Compiled by Thelma Faye Cain Prince, © Copyright  2000


5.  JOHN2 JOLLY (JOSEPH1)was born Abt. 1750, and died March 1781, killed by Tories at  "Layton" near Fair Forest Creek.  He married SARAH PALMER.  She was born 1752, and died 08 October 1838
[ Tombstone date].   [She may be buried in the McJunkins Cemetery in Union Co. SC according to a correspondent.  I haven't checked that out.]

Pg. 161.   JOHN JOLLY- Box 50, PACK 1157
Lived in 96th District.  Inventory made Aug. 22, 1786 by Isaac Gregory, Isaac Hawkins, Saml. McJunkins, Henry Travilla.  John and Sarah Savage were administrators.  No other papers [Abstracts of Old Ninety-Six and Abbeville District Wills and Bonds, Pauline Young, 1950]

His widow, Sarah, filed a pension claim for his service in the Revolutionary War.  The number is W9276, pg 1-2:   While residing in Union district, he enlisted during 1775 and was on the Snow Campaign.  In 1776, he served under Capt. Joseph Jolly and Col. John Thomas against the Indians.  In 1778 he was under Jolly and Thomas on the Florida Expedition.  In 1779, he served as a lieutenant under Col. Thomas Brandon and was in the Snow Campaign.  He served three other tours as a lieutenant under unstated officers.  In March 1771 he was killed by Tories at "Layton's" near Fair Forest Creek  { from the pension claim and from Roster of SC Patriots in the Revolution, Bobby Gilmer Moss].

After John Jolly died, Sarah married (2) John Savage.  Her children by John Jolly and by John Savage were as given in the following records:

Union Co. SC Deed Bk Y:612.  6 May 1839.  John Jolly and William Jolly of Cooper Co. MO., power of attorney to William K. Posey of Walker Co. Ga., to collect their share of the estate of Sarah Savage who was formerly Sarah Jolly by marriage to John Jolly, Union Dist. SC.  After said Jolly died she became the wife of John Savage and after whose death she the said Sarah Savage inherited and received only a child's part which gave her full power and control over said child's part.  She the above named Sarah Savage became by John Jolly the mother of Joseph, Mary, Benjamin, and Lettice Jolly, and by marriage to John Savage she became the mother of William, Margaret, Sarah, Ann, John, and Joshua Savage.  After John Savage died she made a will in which she named all of the above children.  The above named Joseph Jolly, one of the participants in said willed estate became the father of the said John and William Jolly who are the only heirs of the said Joseph Jolly, now deceased.  Signed William Jolly and John Jolly.  Certified by Benj. Emmons Terry, Clerk of May term of court sitting in Boonville, MO, Cooper Co., 7 May 1839.  Recorded in Union Co. SC on 21 Sept. 1839.

Union Co. SC Deed Bk Y:611.  3  July 1839.  Mary Nelson of Davies Co. KY widow of William Nelson, dec'd, appoints "my brother Benjamin Jolly" of Gaillitin Co. IL attorney in fact to receive from the administrators or executors of "my mother Sarah Savage any legacy or other estate coming to me from the will of Sarah Savage or if she died intestate to receive any money or estate due me by my descent from Sarah Savage who was the widow of John Jolly of Union Co. SC before her intermarriage with the said John Savage... or any sums due me by inheritance from my father John Jolly or from my mother Sarah Savage lately deceased of Union Co.  Signed Mary Nelson.  Confirmed by John S. McFarland, Clerk of the County Court, Davies Co. KY.  Recorded in Union Co. SC 21 Sept. 1839.

 #4621 South Carolina [What does this number stand for?] says:
Sarah Savage, former widow of John Jolly who died in March 1781 in the Revolution.  Inscribed on the roll of South Carolina at the rate of 74 dollars and 63 cents, commencing in March 1781 and ending 8 October 1838 at her death.  This page has a line drawn in the middle from top to bottom, on the other side it has Payable to Benjamin Jolly, William Savage, Margaret McJunkin, John Savage and Sarah Otristan (?spelling], only surviving children.

