Compiled by Thelma Faye Cain Prince, © Copyright 1998 

All of the following men were privates in the 10th Virginia Regiment, Continental line, Captain John Gillison's Company, commanded by Colonel Edward Stevens. Their names were spelled Sorrell, Sorrel, Sorrels, Sorrells, etc.; many of them used different spellings for the same man. Records are located in the National Archives, Washington.

1) WILLIAM SORRELL first appears on the company pay roll for 28 Mar. to 1 June 1777; pay per month 6 2/3 dollars; time of service, 2 months 3 days; pd 5 pounds, 5 sh.Next on Co. muster roll, dated 12 June 1777, Morristown. On 16 July 1777, he was tending the sick and it says he enlisted 3 Mar. 1777. On 6 Aug. 1777, and 31 Aug. 1777, in hospital. On 10 Oct. 1777, he was tending the sick;term of enlistment 3 years. He was in hospital, 7 Nov. 1777 (it is not clear if he was sick or tending the sick when it says in hospital). He was pd for Oct. and Nov. As of 23 Dec. 1777, on furlough. He was pd for Jan., Feb., Mar. and Apr. 1778, but the muster rolls show he was on furlough all this time. Roll dated Valley Forge, 3 Apr. 1778, on furlough. Roll dated 3 June 1778, Valley Forge, remarks that he deserted May 1778. Last entry on Co. payroll, May 1778, he received 6 2/3 dollars. William Sorrell of the 10th CL appears in a Book* under the following heading: "A list of Soldiers of the Virginia Line of the Continental Establishment who have received Certificates for the balance of their full pay agreeable to an act of Assembly passed Nov. Session 1781.11 By whom received: Mr. Strother, 24 July 1786; sum, 22 pounds, 12 shillings.

*This book bears the following certificate: "This Register contains a true abstract of all the certificates issued at the Auditor's Office to Officers and Soldiers of the Virginia Line on Continental Establishment." Jo Pendleton, Auditor. Auditor's Office, 1 Aug. 1792. Teste: J. Carter.

2) RICHARD SORRELL first appears on the Co. pay roll for 28 Mar. to 1-June 1777; pay per month 6 2/3 dollars; time of service 2 months 3 days; pd 5 pounds, 5 sh. Co. muster roll dated 12 June 1777, Morristown. Muster roll dated 16 July 1777 says he enlisted 8 Jan. 1777 to serve until 8 Jan. 1780; remarks, sick in camp. On 6 Aug. 1777, muster roll shows him in hospital as do the rolls of 31 Aug., 10 Oct., and 7 Nov. 1777. He is listed on the muster roll for Nov. 1777, dated 23 Dec. 1777, but remarks he was "dec'd by 23 Nov." He was on the pay roll for the months of June, July, Aug., Sept. and Oct. 1777 for full pay of 6 2/3 dollars. The pay roll of shows he was down for 5 1/9 dollars, "dec'd 23 Nov. 1777. Richard Sorrell appears in a Book*, By whom received: Jno. Minor, 20 May 1784; sum, 12 pounds, 2 sh.Vol 176, 284.

3) ELISHA SORRELL first appears on the Co. pay roll for 28Mar to 1 June 1777; pay per month 6 2/3 dollars; time of service 2 months 3 days; pd 5 pounds, 5 sh., The muster roll, dated 12 June 1777, remarks, in Regt. hospital was marked out and "as on roll" put in. Roll dated 16 July 1777 says he enlisted 8 Jan. 1777 to serve until 8 Jan. 1780; remarks, sick in camp. On 6 Aug. 1777, 31 Aug., and 10 Oct. 1777, he was in hospital. On 7 Nov. and on 1 Dec. 1777, he was still in hospital. Co. muster roll of 23 Dec. 1777, no remarks. The 1 Dec. roll was dated c. 1778 (written a year later?). The next roll was dated 3 Apr. 1778, Valley Forge; another there on 3 June 1778; next at White Plains, 2 Sept. 1778, remarks, light infantry. Sept. 1778, Camp Robinson's farm, remarks light infantry. The unit was then reorganized into Capt. John Gillison's Co. of Foot, belonging to the 6th Va. Regt., com'd by Col. William Russell. Elijah is listed on the following muster rolls: 19 Dec. 1778, Middlebrook; 14 Jan. 1779, Middlebrook, as enlisted 2 Dec. 1778 for term of war, remarks, on furlough; 6th Va. Regt. is now commanded by John Green; 3 Apr. 1779, Camp Middlebrook; 5 May 1779, Middlebrook, says he enlisted 21 Dec. 1778 for the war and is on furlough until 15 Apr. [The last roll and many others was for the preceding month, Dates for his enlistment don't agree.] Roll dated 3 Aug. 1779 at Camp Ramipan, furlough expired, supposed to be with Gen. Scott; same thing, Oct. 1779. Listed on the pay rolls as follows: June, July, Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov., and Dec. 1777; Aug. 1778; May 1779, July 1779. Elisha Sorrell's name appears in a Book* By whom received: No name given, 20 May 1784; sum, 54 pounds, 2 sh., 10 pence. Vol 176:284.
Copies of documents relating to Richard and Elisha Sorrell of the 10th Virginia Regiment, Continental Line, are available in the Virginia State Library at Richmond. Records for this Richard are the only records in that Library relating to the Revolutionary service of a Richard Sorrell in Virginia, so a letter from the Library states. Please note that this man is not the Richard Sorrells who came to Elbert County, Georgia, and bought land on Scull Shoal Creek in 1800. Can anyone identify this early Richard from Virginia further? He and Elisha were brothers. Was William Sorrells of the 10th CL related to them?

[I have since become aware that both Richard and Elisha were the sons of a William Sorrell in Virginia.  Write this descendant for full details: Dale Mueller,

Marshall Wingfield, History of Caroline County, Virginia, gives a list of Revolutionary soldiers from Caroline County, Virginia, naming John, William, Richard, and Elisha Sorrell. These are suspected to have been the William, Richard, and Elisha of the 10th CL, and perhaps John Sorrell, born in Caroline County [Pension ? Natl. Archives]. The 10th CL Va. Regt., Capt. John Gillison's Company, was raised in Culpeper County, but it did include men of Caroline County and other counties as well.

 Virginia State Library Reel (JR 3303), Rev. War Bounty Grants, consists of 4 records:
1. I certify that Richard Sorrel enlisted in the Continental Army 8 Jan 1777 for 3 years, that he dec'd 23 Nov. 1777.
s/John Gillerson, Capt. 6th Va. Regt. 17 May 1784.
2. At a court held for Culpeper Co. Va. 17 May 1784, William Roberts and John Minor made oath that James Sorrell [his brother] is heir-at-law to Richard Sorrell who died in Continental service which is ordered to be certified. s/John Jameson, C. & c.
3. Bath Co. Ky. Elisha Sorrell made oath that his brother, Richard Sorrell, enlisted and served 3 years in the Rev.

