Boswell, lived in Indiana. Grandfather, DAVID SORRELLS, had two brothers, DICK and GREEN.  The latter was a man of great wealth and lived in the Mississippi bottoms the last I heard of him.  My father, Walter Bartlett Sorrells, raised 11 children.  Brother, Tom, and myself, children of the second marriage, are the only ones living.  I am 73 and he is 62" [Pettigrew:22].  She was writing to Pettigrew.  Note that she did not give the last name of Alfira.


David is thought to have been the son of Walter Sorrells of the 1790-1810 Burke County, North Carolina censuses. However, it is still not known if the Green in the letter (brother of David) was the same as Green of Lawrence County, Mississippi, and documentation for the father of Green Sorrels of Lawrence County has not been found.

Green Sorrels married MARTHA SIBLEY on 25 May 1812, Woodville, Wilkinson County, Mississippi.  The 1813 Wil-kinson County census lists Green and WashingtonSorrels, but data by their names is illegible.  It is thought, but not proven, that Green Sorrels who married Martha Sibley was the same Green Sorrels who married ISABELLE ARMSTRONG on 15 October 1814, Marion County, Mississippi Territory, and perhaps that his wife, Martha, died.

Isabelle Armstrong was born ca. 1800, probably in Ten­nessee, a daughter of James Armstrong, Jr. and probably Elizabeth Carroll.  Isabelle died in 1836 in Lawrence County.  She and Green lived in the part of Lawrence which was formerly Marion County; the division occurred in December 1814.


Queries were made to the National and the Mississippi Archives for 1812 War, pension, and bounty land records on Green Sorrels and none were found.


A Green Sorrels was listed on the 1816 and the 1817 tax rolls of Lawrence County with 160 acres on Silver Creek.  On 3 September 1819, a Green Sorrels purchased for $161, 80 acres land in Amite County, Mississippi, described as Sec. 28, T3N, R6S, NW£.

Land Office West of the Pearl River.  Green Sorrels purchased 80 acres for $100, 4 Jan. 1823.  Patent dated 1 Oct. 1823, Washington West of Pearl River, 730484. Land description: E\, NW£, Sec. 27, T6, R10E [Reg. Vol. I, p. 357.  National Archives].

On 3 September 1837, Green Sorrels married REBECCA LEWIS in Lawrence County.  He purchased 80 acres land from Blount Lewis in 1838 there [Deed Bk C:226, 227]. Rebecca is listed on the 1850 Leake County, Mississippi census; born ca. 1793, North Carolina.

Green Sorrels died before 28 June 1841, Lawrence County, for on this date, the court appointed his widow, Rebecca Sorrels, and his son-in-law, Robert Wallis, to administer his estate.  The sum of the administrator's bond was $25,000. Lawrence County Chancery Clerk's Office: (1) June 1841.  Probate Minutes:154, 157,159,162-3,168,170, 1 78-80,183,186,190,215,247,260,286,326,333,407. (2) Allotment Dower Bk D:108.  (3) Loose papers:Bx 11,#5000, A.J. Hall, gdn; Bx 6 , #5173, Isaac Bennett, gdn; Bx 10, 20, or 7, #5345, Robert Wallis, Admr., has not been found. Hardy Sorrels, Gdn. Bx 11, #5018; J.E. Harper, gdn. Bx 39,#5847.

This Family has been researched by Ellen Virginia Sorrels Seawright(29).


     All Born Lawrence Co. Ms.

1         MATILDA2, b. ca. 1815; m. MARTIN H. KING, 23 Apr. 1829, Lawrence Co.  See 1841 Lawrence Co. state census; lists Martin King with 8 family members.  Their oldest son, GREEN KING, age 29, on i860 Lawrence Co. census.

  2  HARDY, b. ca. 1818; m. NANCY HALL, orphan, 19 Dec. 1840, Lawrence Co., Green Sorrels & Hardy Sorrels, bondsmen

3  CYNTHIA, b. ca. 1821; m. ANDREW J. HALL, 10 Dec. 1835, Lawrence Co. See 1850 and i860 Claiborne Co. Ms. census.

4  MARSHA, b. ca. 1823; m. ROBERT WALLIS, 29 Nov. 1839, Lawrence Co. He was Admr. Green Sorrels' estate.


JANE, b. 9 Jan. 1825; d. 4 June 1897; m. DANIEL ASBURY JONES (b. 20 Jan. 1820; d. 3 Sept. 1883), 11 Apr. 1841, Lawrence Co; bur. Herlong Cem. Claiborne Co.  Oldest child, GREEN, b. 1842.  See 1860-80 Claiborne Co. Ms. censuses.  1880 census states Jane's parents b. Ms.


6  EMILY, b. ca. 1826; m. ZACHARIAH JONES, 19 July 1845,Lawrence Co. Ms.

+7  GREEN, b. ca. 1829; d. 1861, Civil War; m. ANN MATILDA McCLURE, 15 Dec. 1853, Claiborne Co., Ms.