[The birthdates and deathdates of Benjamin and Mary Jolly, children of John and Sarah Jolly, come from descendants.]

Children of JOHN2 JOLLY and SARAH PALMER are:
13. i. JOSEPH3 JOLLY, d. Bef. 06 May 1839.
iii. BENJAMIN JOLLY, b. 06 June 1773; d. 12 November 1845, Gallitan Co. IL;  m. MARY ANN RITCHEY; b. Abt. 1777, SC; d. Aft. 1850, probably Gallitan Co. IL.
The 1840 census for Shawnee Twp. Gallitin Co. IL p.10 lists
Benjamin Jolly, 1 male 60/69;1female 15/19 and 1 female 60/69.

1850 census same place p.378
Jolly, William age 35, farmer, b. IL.
          Sarah A. age 36 ,  b. Ireland
           Mary, age 73, b. SC (This would be Mary Ann Ritchie, Ben's widow)
           Matilda, age 40 b. Ky. mulatto
           Texana, age 3, b. IL     mulatto

iv. MARY JANE3 JOLLY, b. 07 December 1776; d. living in Davies Co. KY 3 July 1839; m. WILLIAM NELSON; d. Bef. 06 May 1839.


6.  JAMES2 JOLLY, Sr. ( JOSEPH1) was born Abt. 1752, and died Bef. February 1788 in Union Co., 96th District SC.  He received a land warrant for both side Jolly's Fork, Tinkers Creek on 2 April 1773.  who did he marry?

James served 96 days in the militia under Capt. Benjamin Jolly and Col. Brandon from 7 May 1780 to 25 June 1781 alternately [Roster of S.C. Patriots, Moss, p. 508]

Children of JAMES JOLLY are:
ii. BENJAMIN JOLLY, b. Abt. 1773; m. ALLY _____.

[All remarks of the compiler are in parenthesis and are not part of the official record, merely my observations and opinions]

 Bk G:326, Minutes, Feb 1788.  Benjamin Jolly, orphan of James Jolly dec'd, came into open court and made choice of Col. Thomas Brandon for his guardian, who was appointed by the court and entered into and acknowledged his bond with Daniel Comer his security in the sum of one hundred pound for the taking care of the said orphan and his estate.  {Based on laws of that time, you were allowed to choose your guardian if you were 14 years old or older}.

Deed Bk C:383  Dated 27 Jan. 1794, Benjamin Jolly, heir at law to James Jolley, dec'd, and his wife Ally (ie Benjamin's wife) to Philimon Bass, all of Union Co. SC for 50 lbs Sterling, 100 acres granted to James Jolly on April 1, 1773 by Wm. Bull, Governor of the Province of the S.C., plat and grant recorded in Grant book 000, page 369.  Located on both sides of Jolly's fork of Tinkers Creek, bound by Isaac Hawkins, Thomas Brandon's land and Joseph Jolly's land.  Signed Benjamin Jolly and Ally (x) Jolly.  Wit: Thomas Brandon, Isaac Toomer, and John Cunningham.  Proved on 1 Sept. 1794 before Charles Sims, J.P.  Recorded 1 Sept. 1794

[I based the age of this Benjamin as 1773, because he took possession of his father's grant in 1794, 21 years of age.]

[This is the same Benjamin in the next record.  I think this is his uncle, Joseph Jr., dec'd, his grandfather, Joseph, Sr., dec'd, his uncle, John Jolly.  This deed mentions a lot of people without really identifying them, which stretches my imagination.  I put in parenthesis who I think each person is in this deed.  Benjamin is the one who married Ally, and the son of James Jolly, who was the son of Joseph, Sr.  This Benjamin also mentions this 160 acs in Union Co. Bk G:326, given below, so we know for sure which Benjamin this is.   I think John Jolly mentioned is John, son of SR.   This John, son of Sr., was dead March 1781 and did have a son, Joseph.  Since John, son of Jr., was still alive at this time, 1794, we would know it is not him.  See the Deeds under John, son of Joseph Jr.  This John, son of Joseph Jr., was still alive in September 1809.]