Records of a John Sorrells in Wilkes County, Georgia

Abstracts from copies of the original documents found Treasurer's and Comptroller's Records, Loose Military Papers (T&C Mil-14-20), Final Settlements, Box 19, in North Carolina Archives, Raleigh:

[Abstracted by Thelma F, Prince from the original documents, 1983]

Know ye by these presents that I, John Sorrels of Wilkes County, Georgia, for divers good cause and considerations me thereunto owing have made my trusty friend, Robert Adams, my true and lawful attorney for me and in my name and stead but to his own proper use to ask,demand,and receive of and from the commissioners appointed by North Carolina all the depretiatlon (sic) of my pay in the forth (sic) N. Carolina Ridgment (sic), giving & by these presents granting unto my attorney my sole and full power & authority to take, persue & follow such legal courses for the recovering, receiving, & obtaining the same as I myself could do were I present & upon receipt of the same acquitance & other sufficient discharge for me in my name to make and sign & deliver as also one more attorney under him to ... & again to revoke at his pleasure & further to perform all things necessary touching the premises as fully & entirely as if I the said John Sorrells in my own proper person might or could do about the premises, rattifying (sic) whatever my said attorney may lawfully do or cause to be done about the execution of the premises by virtue of these presents. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 24th July 1792. The above power of attorney was witnessed by two of the Justices of Wilkes County, Georgia.
Jas. McLean, J.P.
Jesse Heard, J.P.         s/John Sorrels (seal)

I afirm the within power of attorney to William Terrel Lewis of Surry County, North Carolina as witness my hand and seal this 24 July 1792.
Jas. McLean, J.P.  Jesse Heard, J.P. s/Bob Adams (seal)

This day personally appeared before us, John Sorrells & made the following oath, viz, that he was a ...or 9 months man from  Burke Co. NC & from Capt.Harding company of militia,
that he met the troops after being marched to Moon's creek & was furloughed & and when he was called upon he marched to South Carolina in the year 1779 & served the time of nine months in the forth (sic) N.C. Ridgment (sic) commanded by Col. Jos. Thackton & and in Capt. Goodman's company & Joel Lewis Lieut., that he served his time .... faithfully & obtained his discharge and that the depretiation (sic)of his pay he has not received himself nor no one by his order & that he never sold nor ... ... ... Adams to whom he has
acknowledged a power of attorney.  Sworn to and subscribed this 24 July 1792.
Jas. McLean, J.P.
Jesse Heard, J. P.
s/John Sorrels (seal)

Burke County, North Carolina. Then came Capt. James Mackey of this county before two of the Justices for the county aforesaid and made oath that he was a soldier in the late Continental Line of N.C. in the nine months service and that John Sorrels was another from Burke County and that the same John Sorrels was one of his ...mates and that he honestly served the time of nine months to the soutward 9sic) in the aforesaid line in the year 1779 and did not desert. Given under our hands and seals this 27 July 1792. Teste: Alex Erwin. John H.___ .Jas.____.    s/James Mackey

Lincoln County, N.C. Then came Edward Bell before us, John Barber & John Wilson, Justices & made oath that John Sorrells was a soldier in the late Continental Line of this state & that he actually served the term of nine months in the aforesaid line to the southward & did not desert. Given under our hands & seals 1 Aug. 1792.

s/Jno. Wilson, J.P. Jno. Barber, J.P. (seals)
Surry County, N.C. Then came Joel Lewis before two of the Justices of the Peace for said County and made oath that John Sorrels was a soldier in the late Continental Line of this state and that he actually served the term of nine months in the aforesaid line to the southward and did not desert. Given under our hands and seals 6 Aug.1792.Wm. Cook, J.P. s/Joel Lewis (other justice's name illegible)

In the same box of records is a paper entitled "The United States in account with John Sorrell, privateer". It shows varying amounts of pay he was owed, and ends with this receipt: "Received 13 Aug. 1792 the sum of twenty six pounds, sixteen shillings and ten pence in full per the above account. s/Wm. T. Lewis." On the back of this paper is written  #338 John Sorrell, Private, $67.10. The account shows John served from ca. 10 Nov. 1778 through 10 Aug. 1779.  [see #338 in the vouchers.]


SORRELLS and variant spellings only:
SORLES, THOMAS, Vol. I, p. 95, Folio 4
SORREL, BENJAMIN, Vol. X, p. 30. Folio 3
" EDWARD* Vol. 5, p. 47, Folio 4 " EDWARD Vol. XI, p. 33, Folio 4
" JOHN* Vol. V, p. 56, Folio 2
" JOHN* Vol. V, p. 57, Folio 3
" RICHARD* Vol.XII, p. 100, Folio 4
" SAM Vol. XII, p. 13, Folio 4
SORRELL, GEORGE*Vol. IX, p. 101, Folio 2
" J. Vol. XII, p. 9, Folio 1
JOHN Vol. II. p. 58, Folio 3
JOHN Vol. X. p. 87, Folio 4
R.* Vol. VI, p. 88, Folio 4
S.* Vol. VI, p. 80, Folio 3
SAMUEL* Vol. XII, p. 29, Folio 4
THOMAS Vol. II, p. 52, Folio 1
THOMAS Vol. X, p. 77, Folio 3
THOMAS Vol. X, p. 87, Folio 3
WALTER*Vol. XII, p. 29, Folio 4
WALTER*Vol. XII, p. 29, Folio 2
SORRELLS, SAM* Vol. XII, p. 72, Folio 4 W.* Vol. XII, p. 72, Folio 4
J. Vol. XII, p. 95, Folio 4
SORRIL, GEORGE* Vol. IX, p. 114. Folio 4
THOMAS Vol. VII, p. 68, Folio 2
WM. Vol. XI, p. 33, Folio 3
SOWELL, SAMUEL* Vol. V, p. 20, Folio 2
The ones with asterisks (*) are abstracted here. There are about twenty other Sowell names in this index. Indexes to the other series of accounts (all of them) at the archives were searched for Sorrells. The only other Sorrells found was:

SORRELLS WALTER*, Book A, Vol. 40, p. 216, from second series of Account Books on microfilm.

Volumes I-XII (index above) have been bound in printed volumes for examination at the North Carolina Archives. The originals are no longer
fit for examination. Using the references above the researcher may order
a typed certified copy of a record for a charge.

There is no information to be gleaned from these records except what they actually say. They do not identify a man precisely always. Abstracts follow*.

EDWARD SORREL, Vol. V, p. 47, Folio 4. Heading: Wilmington District, 17 Oct. 1781 through 15 July 1783, signed by Board of Auditors during this time. 738.

JOHN SORREL, Vol. V, p. 56, Folio 2. Same heading as above. 1973.

JOHN SORREL, Vol. V, P. 57, Folio 3. Same heading as above. 2146.

RICHARD SORREL, Vol. XII, p. 100, Folio 4. Heading: An
Account of Specie Certificates paid into the Comptroller's Office by John Armstrong Entry Taker for Land in North Carolina* . 5242. By whom granted: Hunter & Bagge. Dated Sept. 1784. Sum: 13 pounds, 10 shillings.

[Note: John Armstrong was in Surry County during this time period in deeds, minutes; his land entry book not in N.C. Archives. Compiler checked the only 2 Surry Co. land entries books in North Carolina Archives which are extant and deeds , not finding Richard Sorrel. This Richard is believed to have been my ancestor who came to Elbert County Georgia before 1800 and settled. Please see]

GEORGE SORRELL, Vol. IX, p. 101, Folio 2. Heading: Hillsborough Treasury Office, a list of Specie and Currency Certificates received from the County Treasurers, Entry Takers &c. Dated 1785. Bundle 40. By whom paid: Benjamin Seawell, Sheriff Franklin County. on back of certificate, 4. Sum: 13 pounds, 10 sh. [Believed to be George Sorrell who went to Wilkes Co. Ga. and left a will in Greene Co. Ga. 1803]  See this link:
George Sorrell of Oglethorpe and Greene Co. Ga.

R. SORRELL, Vol. VI, p. 88, Folio 4. Not dated. Sum: 12 pounds, 7 sh., 6 pence. 3907. Hillsborough, N.C. Treasury Office for taxes of 1785 and 1786.

S. SORRELL, Vol. VI, p. 80, Folio 3. Not dated. Sum: 19 pounds, 10 sh. 2756.

SAMUEL SORRELL, Vol. XII, p. 29, Folio 4. Heading: An Account of Specie Certificates paid into the Comptroller's Office by John Armstrong Entry Taker for Land in North Carolina. 2578. By whom granted: Miller & Erwin. Date Sept. 1783. Sum: 2 pounds, 8 sh. Interest: 1 sh, 9 pence. To what time: 25 May 1784. Total Amt. principal & interest: 2 pounds, 9 sh.,
9 pence.