   8  TRUDY ANN, b. ca. 1830; m. PARHAM HALL, 26 Aug. 1845. See 1850 Claiborne Co. Ms. census; m. in Lawrence Co.

+9  SAMUEL PERRY, b. 2 Aug. 1833; d. 26 Jan. 1873; m.LAURA E. GOZA, 14 Dec. 1859, Claiborne Co. Ms.

10 MARGARET, b. ca. 1835; m. WILLIAM N. HICKMAN, 2 Jan.1852, Lawrence Co. Ms.


7. GREEN2 SORRELS (Green1,bom ca.l829, Lawrence County; died 1861, Civil War; married ANN MATILDA McCLURE, 15 December 1853, Claiborne County, Mississippi.  Family is listed in i860 Claiborne County, where all issue were born. Ann Matilda married (2) JAMES M. HUDSON in 1864, and they had these known issue: Mary, Malica, Henry, William, Ida.


11 JAMES WAYNE3, b. 5 Sept. 1855; d. 22 June 1904; m.MARY ANN HARMON, 27 Nov. 1872, Claiborne Co.  Son, ROBERT LEWIS, b. 13 Oct. 1893; d. 1 Sept. 1956; m. RUBY FLO­RENCE WALKER, 15 Dec. 1920; lived Gulfport, Ms. and had HELEN MARIE, b. 14 Dec. 1928; m. WILMOT MONROE GIBSON.

12 MARTHA ISABELLE, b. Sept. 1857; d. 1908, Claiborne Co; m. JOHN WESLEY HARMON (half brother of Mary Ann) , 27 Nov. 1872, Claiborne Co. Son, ETHEL D, b. 23 Dec. 1892; d. 18 June 1980, Warren Co. Ms; m. ANNIE REDUS RAGLAND, 24 Sept. 1916, Claiborne Co. and had THELMA GERALDINE, b. 17 May 1918; m. DARRELL MEREDITH BAKER, 24 Jan. 1941. Their son, LARRY HARMON BAKER, b. 12 Oct.1946; m. LINDA SHIRLEY PUGH.

13 GREEN ARMSTRONG, b. ca. 1859; d. Warren Co. Ms; m.OLIVIA BAGGET, 13 Mar. 1878, Claiborne Co. Ms.


9. SAMUEL PERRY2 SORRELS (Green1), born 2 August 1833, Lawrence County; died 26 January 1873; married LAURA E. GOZA (b. 1843; d. 1875), on 14 December 1859, Claiborne County, Mississippi.  She was the daughter of Ann Caroline Gibson and Hiram Goza.  All are buried in Sarepta Church Cemetery, Claiborne County.  


Children born in Claiborne County. 

14  MARGARET ESTHER3, b. i860; d. 1888, tuberculosis;unm.

+15  SAMUEL PERRY, b. 15 Nov. 1862; d. 21 Sept. 1922; m. (1) MARY HELEN SHARBROUGH  (2) BEULAH PORTER.


+17  ALBERT SIDNEY, b. 16 Apr. 1868; d. 4 Mar. 1941; m. LILIAN ELMORE PERKINS, 23 Feb. 1898, Claiborne Co.

18  ANNIE, b. 1869; d. 20 Oct. 1891, tuberculosis; unmarried.

 19  ISABELLE, b. 7 Oct. 1872; d. 10 Jan. 1941; m. WALTER W. BOREN, 28 Aug. 1894.  Issue: ERNEST, AUBREY, WILMER, JOHNNY HUGH, TRUMAN.


15. SAMUEL PERRY3 (Samuel P.2Green1), born 15 November 1862, Claiborne county; died 21 September 1922, Mississi-pi.  He married (1) MARY HELEN SHARBROUGH, 20 December 1885; divorced 20 November 1894; m. (2) BEULAH PORTER (1875-1967), on 13 January 1895, and they are buried in Sarepta Church Cemetery, Claiborne County, Mississippi.


+20  FRANKLIN IVAN4, b. 30 Nov. 1886, Claiborne Co; d. 17 Sept. 1969, Monterrey, MX; m. JULIA CARR, 29 May 1915.

 21  WALTER BRIDGER, b. 17 Nov. 1888, Claiborne Co; d. Laredo, Tx. ca. 1967; married & div.; no issue. Note: both these men changed the surname spelling to  Sorrell.




17. ALBERT SIDNEY3 SORRELS (Samuel P.2Green1), born 16 April 1868, Claiborne County; died 4 March 1941, Claiborne County; married LILIAN ELMORE    PERKINS (b. 6 Jan. 1878; d. 12 July 1976), daughter of Demetrius O'Brien Perkins and Nancy Ophelia Harlan, on 23 February 1898, Claiborne Co. Sidney served in the U.S. Army from 12 March 1891 until 11 June 1894, was a merchant and belonged to the Methodist Church.  All are buried in the Sarepta Church Cemetery.