[Also, in general in Virginia before 1786 when the law changed I think, the eldest son always inherited land unless there was a will specifically designating which son was to receive.  If the eldest son was dead, then that eldest son's son (the grandson) inherited the land, NOT the next eldest son;  If a person does not have children, then his eldest brother or sister inherits as the heir-at-law, and usually this heir had to apply for the benefit.  That is what heir-at-law means during this time period.  Now we are in 1794 in this deed, but a lot of courts were slow to adopt the law, and this is North Carolina too, so I can't be sure.  I only know this from reading and interpreting records myself.  The reason Brandon is guardian of Joseph, heir of John Jolly,  is that this Joseph was evidently underage in 1794, but still the eldest son of John Jolly. ]

Union Co. SC Deed Bk D:115.  24 Feb. 1794.  Benjamin Jolly, heir at law to Joseph Jolly (SR), dec'd to Thomas Brandon as guardian (executor) for Joseph Jolly (JR) and in compliance with a gift of Joseph Jolly (SR) deceased, whereas in his lifetime did give to Joseph Jolly(JR) his son, now dec'd, 100 acs, part of a tract where John Jolly(son of SR) lived at his death.  Bound by Tinkers Creek, Isaac Hawkins and Sandy Branch, the wagon road, including John Jolly's improvements.  Now Benjamin Jolly, heir at law of Joseph Jolly (SR), dec'd in exchange for 160 acs conveyed to Benjamin by Thomas Brandon, guardian of Joseph Jolly, heir of John Jolly.  ( John Jolly (son of SR) did  have a son, Joseph.)  A quit claim deed on the 100 acs to all right of inheritance.  Wit: Obediah Howard, John Cunningham and Joseph (x) Weeks.  Proved by Obadiah Howard on 22 May 1795 before Thomas Brandon, J. U. C. (Justice Union Co.)

Union Co. Deed Bk F:24.  7 Dec. 1796.  Benjamin Jolly to Col. Thomas Brandon, both of Union Co, for 30lbs Sterling, 30 acs bounded on the lower line of a tract of 300acs, originally granted to Joseph Jolly (SR, grant 31 March 1767), on Sandy Branch to Tinkers Creek, up the creek to the old meadow, to Cunningham's land on the creek.  Wit: John Cunningham and Thomas Young.  Proved by John Cunningham on 10 Jan 1799 before Thomas Brandon, J.U.C.  Recorded 11 Jan 1799.

Union Co. Bk G:326.  19 Oct. 1801.  Benjamin Jolly to Robert Beaty both of SC for $750, 120 acs.  whereupon Robert Beaty now lives, bound on the N and W by John Cunningham and Isaac Hawkins, the above tract of land originally granted to Joseph Jolly (SR), grandfather of said Benjamin, by Lord Charles G. Montague, 28 Aug. 1767.  Also 160 acs on Tinkers Creek bound on above land to the west, originally granted to Thomas Brandon and deeded by Brandon to Benjamin Jolly on 24 Feb. 1794.  Signed Benjamin Jolly.  Wit: William Rice and William Barr.  Ally (x) Jolly released her dower rights on 3 Nov. 1801 before Joseph McJunkin, JP.  Recorded 5 Jan 1803

Generation No. 3

7.  JOHN3 JOLLY (JOSEPH2, JOSEPH1) was born Abt. 1758, and died Aft. 09 September 1809.  Who did he marry?

He is the underage son, John, mentioned in Joseph's will on April 14, 1788. To be of age is 21 years old.  If This John was 20 in 1778, therefore if born 1758,  that is the oldest he could be.  He may be a little younger than that, since we don't know.  Did he serve in the Revolution?   [The following deeds appear to pertain to this John Jolly]

Union Co. Deed Bk A:352.  15 January 1787.  Jacob Brown of Washington Co. NC (now TN) to John Jolly of Union Co. SC for 40 lbs Sterling, 100 acs whereupon Hancock Porter now lives, including the said Hancock Porter's plantation, bounded by James Bogan and vacant lands, of both sides of Brown's Creek.  Granted to the said Jacob Brown by the Gov. of NC in 1766.  Wit: John Ewart, John McCool, John Montgomery.  No recording date given.