WALTER SORRELL, Vol. XII, p. 29, Folio 4. Same heading as above. 2577. By whom granted: Miller & Erwin. Date Sept. 1783. Sum: 2 pounds, 8 sh. Interest: 1 sh 9 pence. To what time: 25 May 1784. Total Amt. principal & interest: 2 pounds, 9 sh, 9 pence [note Samuel and Walter appear on same list in consecutive order; 2577, and all such numbers denote the voucher number].

WALTER SORRELL, Vol. XII, p. 29, Folio 2. Same heading as above. 2511. By whom granted: Erwin & McKissick. Dated Sept. 1783. Sum:9(pounds 6 sh. Interest: 10 sh. 4 pence. To what time: 25 May 1784. Total Amt. principal & interest: 9 pounds, 16 sh. 4 pence.

SAM SORRELLS, Vol. XII, p. 72, Folio 4. Same heading as above. 3676.
By whom granted: Erwin & Miller. Dated Apr. 1784. Sum: 2 pounds, 2 sh.

W. SORRELLS, Vol. XII, p. 72, Folio 4. Same heading as above. 3624. By whom granted: Erwin & Miller. Dated Apr. 1784. Sum: 6 pounds. Interest: 1 sh. To what time: 25 May 1784. Total Amt. principal & interest; 6 pounds, 1 sh.

GEORGE SORRIL, Vol. IX, p. 114, Folio 4. Heading: Thomas Jordan Entry Taker, Hyde County, North Carolina. 118. No date. Sum: 1 pound, 1 sh.

SOWELL, SAMUEL, Vol. V, p. 20, Folio 2. Heading: Wilmington District Allowance to Militia from 5701 to 6014 inclusive. Book W-No. 3. Sum: twenty pounds, 5 sh. [No voucher extant. Just above his name is Hardy Carroll; the name clearly is Samuel Sowell. [This is included here because this is the reference given for Samuel Sorrel on many CAR and DAR applications The compiler believes the name is Sowell, not Sorrell, after personally seeing it at the N . C. Archives.]

WALTER SORRELLS, Book A (Vol. 40), p. 216 (on microfilm at N.C. Archives). For sundries furnished the Militia of N.C., Va., & S.C., as allowed by Erwin & Miller, auditors of Morgan District, N.C. No. 1106 to Walter Sorrells for provisions No. 1743. Sum: 20 pounds, 10 sh.

Please be aware there are some accounts for which a voucher is no longer extant. There are some vouchers for which an account is no longer extant. The N.C. Archives does not make photocopies from the bound printed volumes of the account books, only certified copies. You may make your own abstract when you make a personal visit. The Archives does make photocopies of the extant vouchers. [At least, they did in 1983]

[Abstracted* from the originals by the compiler in 1983.  List of Extant Vouchers for Sorrells (and variants) only.]

EDWARD- 279, Wake Co. 3 Apr. 1781
GEORGE- 3*, 6023*, 6039*, Halifax District
JAMES- 2059, Edenton District
JOSEPH- 4257, Edenton District
JOSHUA- 1635*, Salisbury District
JOHN- 338*, 472* Hillsborough
JOHN- 2270*, 2354*, 3626* Morgan District
RICHARD- 5242*, Salisbury District
SAMUEL- 2512*, 3132*, 3625*, 3676* Morgan District
THOMAS- 183, 299, Hillsborough
WALTER- 1794*, 3624*, 4343*, 5015*
The numbers are voucher numbers.

A total of 23 vouchers for Sorrells men are extant. All were seen by the compiler in 1983. Holes the size of pennies were punched in these vouchers when they were cashed in. This accounts for the missing words. Some booklets are available by mail from N.C. Archives explaining the vouchers and accounts and how to interpret the data found on them. Please enclose an LSASE if you write to them. Please see also Helen F.M Leary and Maurice R. Stirewalt, Eds. North Carolina Research Genealogy and Local History, pp.342-393.
3. NC. Halifax Dist. This certifies that GEORGE SORRELL was allowed 1 pound l sh. specie as by repor... the Board of Auditors Aug. 27, 1781. Wm. Green, Jno.Macon.

6023. N.C. Halifax Dist. This certifies that GEORGE SORRELL ... allowed thirteen pounds t... sh. specie as ...... of the Board of Auditors ...h March 1782. Jno. Bradford, Jno. Branch, Wm. Wooten, Clk.

6039. N.C. Halifax Dist. This certifies that GEORGE SORRELL was allowed thirteen pounds ten sh. specie as report of the Board of Auditors 14th March ..82. Jno. Bradford, Jno. Branch, Wm. Wooten, Clk.

JOHN SORRELL (& other spellings)
338. By virtue of the Authority vested in us, by an Act of the General Assembly, passed at Newbern, January 1792, we hereby certify, that the State of N.C. is indebted to JOHN SORRELL .... soldier in the Continental Line of said State, the ... twenty pounds two sh. eight pence specie, with interest from the first day of August 1783, as appears by vouchers lodged in this Office. Hillsborough, lst May 1782. B. Sanders, J. Franklin, commissioners.

472. N.C. Agreeable to Act of Assembly, passed January 1792, the State aforesaid, is indebted to JOHN SORRELL of the late Continental Line, the sum of six pounds fourteen sh. & two pence specie, being one fourth of his pay and interest to first August 1783, for which he is entitled to prompt payment. Hillsborough, 1 .. May 1792. J.N. Binford, B. Sanders. [See John Sorrell Final Settlement this website] On back of this paper is signed, Wm. T. Lewis, also J. Sorrell.

2270. N.C. Morg.. ..strict. This c........ that the Board of Auditors have allowed JOHN SORRELS for a public claim three pounds three sh. specie agreeable to Act of Assembly in such case. 18 Sept. 1783. Jas. Miller, Alex. Erwin. Saml Greenlee, Clk.
[National Archives, Washington, D.C.]
JOHN SORRELS, Rev. Pension File No. S3953,
JOHN SORRELS, aged 76 yrs. and resident of Butler Co. Ky. applied for pension, as veteran of Revolutionary War, on 8 Oct. 1832, making the following declaration:

He volunteered for service about 1 Sept. 1779 in a company of minuteman in Rutherford Co. N.C. under Capt. John McLean, Nicholas Harvey, and in the Regt commanded by Col. James Miller. He served in this company until May 1781. Most of this time was engaged in fighting the Tories and the Indians. In May 1781, he enlisted for 10 months as a dragoon, in what he always believed was the Continental Line, but it may have been the state service.

He lived in Rutherford Co. He enlisted under Capt. MeElhany who lived near the line between N.C. and S.C. Nicholas Harvey resided in Rutherford, Col. Hammonds of S.C., and Major Gwinn. He rendevous in S.C* and marched to Augusta on the S.C. side of the river. He marched to Ball Swamp, Beech Island, and scouted the country to run the Tories out until early Sept. 1781, when he marched through Ninety-Six and joined the army under Gen. Green on 7 Sept. about 3 miles from Eutaw Springs, S.C. He was engaged in the Battle of Eutaw Springs on 8 Sept.

After the battle he marched about a mile and a half to a branch and encamped. About 12 midnight, they marched and continued to march until 12 midnight the next day. Early 10 Sept. Gen. Green pursued the British and he was told he overtook them. But he was detached to stay with the wounded of his Regt. He marched with the wounded to the back part of S.C. about 100 miles from Eutaw Springs. He remained there until the wounded began to get well. Then he rejoined his company at Hammonds Old Store, near Augusta, but on the S.C. side of the river. During the balance of his time of enlistment, he scouted between the Store, Beech Island, and Ball Swamp, without serving any Continental troops.

He was discharged 1 March 1782 on the Saluda River, discharge signed by Col. Hammonds and Capt. McElhany. In Sept. 1782, he volunteered on an expedition to the Cherokee villages under John Watson and Col. James Miller from Rutherford Co. where he lived. He marched to a town near the Hywassee(?) River, killed 2 Indians, destroyed their corn, and returned to Rutherford after an expedition of about 30 days.