All Born Mississippi

22  VIVIAN4, (Albert Sidney3, Samuel P.2, Green1) b. 14 Dec. 1899, Claiborne Co; m. (1) JOHN HENRY JOHNSON, 30 Dec. 1917; div. 1948.  Issue: VIVIAN, FRANKLIN SIDNEY, MARILDA FRANCES,  ISAAC ELMORE, JOHN HENRY, WILLIAM EMERY, PHILIP RAY, LILIAN ANN.  She m. (2) ROBERT FRANKLIN REEVES, 24 Oct. 1949.

23  ANNIE LAURIE, b. 27 Dec. 1901, Jefferson Co; teacher; m. WILLIAM BENJAMIN BOREN, 24 Dec. 1939.  No issue.

24  MYRTIE, b. 30 Oct. 1903, Jefferson Co; teacher; m. MARVIN TAYLOR, 8 May 1928.  Issue: EVELYN MARIE, MYRTIE LOUISE.

25  CATHLEEN OPHELIA, b. 21 June 1905, Claiborne Co; merchant; m. WILLIE LEE HARMON, son of Martha Isabelle Sorrels and John Wesley Harmon on 25 June 1922. Issue: RUBY LOUISE.

26  LILLIE BELLE, b. 2 Aug. 1906, Claiborne Co; teacher; m. CHRISTIAN ARTHUR HART, 4 Jan. 1936.  Issue: CHRISTINE

27.  SIDNEY ELMORE, b. 29 Aug. 1908, Claiborne Co; printer;   m. (1) MYRTLE EVELYN NETTLES, 5 Apr. 1928; div. Jan.1942.  Issue: DONALD RAY, LENORA JOY.  He   m. (2) ELIZABETH BUREZ, 22 Jan. 1944; div. 13 Nov. 1972. Issue: THOMAS EDWARD.  He m. (3) HELEN AITS HODGES,16 Feb. 1973.  No issue.  Sidney took the DNA test in 2005 at the age of 95, and it showed that he is a descendant of Richard Sorrels, born c. 1707 and his wife Mary.  See


28  EDITH, b. 25 Apr. 1910, Claiborne Co; d. 23 July 1911; bur. Sarepta Church Cemetery, Claiborne Co.

 29  ELLEN VIRGINIA, b. 16 Apr. 1912, Claiborne Co; teacher; m. LOU HOY SEAWRIGHT (b. 11 Sept. 1914, Hamlin, Ky; d. 3 Feb. 1983, Ms.), on 11 Aug. 1936, Jackson, Ms. She supplied this data on the Green Sorrels family. No issue.  She attended the 2005 Sorrells reunion and was probably the most excited person to be there.

30  AUBERT LEE, b. 12 May 1915, Claiborne Co; merchant & postmaster; d. 23 Sept. 1982, Lamont, Ms. after he was shot in attempted robbery as he and his wife left their store.  He m. EDNA ELAINE WILSON, 2 June 1939. Issue: AUBERT LEE, Jr., KENNETH BERNARD, DONALD WAYNE.

31  EVERETTE PRICE, b. 27 May 1917, Claiborne Co; gysum plant operator; m. LAURA RUTH DAVIS, 6 Mar. 1938. Issue: EVERETTE PRICE, ROY, SIDNEY, MARIE, CHARLES ALBERT, LINDA RUTH, SANDRA FAYE.

       32  LILIAN, b. 29 Aug. 1920, Claiborne Co; hospital dietary supervisor; m. CHARLES MARTIN MANGUM, 30 Dec. 1944; div. 26 Mar. 1951.  Issue: NONA LILIAN,   CHARLOTTE  ANITA.


20. FRANKLIN IVAN4 SORRELL (Samuel P.3, Samuel P.2Green1), born 30 November 1886, Claiborne County; died 17 September 1969, Monterrey, Mexico; married JULIA CARR (b. 10 June 1886, Montgomery, Al; d. 17 Nov. 1962, Monterrey, Mx.), on 29 May 1915.  He changed the surname spelling to SorrelL


33  MARGARET CECILIA5, b. 9 Apr. 1916, San Antonio, Tx; d.. 14 Aug. 1977, Mexico City, Mx; m. BORIS BOURDE (b. Russia; d. 1949), on 11 Aug. 1938.  Issue: CECILIA VICTORIA, b. 7 Apr. 1943, Monterrey, Mx.

34  NANCY CORNELIA, b. 5 Apr. 1920, Monterrey, Mx; m.ROBERT HAILS CANDLER (b. 20 Oct. 1916, Montgomery, Al) 11 Oct. 1939.   Issue: ROBERT HAILS, Jr., b. 13 July 1943, Monterrey and NANCY RANDOLPH, b. 27 Feb. 1947, Memphis.


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