Union Co. Deed Bk:O:167.  24 March 1804.  Hancock Porter, farmer, to Joseph Jolly (son of John who was son of Joseph Jr.) farmer to Joseph Jolly, farmer both of Union Co., for $80.00, 80 acs on forks of Brown's Creek (no adj. owners given).  Wit:  John Jolly, William McBride.  Proven by John Jolly 13 Aug. 1806 before William Kennedy, J.Q.  Recorded 28 April 1818.

Union Co. Deed Bk K:100.  9 September 1809.  William Porter to Joseph Jolly {son of John who was son of Joseph, Jr.} to secure payment on 3 notes for $93.87, $88.00, and $50.00, given Jolly in Jan and Feb, 1809, a mortgage on 100 acs "the place where John Jolly (Joseph's father) now lives", bound by Hancock Porter, William Giles, Richard Faucet.  If Porter pays notes before 25 Feb. next ensueing , mortgage will be null and void.  Wit: Jeremiah Gregory and Thomas Bell.  Proved by J. Gregory on 17 Oct. 1809 before Jeremiah Lucas, J.Q.  Recorded 19 Feb 1810.  (This proves that "underage" John Jolly was still alive in September 1809. And helps with that difficult deed refered to before.)

 i. JOSEPH 4 JOLLY, d. Aft. 07 January 1835; m. CLEO PORTER; d. Aft. 07 January 1835.

Notes for JOSEPH4 JOLLY:
Union Co. Deed Bk O:176.  24 Oct. 1812.  William Porter to Joseph Jolly both of Union Co. for $20.00, 160 acs part of a grant to John McCool, bounded by McBride one corner (no other owners given). Wit: James Bell, John Baldwin, and John Webster.  Proven by John Baldwin 1 Oct. 1814 before Wm Kennedy, J.Q.  Recorded 28 April 1818.  [The small amount of sale usually denotes kinship].

Union Co. Deed Bk O:395.  20 Dec. 1826.  Joseph Jolly of Union to Asbury Rochester of same place, for $16.00, 8  acs on waters of So. Fork of Brown's Creek, adj. said Rochester, part of a grant to McCool.  Wit:  James McBride and William B. Johns who proved deed on 26 Jan. 1827 before J. Rogers. J.Q.  Recorded 31 Jan. 1827.  No Dower.

Union Co. Deed Book W:367.  7 Jan. 1835.  Joseph Jolly, Union Co., to Arthur Lipsey of Union for $350.00, 100 acs on the waters of Brown's and Tinker's Creeks on both sides of Charleston Road.  Bound by James Turner's old line, Asbury Rochester's line, Joseph Jolly's line, James McBride.  Cleo Jolly, wife of Joseph Jolly, released dower rights on 22 Jan. 1835 before E. P. Porter, J.Q.    McBride proved deed 2 Feb. 1835 before J. Rogers, J.Q.   Recorded same day.


Notes for JOHN JOLLY:
Pendleton Dis. SC Deeds, pg. 177-178.  20 Aug. 1796.  John Glenn to James Carrick for 25 lbs Sterling, 135 acs granted Christopher Kirsey by Charles Pinckney, 2 Feb. 1789.  Bound by Daniel Keith, Wm. Searight, John Jolly.  Wit: Daniel Keith, Jonathan Gibbs, J. Underwood.  Daniel Keith made oath to Joshua Saxon, J.P.  25 Aug. 1796.  Rec. Feb. 1800.

Child of JOHN JOLLY is:

9.  JAMES LEWIS3 JOLLY, Sr. (WILLIAM2, JOSEPH1) was born 22 February 1768 in 96th District SC (Part that became Union Co.).  He married WIDOW JOHNSON.  James was a twin to Joseph Jolly.  He or another James Jolly was in the 1790 Pendleton Dist. SC Census:

James Jolly-03-05-04-00-00, page 085

Her first name and maiden name are not known.  She married (1) Mr. Johnson, and they had a son, Joseph Johnson.  Then she married James (2).