He has no documentary evidence of his service; he gave up his discharge when he sold his _____ for his 10 months service. He knows of no one by whom he can prove his services except John Hanson (name not clear), Evansville, Indiana, by whom he can prove the 10 months service. He believes he is about 76 or 77 yrs. old, having lost the record made by his father. Since the Revolution he has lived in Tennessee and Kentucky and now resides in Butler Co. Ky. Rev. Benjamin M. Reynolds and Benjamin Porter can testify as to his character, veracity, and their belief as to his services.
Signed/ John Sorrell(sp. he used) A sworn statement by B.M. Reynolds and B. Porter follows.

The pension was allowed. This soldier has no bounty land records; military record not searched for.
THOMAS SORREL, Revolutionary Pension File S6137.
THOMAS SORREL, age 60 yrs. and resident of Westmoreland Co. Va. applied for a pension as a veteran of Revolutionary War, on 27 Apr. 1818, making the following declaration:

He served in the Continental service, enlisted at Northumberland Co. Va. about 1780, under the command of Capt. Thomas Downing, Capt. Curl, Capt., Thomas Drew in the Regt. commanded by Col.Charles Porterfield. He went to Hillsborough, N.C. and then Camden, S.C., and participated in the Battle of Gates Defeat. He served 18 months that time, was discharged at Richmond, Va., and returned home to Northumberland Co. in the spring of the year. Shortly after, he was drafted for a 3 month tour, and served at the Siege of York. He had a written discharge but lost it. He is old and infirm and has worked hard to support his family of 6 children, and stands in need of his country's assistance.

No names are given, but in 1820 his wife was about 45 yrs. old, and one daughter was 11 yrs. old, and she appears to be only child living at home in 1820. He was a farmer renting land. Pension was granted. In a declaration made in Westmoreland Co. Va. on 7 Jan. 1833, John D. Pitts of Westmoreland made oath that Thomas Sorrel of Westmoreland who petitioned for a pension under the act of Congress of 1818 was alive 7 June 1832 and alive and seen by the said Pitts a few days since.

Allen K Saunders, aged about 60 yrs. made oath in Apr. 1818, Westmoreland Co. that he knew Thomas Sorrel in the of the Continental service and that he believes the declaration made by him is substantially true.
JOHN SORRELL, Rev. Pension File S6138

 JOHN SORRELL, born Caroline Co Va. about 1760, applied for a pension as a veteran of the Revolutionary War as a resident of Spotsylvania Co. Va., on 7 Jan. 1833. He made the following declaration:

While a resident of Caroline Co. Va., he enlisted 4 Sept. 1775, at the age of 15 yrs., and served 3 months as a private in Capt Philip Buckner's Virginia Co. He then enlisted 1 Apr. 1776 and served 6 months in Capt4 Ware's Virginia Co. He then enlisted 1 May 1781, served in Capt. Legg's and Coleman's companies, Col. Meriwether's Va. Regt., and at one time was attached to the Brigade under the command of Gen. Stevens of Culpeper, and also at one time under the command of Gen. Weedon. He was living in Caroline Co. Va. until about May 1781, when he removed to Spotsylvania Co. Va. He was at the Siege of York and witnessed the surrender of Cornwallis.

He was discharged at Yorktown, 29 Oct. 1781, but he does not know what has become of his discharge. He can neither read or write. He has no record of his age. His birth was registered in Caroline Church, but it I now used as an academy and he does not know what has become of the register. He testified that he was very infirm and had been confined to his house and yard for 11 years and in consequence of his great deafness has been cut off from society so much so that he does not know of any one of his comrades who could testify to his service. He referred the court to Sanford Chancellor, George Chancellor, J. Haydon, and Thomas Person.

signed John (x) Sorrell
Sworn statements follow by the Chancellors, and J. Haydon of Spotsylvania Co. that they know John Sorrell, aged 72 yrs, as a Revolutionary soldier. Pension was allowed. John Sorrell died 26 Dec. 1843, according to the file.
ELISHA SORREL, Revolutionary Pension File No. S37190
ELISHA SORREL, aged 64 yrs and resident of Bath Co. Ky. applied for a pension as a veteran of the Revolutionary War, on 17 June 1818, making the following declaration:

He enlisted Jan. 1777 at Culpeper Co. Va. for 3 yrs. as a private in the 10th Continental Line. Capt. John Gillison and Col. Edward Stevens commanding. Their unit was later reorganized as the 6th CL. He was engaged in the Battles of Brandywine, Germantown, Monmouth, and
Savannah. He was honorably discharged but his house burned and the discharge with it. He enlisted about the first of the war, before that serving as a minuteman between 12-18 months. He was discharged at Augusta upon the Savannah River at the end of his time. He is in indigent circumstances and has lost the use of his right arm and is totally unable to make a living, therefore he claims the pension allowed him by law.

Signed Elisha (x) Sorrel
William Thomas Williams states that he is well acquainted with Elisha Sorrel and knows him to be a very poor and hard working man until the last 12 months when he lost the use of his right arm. When Sorrel first came to the neighborhood, he had a wife and 5 children and was the poorest man the affiant ever saw.

14 Aug. 1820, Bath Co. Ky. Elisha Sorrel gave oath as to his needy circumstances. He was then 66 yrs. old and his wife was 57 yrs. old. He was a farmer, and they had 5 children. The only names given were, "I have 3 children living with me, a son named John Sorrel, s son named James Sorrel, and a daughter named Phebe Sorrel. My son John is of age and labors for himself, the others work for me." The schedule of property produced showed: 2 horses worth $25 each, 1 cow and calf worth $10, 2 calves worth $5, 5 head of sheep worth $5.

Signed Elisha (x) Sorrel
Pension was allowed.
EDWARD SORREL, Rev. Pension File No. W26493
A letter in the Natl Archives pension file for this soldier gives the pertinent facts about this claim. The letter, dated 5 Oct. 1929, was from the Revolutionary and 1812 Wars section of the Natl. Archives to Mrs. Pleasant Jordan [Florence] Gantt, 557.West 124th St., New York, N.Y.

"Dear Madam, I advise you from the papers of the Rev. War pension claim, W26493, it appears that Edward Sorrel while residing in Northumberland Co. Va., enlisted in the fall of 1779 and served as a private under Capts. Thomas Downing, Drew, and McGill in Col. Porterfield's Virginia Regt. He was in frequent skirmishes with the British and in the Battle of Point of Forks (Gates Defeat), where he was wounded in the right shoulder by a musket ball. He afterwards marched under Major Marzard to Richmond, Va. and joined Capt. Smith and went with him to the western part of Virginia to obtain wagons and teams for the army and continued to serve until the fall of 1781, when he returned home to Northumberland County, and immediately volunteered, went to Yorktown, and served 6 months in the Virginia Militia under Col. Ennis and was in the Battle of Yorktown.