Children of JAMES JOLLY and WIDOW JOHNSON are:
 i. JAMES LEWIS4 JOLLY, JR., d. Posey Co. IN; m. ELIZABETH SPEED; d. 14 March 1855, Posey Co. IN.

---E-Mail 1/15/2000 from Mary L. Henke, Jolly researcher:
I do want to copy this letter for you. That came to me to prove Elizabeth  Speed married James L. Jr. not Sr. as everyone had on their charts.

March 26, 1966
Dear Mrs. Kirsey,
   I know you want to hear about the Speeds, especially Elizabeth Speed Jolly's family. I am one of her descendants.  James Lewis Jolly did well. He bought a plantation and called it "The Mill". He had over 50 slaves. For 14 years he was county sheriff and the last 8 of the 14 he was county treasurer.

 In an old letter I have written by his son and I will quote" All I know about our family came from the lips of my mother.  Father came from solid South Carolina stock. Mother's people were considered quite wealthy for the time. Father became quite wealthy himself when we children were young but after the bank failed though not broke father had a much harder time. As he was treasurer he heard the bank in Jackson was due to fail, so he got his horse and money bags and headed for Jackson. But the Bank failed the day before he reached it. He had a meeting with the bank officials and asked for 30 days to raise money to cover his bondsmen. This was granted. He went back to Williamsburg, held a private sale, sold stock, land, slaves etc.  and raised the money. I don't know when the bank failed but it must have been around 1848 because it was the time he moved his family to Attila County Mississippi.

He bought a place at Rocky Point ( on the map now it would be near Hesterville).  James L. was postmaster at Rocky Point for two years, then he moved into Kosciusko and opened a saddle shop. I imagine he was still restless from all his losses because in 1853 they moved to Indiana. His uncle Maxey Jolly, brother of James L .Sr. had gone on a wagon train to Indiana in 1805.  March 1,1855 John Newton died at age 24.   March 14,1855 Elizabeth (Speed) Jolley died. Both are buried in the Jolley cemetery plot, near Stewadsville, Posey Co.Ind.  A place called New Baltimore in Robb twp.  In May of 1856 Sarah Elizabeth died. Fathers health was never good after the loss of John, Elizabeth and Mother. He seemed to break fast and loose interest in everything."

    In 1857 James L. Jr. remarried a widow with 4 children. She was Martha Ann (Weir) Martel, widow of David Martel and much younger than James L. In 1859 Van Buren married Mary Ann Martel, Martha's daughter.



10.  JOSEPH3 JOLLY (WILLIAM2, JOSEPH1)  was born 22 February 1768 in 96th District SC (Part that became Union Co.), and died Aft. 02 November 1807 in Pendleton District SC (part that became Anderson Co.).  He married JEAN/JANE MOORHEAD.  Joseph was a twin to his brother James Lewis 3Jolly.

Pendleton District SC Conveyance Book C&D:419-420.  David Lewis Anderson and Rachel his wife, Laurens Co. SC, to Joseph Jolly and James Moorhead, Pendleton Dist, for 100 lbs Sterling for 200 acs on branch of Town Creek, granted Anderson by Benjamin Guerard 15 Oct. 1784.  Recorded Book ZZZ, p. 123.  Signed David L and Rachel Anderson.  Wit: John Hughs, James Laughlin.  James Laughlin made oath to Wm. Millwee, J.P. 8 July 1797.

1 Jan.1801. Pendleton Dist. SC,  Deed Bk E:279-280.  I, Francis Lecy, shopkeeper of Charleston, for 50 pds. sterling to Joseph Jolly of Pendleton County 100 acres on NW side of 26 Mile Creek of Savannah river, part of 547 acres, bound by Robert Dickerson and land claimed by Wm. Turpin. Signed Francis Ley.  Wit: John Turner, Joseph Green.  Joseph Green made oath to J.B.Earle,  O.C.P.D. 4 July 1801.  Recorded 4 July 1801.