He was allowed pension on his application executed 14 Aug. 1832, while residing in Northumberland Co. Va., aged 79 yrs. He died there 7 July 1837 or 1839. The soldier married 15 Dec. 1814 in Lancaster or Northumberland Va. to Dorcas Lewin (Lewing). She was allowed pension on her application executed 21 Nov. 1853, at which time she was living in Baltimore, Maryland, aged 62 yrs, having moved there from Northumberland about l846. There are no data as to children."
Signed Earl D. Church, commssioner
Edward Sorrel served in the 2nd Regt. Virginia CL when he enlisted in 1779, He signed his pension claim.

s/Edward (x) Sorrell
The letter above is correct as to the pension claim of Edward; however, the declaration of his widow, Dorcas, made for the purpose of obtaining bounty land states: , DORCAS SORRELLS , no age given, made application in Baltimore, MD, 16 Apr. 1855, as a resident of Baltimore, having moved from Northumberland Co. Va. in 1846. She stated she was married to Edward Sorrell on 15 Dec. 1815 by John Darget, a Methodist preacher. Her maiden name was Dorcas Lewing. Her husband died 7 July 1839 in Northumberland Co. Va. She is the widow of Edward Sorrell and draws a pension as his widow.
Wit. Walter Sorrell Signed Dorcas (x) Sorrell

In Northumberland Co. Va., William Harding made affidavit that he knew the said Dorcas Sorrell as the wife of Edward Sorrell, Rev. pensioner, who had died about 7 July 1837, and that Dorcas is still a widow and living in Baltimore, MD on 27 Feb. 1854.
Please consult the Natl. Archives for the bounty land warrant issued to Dorcas Sorrell, No. 9434-160-55.
pp. 285-293, Compiler, Thelma F. Prince, copyright 1985, updated and copyrighted, October, 1998
The material this compiler has gathered on Samuel and Walter Sorrells is not all clearly documented, incomplete, and needs further work. More primary records should be found. Descendants will need to do further research. The compiler's sources will be given and the reader can save some time using the clues given herein. It is hoped that some researcher will be able to unveil the true sequence of events, and prove some of the genealogical relationships discussed here. The compiler will raise many questions in this compilation, questions which are meant to be helpful and stimulate further research.

SAMUEL SORRELLS was born in North Carolina ca. 1753, and died in Elbert County, Georgia ca. 1811. He married NANCY NEWBERRY (b. ca. 1756, S.C; d. 1810, Ga.), in 1772, South Carolina. DAR lineage papers list their children as: DAVID, RICHARD, ETHAN ALLEN, PASCHALL, GREENE, NANCY, and GEORGE WASHINGTON SORRELLS [DAR, Index of the Rolls Of Honor (Ancestors Index) in the Lineage Books of the NSDAR. DAR-Lineage Books. DAR Patriot Index, Vol.I:633].

Although seven children are listed on the DAR papers for Samuel, in every case the compiler has seen it was a descendant of George Washington Sorrels who joined the DAR on Samuel's service in the Revolution. A descendant of George only had to prove he was a son of Samuel. She had to submit proof of her own direct lineage, and no proof whatsoever of the other children of Samuel. A prospective member of the DAR does not have to prove all the children of a respective ancestor, only the one who is her direct ancestor.

The compiler sought better evidence in addition to the DAR application papers. The DAR Library in Washington was visited, and nothing is on file for this family there. In the past, many times family Bibles, original papers, and other documents were submitted at the time of the application, and then they were returned to the family. Representatives of the Samuel Sorrell DAR chapter, Houston, Texas, informed the compiler that they have no records on Samuel. Research notes and letters of Florence Reed Gantt and her sister, Martha Edith Reed Quinn written in the 1930's have been deposited in Clayton Library in Houston, and these were read by the compiler. These ladies were among the first ones to join the DAR on Samuel's service, and Mrs. Quinn was instrumental in having the Houston Chapter named for Samuel. Their notes did not help solve Samuel's issue.

As far as the compiler could determine, no descendant of David, Richard, Ethan Allen, Paschall, or Greene has joined the DAR on Samuel's service. However, JOHNNYE MAE (MICKLE) FREY, National 353983, joined the Oakland DAR Chapter in California in 1945, and said she descended from George Washington Sorrell through his daughter, NANCY SORRELL, born 1806, Franklin County, Georgia, and died 1856 in Arkansas. Nancy married ASA O'NEAL (b. 1802. Ar; d. 1856, Ar.) in 1825. Their son, also named ASA O'NEAL, born 1827, Arkansas, married ELIZA ANN MILLER. He died 1863 in Arkansas. Mrs. Frey's parents were ELMINA O'NEAL who married DR. JOHN WESLEY MICKLE, 14 November 1875. This is interesting because all the other DAR papers give Nancy as a daughter of Nancy Newberry and Samuel Sorrells, and George Washington as her brother. Were there two Nancys? Some other descendants who joined the DAR say George had a son, Samuel Jefferson Sorrels, born in 1806 in Georgia. See George Washington Sorrels family later.

NOTE: Please do not be confused with the different spellings of the surname. It is found so many different ways, the compiler is trying to spell it as found on the records each time, or the way the descendants prefer it and spell it now. This is not always possible as it is spelled differently even on the same records.

Old letters and notes owned by Mary Susan Sorrells (1874-1957) a great-great-grandaughter of Richard Sorrells and Mildred Snead , state that Richard Sorrells (b. 1744) and Samuel were brothers from Virginia. No primary proof of this has been found . Letters said Samuel married Miss Newberry and their children were RICHARD, ETHAN ALLEN, GREEN, PASCHAL, NANCY, DAVID, and GEORGE WASHINGTON SORRELLS.Martha Edith Reed Quinn wrote a letter to Mary in 1931 referring to Mary telling her that Richard and Samuel were brothers. Possibly Mary received this information from Richard's grandson, John Benjamin Sorrells, before he died. The letter of Mabel Yoakum Holliday Moody, another Richard descendant, states the same thing, written in 1933 and parts of it sound much like a letter John Benjamin wrote in 1915.

I am a descendant of Mildred Snead and Richard Sorrells. Please see my website on their descendants.  Website is

A manuscript, named "Sorrells and Allied Families", compiled by Marion DeWoody Pettigrew and found in the Pine Bluff , Arkansas library, makes the following statements;: "WALTER SORRELLS of the 1790 Burke County, North Carolina census was born ca. 1732; married ALFIRA NEWBERRY in 1765-69, Augusta County, Virginia".

Walter was the proven son of MARY and RICHARD SORRELLS, born ca., 1707, living in Augusta County, Virginia in 1759. Walter was living there in 1747/1756 and possibly longer [See Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, Vols I, II, and III, and the Augusta Co. Gen Web for these abstracts]. Walter had a proven sister, MARY, also recorded in the Chalkley records. The estimated birthdate comes from the fact he was indentured and called a man-child in 1747, so about fifteen years old.

Walter was a Revolutionary soldier taking part in the Battle of Kings Mountain in North Carolina. According to Marion Pettigrew, the issue of Walter and Alfira were DAVID, RICHARD, SAMUEL, ETHAN ALLEN, GREEN J., GEORGE WASHINGTON, and NANCY. Her sources were not given.

One Green J. Sorrell of Chambers County, Alabama, was the son of GreeneSorrell and Susannah Barnett and the grandson of George Sorrell of Georgia. George's family is detailed here:  George Sorrell of Oglethorpe and Greene Co. Ga.

No descendant has joined DAR on Revolutionary service of Walter Sorrells yet. There is proof of his service. See above, Revolutionary records for Sorrells from the N.C. Archives.

The following was written by Irene Gantt McDougall, 15 Claremont Dr., New York City, on 28 February 1935, on her application for membership in the Society of Colonial Dames XVII Century, now located 1300 New Hampshire Ave., Washington D.C. 20036. Irene was the daughter of Florence Reed and Pleasant Jordan Gantt, and was a great-granddaughter of Anna Maria Sorrels Eastes, daughter of George Washington Sorrels.

"Samuel Sorrell, b. 1753, North Carolina, was appointed by Provincial Congress prior to the Revolution a member of the Assembly of North Carolina on the Committee for Regulation of Affairs of North Carolina as a jurist. He was active in the North Carolina Militia. While still a young man, he became a member of the Committee for Regulation in his native state and just before the Revolution in which he took an active part, he was a member of the Committee of Safety for North Carolina. He was a member of the North Carolina Assembly, and had been appointed a Jurist just prior to the Declaration of Independence, which post he immediately resigned to take an active part for his native state. See records of North Carolina certified by the auditor of the state at Raleigh and verified in DAR Natl. No. 116792" [her own DAR paper].