Will of Joseph Jolly- Pendleton Dist. SC  Will BK A:87-88.  2 November 1807.  Wife Jean to have estate her widowhood for use of herself and her children.  If my beloved and present wife should marry estate to be sold and divided among her and her children, she to have child's part.  Daughter Elizabeth,   Executor: wife Jean, brother William Jolly and Alexander Moorhead.  Wit: George Nash, Jonathan Smith.    Signed, Joseph Jolly.

11 March 1805. Pendleton Dist.S.C. Deed BK G:174-175.  John Flanikin and Elizabeth his wife, to Joseph Jolly for $600 for  145 acs on Town Creek of 26 Mile River, part of a tract granted  Joseph Price. Wit: John Moorhead , Jonathan Smith.  John Moorhead made oath to John Taylor. Q.U. 15 Mar.1805,  Elizabeth (x)Flaniken released dower to John Taylor, 16 Mar. 1805. Rec. 16 March 1805

20 March 1807.  Pendelton Dist. S.C. Deed Bk G:525-526.  Joseph Jolly for 150 pounds sterling sold to Alexander Moorhead 100 acs on Town Creek, part of a tract granted David Lewis Anderson 5 Oct (year not clear] 1--4 by Benjamin Guerard, recorded Bk ZZZ:123  Wit: Jno. Moorhead and Whiteaher Smith. James{not John} Moorhead made oath to George Nash J.P. 24 March 1807.  Recorded same day.


ii. JAMES MOORHEAD JOLLY m. ANNA COLE SHERRILL.  They had a son MANSON SHERRILL JOLLY  who became the famous Civil War Rebel Manse Jolly.  Legend has it that the features of Manse Jolly were carved into the face of the Confederate Soldier statue in Anderson's Square, SC.  Manse had 5 brothers who were killed in the Civil War.  For more information, contact Mary L. Henke, E-mail below.


11.  JESSE3 JOLLY (WILLIAM2, JOSEPH1)was born Abt. 1774 in 96th District SC (Part that became Union Co. ). A descendant  sent me a copy of his will which was written in Pickens Co. SC on 6 May 1831.  Then a witness to the will, Richard Dean, testfied under oath in Franklin Co. Ga. May term 1832 that he saw Jesse Jolly sign the will.. So Jesse died after May 6, 1831 and before May 1832, don't know exactly where he died.   This does not necessarily mean Jesse died in Franklin Co.

Child of JESSE JOLLY is:
12.  PATSEY3 JOLLY (WILLIAM2, JOSEPH1) was born Abt. 1780.  She married ROLLIN HUNNICUT.



13.  JOSEPH3 JOLLY  (JOHN2, JOSEPH1)  died Bet. 11 May - 06 June 1835 in Cooper Co. MO.  History of Cooper Co. Abstract of Will Book A:92.  Says written 11 May 1835 recorded 6 June 1835 lists sons John & William and Mary Ann Guyn ( a child taken into their home).

Children of JOSEPH JOLLY are:
14. i. WILLIAM4 JOLLY, d. 1856, living in Cooper Co. MO 6 May 1839.
15. ii. JOHN JOLLY, d. living in Cooper Co. MO 6 May 1839.

Generation Four

14.  WILLIAM4 JOLLY (JOSEPH3, JOHN2, JOSEPH1) died 1856, Cooper Co. Mo. Will Bk.A2:176.   Written 5 Aug.1852 Recorded 10 March 1856.
To my daughter Margaret, wife of Alexander Evans
To my Grandson, Andrew I. Cole
To my daughter Nancy Ann, wife of Zeburn Hazell
To my daughters, Mary Ann and Tabitha J.
To my sons, Urah H, Berryman F. and Joseph W. The daughters' Uncle David Jones to take charge of the two girls and be executor.
(Daughter Elizabeth was dec.'d)

Children of WILLIAM 4JOLLY are:
  i. ELIZABETH5 JOLLY m. William J. Cole, 7 June 1838.  Son, ANDREW I. COLE.



 WILSON JOLLY  was born Abt. 1751, and died 10 June 1829 in Anderson District, SC.  He was a brother (proven) to Joseph Jolly who married Elizabeth Smith.  See the pension record of Joseph Jolly below.   He married MARY MONTGOMERY Abt. 1776 in SC.  She lived in York Co. SC.