In 1983, the compiler visited North Carolina Archives and personally searched the following original records, as listed in the catalog index:
1. Council of Safety, Provincial 1775-76. See Sec. of State Gen. records 1663-19591; No Sorrell or variant name.
2. Council of Safety, Provincial Journals 1774-76. Ibid. Journals of Provincial Conventions and Congresses.
3. Committee of Safety, 1774-76. Surry Co. N.C.,Journal of from 25 Aug-21 Sept. 1775.
4. Provincial Council, 1775-76. S.S. Box 306. 5.
5. Council of Safety 1776. S.S. Box 307.
6. Council of Safety June-Oct. 1776. S.S. Box 308.

No Sorrell or variant name, or allied names found.
The staff was shown the above statements and no one there knew what the Committee of Regulation of Affairs was, so the compiler looked for militia indexes of Burke, Rutherford, and Surry Counties. There was one box of Surry County militia records which yielded nothing on the Sorrells. The compiler searched the Army Accounts and Vouchers for the Revolutionary War for the Sorrells, seeing many of the original vouchers, and the results are abstracted later for you on this page.

The name Samuel Sorrells is not in the index to Colonial and State Records of North Carolina. Nor does it appear in the index of North Carolina Government, 1585-1975.

Jury lists are to be found in the county court minutes. Published Surry County minutes do not mention Sorrells. Rutherford court minute abstracts mention John and John Sorrells, Jr. [Hedy Hughes Newton, comp. & ed. Rutherford County, North Carolina Abstracts of Minutes, Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions 1779-1786].

1790 Rutherford County census shows Sam Norril, 7th Company, 12500; Jno. Sorrils, 11600, 8th Company; Jno. Sorrils, Jr., 11300, 8th Company. John, Sr. and John, Jr. Are listed next to each other. From this it has been assumed they might have been related, but this is not proven. In 1782, Capt. Watson's Company, Rutherford County tax list: John Sorrils, 250 acs. land, 4 horses, 7 cattle, assessment 7 pounds [Sue Hill Koon. 1790 Rutherford County, North Carolina Census and 1782Rutherford County Tax List. Old Tyron County Genealogical Society].

Rutherford County deed and will abstracts mention John, Walter, and James Sorrells. One John Sorrells left a will there in 1813. John's family will be given on this page later.

Burke County land entries show Walter Sorrells entered land there in February, 1778, and Mathe Sorrells is mentioned in the land entry records. No relationships mentioned.

The 1793 Burke County, Capt. Jno. McDowell's Co. tax list [torn, few names legible, with acreage and polls; appears to be 6th company, 1790 census], shows David Sorrel, 100 acs. , 1 poll [Burke County Land Records, 1779-90 and Important Miscellaneous Records. Vol. II. Edith Warren Huggins].

The DAR lineage paper of Julia Reed Barringer  states that Samuel Sorrell served from Duplin County, North Carolina. Some DAR papers give this reference for Samuel's service: Rev. Army Accounts, Vol. V, p. 20, Folio 2. The compiler could find no record in the North Carolina Archives of a Samuel Sorrell of Duplin County After seeing the above referenced record in the bound volumes of Revolutionary War Accounts at Raleigh, the compiler interprets the record as belonging to a Samuel Sowell of Wilmington District. The staff of the Archives also interpret the name as Samuel Sowell. Just above his name was the name, Hardy Carroll, showing the way the person who wrote it made his r's, so he did not mean to write Sorrell. No vouchers are extant in the name of Samuel Sowell of Wilmington District. However, not all Sowell vouchers were seen by this compiler, due to limited time. The originals of the Army Accounts are not fit to be handled, but copies are available in bound volumes for research. Patrons are allowed to see the original vouchers, if extant.

 Revolutionary vouchers and accounts for a Walter Sorrells, Samuel Sorrells, and a John Sorrells show that all were issued vouchers in Morgan District of which Rutherford and Burke Counties were a part at the time. In three cases, they were issued consecutively and at the same times. This seems too much to be coincidence.

Walter Sorrells is listed on the 1790-1810 Burke County census, and a Samuel Sorrells on the 1800 Burke County census. A Samuel Sorrell is listed on the 1786 North Carolina state census in Wilkes County, also a part of Morgan District during the Revolution. Finally, John and John Sorrells, Jr. are listed on the 1790-1800 Rutherford County censuses.  John Sr. is on the 1810 Rutherford Co. NC census; he died in 1813, leaving a will in Rutherford Co.  John Sorrells, Jr. is believed to be the John Sorrells on the 1820-1840 Butler County, Ky. censuses.

The following excerpt is used with permission.
"300321-326. BALLEW, RICHARD, Knox County, Kentucky, 20 November 1833. Pension statement. Entered service in 1779 under command of Capt. George Walker and Lt. Peter Russ; later joined Capt. Thomas Kennedy's company. Volunteered under command of Col. Joseph McDowell, Capt. Harry Highland, and LT. SAMUEL SORRELL in pursuit of Indians and Tories who had killed Davison and McGonigle; participated in Cherokee expedition of 1779; aided Col.Benjamin Cleveland in defeat of Tory Capt. John Murray, during which Cleveland was wounded; under command of Col. Joseph McDowell in Battle of Kings Mountain; Tory John McFall and others hanged; participated in defeat of Tory Major Dunlap at Cave Creek; drafted under command of Gen. Charles McDowell and engaged in expedition against the Cherokee, 1781, [Calendar of The Tennessee and Kings Mountain Papers of the Draper Collection of Manuscripts, Vol III:301. Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison. 1929].

See a good bibliography for the book which has been published by the Wisconsin Historical Society, indexing the Draper Collection which is on microfilm. Further research there might yield results.

Augusta County, Virginia Court Records, Order Book No. 1, p. 252: 20 Aug. 1747. Church wardens to bind WALTER SORRELL, son of RICHARD SORRELL, to Joseph Tees [Lyman Chalkley. Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia: Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County, 1745-1800. Vol. I:30].

Richard and Mary Sorrel, parents of Mary Sorrel, who is bound to Ro.Cunningham, complain of his treatment of her, and she is released from indenture [Ibid. Vol.I:84]. This was on 16 August 1759. Walter Sorals witnessed the will of Joseph Tees in Augusta County on 4 Dec. 1753. The will was proven 17 March 1756 by John and Andrew Campbell, two of the witnesses on 4 Dec. 1753; Walter was not in the 1756 record. Jane Tees, wife, was executrix, with sureties Wm. Henderson and John Campbell Joseph Tees named his sons, William and Charles, daughter, Mary, daughter Eleanor and her children [Ibid, Vol.III:42].

The Burke County, North Carolina land entries show Walter Sorrells first entered land there on 5 February 1778, but was there sometime prior to that. It is probable that he was the same person as the son of Richard Sorrell of the Augusta County court records of 1747 and of 1753 and 1759. It is believed he was the same Walter 8orrells found in the North Carolina Revolutionary War Accounts and Vouchers. Unfortunately, most Burke County records of that time period are not extant, and it was impossible to locate deeds or an estate record of any kind on him in Burke County.

The same is true for Samuel Sorrells, no records in Burke County or in Rutherford were found on him. One record on Mulberry Creek in Burke County was found for Richard Sorrells (born ca. 1744 and came to Elbert County, Georgia) .  Please see Richard Sorrells on this URL:

DAR lineage papers state that Samuel died ca. 1811 in Elbert County, Georgia. Some records, but by no means all of them, were searched in Elbert, Oglethorpe, Greene, Franklin, Clarke, Jackson, and Madison Counties, Georgia, for estate or any kind of records on Samuel. No estate was found. The name of Walter Sorrells does not appear in the indexes for these Georgia counties. Therefore, no primary documentation for where and when either of them died has been found by this compiler.

The name Samuel Sorrell appears on the Oglethorpe County, Ga. 1797 and 1798 tax lists. A David Sorrells is listed there in 1798. Only fragments of these lists remain. Oglethorpe County, the only 1800 Georgia extant census, revealed only the George Sorrell family, and George was also found on the Oglethorpe and Wilkes County early tax lists. 1810 Georgia censuses have been lost as well. Etheldred Sorrell, son of George, is the only Sorrell listed in the 1820 Oglethorpe County census, while William, Bennett, and Charles Sorrells are shown in the 1820 Madison County census (formed from Elbert County). Complete censuses for most Sorrells in Georgia will be given at this site later.