He got a land warrant 150ac Thickety Creek, Craven Co, 9/21/72.  I based his birth year on the age of at least 21 to get this land.

While residing in Union fort(?), 96th District, Wilson Jolly was drafted during 1778 and place under Capts. John Thompson, James Steen and Col. Brandon.  Next he joined Lt or Capt Drury Harrington and was in the battles at Cedar Springs, Cowpens, Blackstock's Plantation, Duggin's and the siege of Ninety Six.  He continued to serve in alternate tours under Capts. James Steen and Robert Montgomery and Cols. Brandon and Thomas until 1783 [Roster of S.C. Patriots, p. 508, Moss].

Union Co. SC Deed Bk A:145-148.  30 Oct. 1784.  John Steen, Sr. and wife Martha of 96th Dist. S.C. to Francis Drake of NC for 126lbs Sterling, 350 acs. on Griffin's Branch of Thickety Creek in SC granted by NC patent to John Steen.  Wit: John Harrington, Wilson Jolly.  Signed John and Martha Steen.  Recorded 27 June 1786.

Union Co. SC Deed Bk A:65.  29 Dec. 1785.  Wilson Jolly and Mary, his wife, to Moses Meeks, all of Union Co. for 100lbs Sterling, all their interest in 150 acs. South side of Broad River on Decks Branch of Thickety Creek.  Wit: John Ewart, John Hope. John Bird.  No recording date.

Union Co. SC Deed Bk A:517.  16 Aug. 1787.  John Steen, Sr. of Union Co. to Wilson Jolly of same place, for 60lbs Sterling, 200 acs on the waters of Gilkies Creek.  Part of a tract of 400 acs granted by patent to John Steen on 21 Jan. 1785.  Wit: Thomas Brandon, John Ewart, Nathaniel Jefferies.  No recording date.

Union Co. SC Deed BK C:242.  30 Sept. 1791.  Wilson Jolly and Mary his wife to Francis Drake, all of Union Co. for 65lbs Sterling, 200 acs on waters of Guilky's Creek.  Part of a 400 acs grant to John Steen by the state of SC dated 1 Jan. 1785.  The 200 acs bounded by the grant (no other adjoining owners given].  Signed by Wilson Jolly and Mary (x) Jolly.  Wit: James Thompson, William Clark, Mathew Jones.  Recorded 1 April 1793.

Union Co. SC Deed Bk C:122.  11 Nov. 1791.  Wilson Jolly and Mary his wife of Union Co. to Abraham Smith of York Co. SC for 110 acs Sterling for 100acs on the W side of Broad River on a branch of Thickety Creek known as Guilkies Creek.  Granted to Richard Dowd by SC grant (no date given).  Wit: John Bird, Joseph Jolly and John Smith.  Proved by Bird on 3 Jan. 1792 before Charles Sims, JP.  Recorded 3 Sept. 1792.  [I think this Joseph Jolly is probably the one who married Elizabeth Smith, discussed below.]

Pendleton Dist: Conveyance Book C&D:466.  29 Sept. 1798.  I, William Sturges, lawfully constituted attorney for Francis Lee of City of Charleston, for 30 lbs sold o John Turner, 200 acs, part of 547 acs granted Francis Lee on 26 Mile Creek of the Savannah River.  Signed William Sturges.  Wit: Joseph Jolly, Wilson Jolly.  Joseph Jolly made oath to Jonathan Montgomery, J.P. 18 Feb. 1799.  Rec. 18 Feb. 1799.  {Wonder which Joseph Jolly this is?]



This Joseph Jolly is a contemporary of Joseph Jolly, Jr., and the other Jolly brothers.  However, we do not know how this Joseph is related to all the others, except we do know and have proof that he is a brother to Wilson Jolly above.