Samuel Sorrells, a resident of Elbert County, Georgia drew in the 1805 Georgia land lottery, winning Lot 75, 5th District, Wilkinson County, Georgia. Land was registered 9 April 1806.

 Most Wilkinson County records have not been microfilmed. Only one reel of film was found in Georgia Archives which did not yield any help. There are no land owners by the name of Sorrells in the indexes of the courthouse in Wilkinson, according to officials there. However, many Wilkinson records have not survived four courthouse fires.

Note that William Alexander and Charles Sorrells, the sons of Richard and Mildred Snead Sorrells, also drew in the 1805 lottery as residents of Elbert County. Richard Sorrells bought land in Elbert County, 22 April 1800; so it is known that Richard and Samuel were probably in the same general area of Georgia at the same time. Also, William Alexander Sorrells married Dorcas Sanders 20 October 1797, Oglethorpe County, the same year Samuel appears on the tax list in Oglethorpe County.

However, there is a Samuel Sorrells on the 1800 Burke County, North Carolina census, and we don't know if he was the same one who was in Georgia in 1797-98, or in 1805-06. All of this does not prove a relationship between Samuel and Richard and Walter Sorrells, but makes us suspect it.

The compiler does not have primary evidence to prove the children of either Walter or Samuel Sorrells. Secondary sources, such as the DAR papers, old letters and manuscripts, indicate strongly that GEORGE WASHINGTON SORRELS was the son of Nancy Newberry and Samuel Sorrells. George W. Sorrels married Mary B. Chambers, 9 September 1802, Elbert County, Georgia. This marriage is documented (and this is unusual this early in Georgia), so this is strong evidence. George's family follows shortly.

DAR Papers list ETHAN ALLEN SORRELLS as Samuel's son. It is indicated that this was the Allen Sorrells, born 1795, Georgia, and served in the 1812 War from Mississippi, listed in 1820 Lawrence County and 1830 Yazoo County, Mississippi censuses,1840 Red River County, Republic of Texas tax list, 1850 Quachita County and 1860 Scott County, Arkansas censuses. Note that all the records I mention are to be included in this site.

Note that George W. Sorrels, above, was in the 1850 Scott County census and died there. We also find GREEN SORRELS in the 1820 Lawrence County census and other records (see following compilation on him).

A SAMUEL SORRELLS is found with Allen in the same unit and at the same time in the Mississippi Militia during the War of 1812. Was he a son of old Samuel? There is a Samuel Sorrells listed in 1820 Franklin County and 1830 Yazoo County, Mississippi censuses; he was born ca. 1790-93 (state unknown), This Samuel was not found in 1840 or 1850 Mississippi censuses. There are quite a few Sorrells in the 1850 Yazoo County census who have not been identified by this compiler.

A PASCHALL SORRELLS is listed as a son of Samuel in the secondary sources. The name appears in Arkansas censuses. See George Washington Sorrels family. The one who may have been son of Samuel is not identified.

Primary records are sought to prove the parentage of DAVID SORRELLS, born ca. 1771-73, according to secondary sources, and also the parentage of RICHARD SORRELLS of 1800 Burke County, North Carolina census, age 16-26 then. One DAVID SORRELLS was listed on the 1790 Burke County census with no children, apparently a wife, and on the 1793 Burke County tax list, and on the 1798 Oglethorpe County Georgia tax list (same as Samuel).

David Sorrells bought land in 1808 in Bedford County, Tennessee, and was listed in the 1830 Hardin County Tennessee census. It would have been most helpful to find this David on the 1850 census of Tennessee which would give his birth year and birthplace to further identify him. This David (of Tennessee) was the ancestor of Marion Dewoody Pettigrew [see excerpts from her manuscript later]. She believed he was the son of Walter Sorrells and said he died in Henderson County, Tennessee in 1851.

A RICHARD SORRELLS served in the War of 1812 from Bedford County, Tennessee and a JOSEPH SORRELLS served in the same unit. They are not positively identified.

An old letter written by Dr. James Warren Sorrels, a grandson of George Washington Sorrels, said that Samuel Sorrels, his great-grandfather in the Revolution, had a brother, DAVID. Is there more than one David in question?

To review, the compiler has these undocumented birthdates as follows: Walter, 1732; Richard, 1744 (the one who came to Elbert County, Ga.); Samuel, 1753; David, 1771-73 [DAR papers]; another Richard, born after 1774, in 1800 Burke County, NC. census. Compiler has undocumented marriages as follows: Walter, 1765-69, Augusta Co. Va. [Pettigrew ]; Samuel, 1772, South Carolina [DAR]; Richard (b. 1744) 1773, Virginia [John Benjamin Sorrells letter]; David, 1793, to Mary Bartlett, Burke Co [DAR]. Some of the DAR records will be abstracted at this site.

Richard, born 1744, is said to have been the brother of Samuel who married Nancy Newberry [Mary Susan Sorrells, old letter]. Samuel and Walter served in the Revolution at the same time and from the same place in Morgan District, North Carolina (Burke County included in that). Richard is believed to have been the one listed on the 1782 Surry County, North Carolina tax list (my ancestor).

Samuel and Richard (born 1744) are found in Elbert County, Georgia about the same time. Samuel also found in Oglethorpe County, Georgia tax lists 1797-98 and David there in 1798. Richard's son, William Alexander, married in 1797, Oglethorpe County, and Samuel's believed son, George Washington, married in 1802, Elbert County. A Samuel Sorrells is in 1800 Burke County NC census, and Walter and Richard ( b. after 1774) are in 1800 Burke County census. Walter is in 1810 and 1790 Burke County censuses also.

David Sorrells, b. 1771, NC; married four times. One of these was to Mary Bartlett, Burke Co. NC. Their issue were: Samuel went to KY; Walter Bartlett, b. 10 Jan 1789/94 and d. 1864; William married Polly Stout; Andrew Erwin, b. 1808, Bedford Co. Tn, m. Nancy Randle Brooks; David, b. 1812 went to Titus Co. Tx; Ruth m. Isaac White and lived in Independence, Missouri [these children are according to Mrs. Pettigrew].

The following family group sheet, submitted by Shelton Phelps Dawson of Washington DC in September 1949, a great-great-grandson of Walter Bartlett Sorrells, was found in the Family Records Section , Salt Lake City Genealogical Library in 1982. Source for the data on the sheet was given as the Bible of Walter Bartlett Sorrells in the possession of Mrs. T. C. Dawson of Beebe, Arkansas. No date when the Bible was published was given. Mr. Dawson stated he was the great-grandson of Eliza Fenly Howard,  below. This record details the children of Walter Bartlett Sorrells and his second wife, Rebecca Brooks. His first wife was Martha Finley Boswell and their children are given in the manuscript "Sorrells and Allied Families", Marion Dewoody Pettigrew, Pine Bluff Library. For the sake of continuity, I will give both sets of children here.

 Issue of (1) MARTHA FINLEY BOSWELL (b. 5 March 1786; d. March 1822) and WALTER BARTLETT SORRELLS (Mrs. Pettigrew gives his parents as DAVID SORRELLS and MARY BARTLETT of Burke Co. NC): NANCY, MADISON B. SORRELLS, MARY BOSWELL, and THEODORIC FINLEY SORRELLS who married REBECCA MARKS, the grandparents of Mrs. Pettigrew.

Birth: 10 Jan. 1785, Burke Co. N C.,
Death: 4 June 1864, DuValls Bluf, Ark.
Burial: 5 or 6 June 1864,, DuValls Bluff, Ark.
Father: DAVID SORRELLS   Mother: MARY BARTLETT Married: 9 Dec. 1824
Other wives: (1) married MARTHA FENLY BOSWELL
Birth: 17 June 1805, Warren Co. Ga.
Death: 12 Dec. 1890, Hunters Chapel, Ark.
Burial: 13 or 14 Dec. 1890, Hunters Chapel, Ark.
Father: SAMUEL BROOKS Mother: not filled in
1. ROMULUS LEDBETTER,, b. 6 May 1828, Doe Creek, Henderson, Tn; d. 6 Aug. 1903; m. MARY E. AMIS, 31 May 1859.