Living on Thickety Creek was Joseph Jolly, b. about 1750, who married Elizabeth Smith about 1772.  He also served in the Revolution.  He had 2 daughters, AMY and RHODA and a son, HENRY JOLLY, who applied for their father's Revolutionary War Pension.  This pension record has been seen by the compiler and  it says that this Joseph and Wilson Jolly were brothers.  In fact, it says it several times.  See below for abstract.   Joseph's military record is as follows:  While residing on Broad River in Union District, he enlisted and served as a private and sergeant under Capts. James Steen, Nathaniel Jeffries, Robert Montgomery and Col. Brandon.  He died 25 November 1833 (Roster of S.C. Patriots, p. 508, Moss].

Union Co. SC Deed Bk D:102.  30/31st Dec. 1778.  Zachariah Bulloch of Pacolet River, 96th District, for  shillings (lease] and 150lbs current money of SC {release] 200 acs on both sides of Guilkies Creek, "Whereupon the said Joseph Jolly now lives," bound on the N by vacant land, E by Wilson Jolly's land, S by vacant land and W by William Steen's land.  Wit: John Nicholes, Wm. Steen, and Nathaniel Jefferies.  Proved by Wm Steen 2 Dec. 1779 before Robert Lusk, JP.  Recorded 2 June 1795.

Union Co. Deed Bk C:243.  23 August 1788.  Joseph Jolly, farmer and Elizabeth his wife to Nathaniel Jefferies, all of Union Co. for 5 shillings, 200 acs on both sides of Gilkies Creek, bound by vacant land, Wilson Jolly and William Steen.  It being a tract purchased by said Joseph Jolly by lease and release from Zachariah Bulloch.  Signed by Joseph Jolley.

Pg. 299  GIDEON SMITH- Box 87, Pack 2140
     Will dated Aug. 20, 1779 in 96 Dist.  Proven Aug. 23, 1783.  Excrs: Jas. Steen, John, Abraham Smith.  Wit: Robt. Lusk, Joseph Jolly, John Jeffries.  Wife, Jean Smith.  Son, Jas. Smith.  [Abstracts of Old Ninety-Six and Abbeville District Wills and Bonds, Pauline Young, 1950]

Wilson and his brother Joseph went to Pendleton District to live around 1790.


R. File No. 5687

The  following is Henry Jolly's declaration on the 23 February 1855 in Anderson district, S.C.  (Henry aged seventy, therefore born 1785).  He says he is the son and heir at law of Mrs. Elizabeth Jolly, deceased widow of Joseph Jolly, deceased who was a soldier of the Revolution in the militia and under Captains Jeffreys, Montogomery, Colonels Thomas Brandon, William Farr, and Major McJunkin.

Henry said his father married in Union District, S.C. about 1772 to Elizabeth Smith.  He died in Anderson District, S.C. November 25, 1833.  His widow, Elizabeth, died in Anderson District, S.C. on  June 20, 1845.  Their children were: Amy, Rhoda, and Henry.  He has no family record showing the marriage date , but from the age of their eldest child, he is enabled to fix the married date about 1772.  That to support these allegations, he begs leave to offer proofs submitted with this claim.  Signed, Henry  (x his mark) Jolly.

Following this is a letter written 11 June 1855 by James A. Black, in which he enclosed the testimonies of Joseph Guyton and Susan Petty in Union District, SC.  "  In May 1855, Joseph Guyton, 79 years of age and has been a resident of Union district for 77 years, says that he knew Joseph Jolly as a Revolutionary soldier.  Joseph Jolly and wife, Elizabeth Jolly (whose maiden name was Smith) lived together for 30 years or more as man and wife.  All the neighborhood knew this.  Deponent remembers three of the older children, Amy, Roda, and Henry.   He thinks Amy the oldest one was about four years younger than this deponent.    The Jollys (Joseph and Wilson, his brother) moved afterwards to Pendleton District, SC......"

Following this is letter written 29 October 1855 by James A. Black for the heirs of Elizabeth Jolly, deceased.

Then is the testimony of another witness, William Goudelock,  who on 7 June 1856,  testifies  "I knew both Wilson and Joseph Jolly were brothers and that Joseph married a Miss Smith and Wilson married a Miss Mary Montgomery..."  He was their neighbor in Union District.

The claim was denied upon the ground that the alleged service was not proven as required by the Act of July 4, 1836, year which application was made.

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