2. MARTHA ANN, b. 18 Sept. 1830, Doe Creek, Henderson Co. Tn; d. 9 Sept. 1865; m. STEPHEN HARRIS, 10 May 1855.

3. ELIZA FENLY, b. 5 Aug. 1832, Sommerville, Fayette Co. Tn; d. 2 Oct. 1912; m. ANDREW EWING HOWARD, 3 Nov. 1869.

4. CORNELIA EVELINE, b. 12 Nov. 1835, Henderson Co. Tn; d. 19 Apr. 1860; m. WILLIAM ARMSTRONG, 17 May 1859

5. JOHN MURRAY HOLLAND, b. 9 Sept. 1838, Marshall Co. Ms; d. 3 June 1863.

6. AMANDA CAROLINE, b. 13 July 1841, Marshall Co. Ms; d. 19 Apr. 1878; m. JAMES E. ROBERTSON 24 Apr. 1860.

7. THOMAS JEFFERSON, b. 19 June 1844, Marshall Co. Ms; d. 1914; m. ANGELINE GREGORY, 18 June 1873.

Descendants of Walter Bartlett Sorrells have some very good clues for further research here. Walter B. Sorrells is listed on the 1830 Henderson County, Tn. census; 1840 and 1850 Marshall County, Ms census, and 1860 Arkansas County, Arkansas census.

His age in the censuses indicates he was born 1794-96, N.C. and his children in the census match the record above. It is believed the birthdate above for Walter should read 1795, not 1785. Remember that the record above is a secondary source, and errors can be made in dates. It is a copy of the Bible, not the Bible itself.
Cornelia (4) married in Monroe County, Arkansas, in 1859 as above. Romulus (l) was in the 1860 Monroe County, Ark. census.
Next door to ALLEN SORRELLS in the 1850 Ouachita County census of Arkansas, is listed MATHEW SORRELLS (SORRELS),x age 32, born Ms.  His full name was GREEN MATHEW SORRELS, Sr. and he died before 1860, perhaps in Ouachita County. He married REBECCA TOLLETT (b. 1825, Ar.; died Lampasas County, Texas, after 1880), daughter of Juliet Brown and David Tollett (d.1 Oct. 1852, Hempstead Co. Ar. . Rebecca married (2) ----- STRALEY.
The parentage of Green Mathew Sorrels, Sr. is still unknown. He and Rebecca had a son, GREEN MATHEW, Jr., born 21 May 1847 or 2 May 1848, Arkansas, and who died 22 June 1921, Ellis Co. TX.  who married Armintha Belle Jones, 3 June 1870, Kaufman Co. TX.
Lacking primary documentation for so many things, the compiler cannot say with certainty who the children of Samuel or of Walter were, or how they were all related, if they were related. Much more solid research needs to be done on these families from the primary sources.



by Marion Dewoody Pettigrew

"Sorrells and Allied Families" is a typewritten manuscript in the Pine Bluff Library, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, placed there about 1955. It was compiled by Marion Dewoody Pettigrew (b. 13 July 1876, Pine Bluff, AR; d. 1962, Pine Bluff), who married Clarence W. Pettigrew (d. 17 Apr. 1930), of Spearfish, South Dakota, in November 1903. They had a son who died as an infant, Clarence W. Pettigrew, Jr., born 28 November 1904; died 4 May 1905. Mrs. Pettigrew was the daughter of Mary Magdalene Sorrells (b. 6 June 1854; d. 20 Nov. 1934), and William Lawrence Dewoody (b. 30 Dec. 1848; d. 30 June 1918), of Pine Bluff.

The compiler has been in touch with Mrs. Pettigrew's niece, Marian Coman Miller (b. 1 Feb. 1922), the daughter of Margaret Coman Dewoody (b. 26 July 1891), and Harry Ezell Miller (d. 1935) of Pine Bluff. Marian Miller married Odus Hill LeMay, 19 February 1948. She has kindly consented to the use of Mrs. Pettigrew's data in this compilation. In her work, Mrs. Pettigrew gave her lineage as follows:

RICHARD 1 SORRELLS, b. ca. 1707 m. MARY living in Augusta Co. Va., 19 May 1759. Issue: WALTER, b. 1732 and MARY, b. 1738.

WALTER 2 SORRELLS, b. 1732, Va. or Md; m. ALFIRA NEWBERRY, Augusta Co. Va. between 1765-69. He lived in Augusta Co. Va. in 1747 and in 1757. Then he is listed in 1790 Burke Co. N.C. census. He is said to have been a soldier of the Revolution, taking part in the Battle of Kings Mt. Issue: DAVID m. MARY BARTLETT; GREEN J. lived in Alabama; RICHARD of Tn. was in Jackson's Army, New Orleans, La; ETHAN ALLEN settled in Texas; GEORGE WASHINGTON, b. ca. 1784, N.C; d. 4 Feb. 1855, Waldron, Ar; m. MARY B. CHAMBERS, 9 Sept. 1802, Elbert Co. Ga. Mrs. Sorrells (b. 1790; d. 1868) was buried on the farm of her son, James Little Sorrells, in Mansfield, Ar; SAMUEL; NANCY m. O'NEAL.
[Please note that Mary B. Chambers birthdate is in question]

DAVID 3 SORRELLS, b. ca. 1771; m. four times it is said; one of these was to MARY BARTLETT of Burke Co. N.C.; lived in Burke Co; also lived in Bedford Co. Tn. for 35 yrs; d. 1851, Henderson Co. Tn. Issue: SAMUEL went to Ky; WALTER BARTLETT;WILLIAM SORRELLS m. POLLY STOUT; ANDREW ERWIN (b. 25 June 1808, Bedford Co. Tn.) m. NANCY RANDLE BROOKS; DAVID (b. 1812) went to Titus Co. Tx; RUTH m. ISAAC WHITE and lived in Independence Co. Ar. More is given about each of these, except Samuel and David. [I, Thelma Prince, don't know who the Samuel is that she is talking about]

WALTER BARTLETT 4 SORRELLS , b. 10 Jan. 1789/94, N.C; d. 1864; m. (1) MARTHA FINLEY BOSWELL (b. 5 Mar. 1786; d. Mar. 1822).
m. (2) REBECCA BROOKS, b. 1815, Ga. By lst wife, he had NANCY, MADISON B., MARY BOSWELL, and THEODORIC FINLEY SORRELLS. [2nd wife's children listed above]

THEODORIC FINLEY 5 SORRELLS, b. 18 Dec. 1821, Bedford Co Tn; d. 25 Mar. 1900, Pine Bluff, Ar; m. REBECCA MARKS (b. 31 Aug. 1831; d. 20 Nov. 1913). Places of law practice: Marshall Co. Ms., Dallas Co. Ar., Bradley Co., Ar; Drew Co. Ar. and other. Lawyer and Judge. Issue: JOHNM., MARY MAGDALENE, THEODORIC FINLEY, Jr. MARTHA, FRANCES, WILLIAM SAMUEL, EMMA VIRGINIA, and WALTER BARTLETT (b. 1870).


Mrs. Pettigrew said, "These deductions have been made after the most careful study of records and family letters. Some genealogists differ in their conclusions, making Samuel Sorrells the early ancestor." This is the only mention she made of Samuel Sorrells being an early ancestor. The compiler has seen old letters written by Florence Reed Gantt to her sister Martha Edith Reed Quinn in the 1930's. They believed the parents of their great-grandfather, George Washington Sorrells, were Samuel and his wife, Nancy Newberry Sorrells. Florence and Mrs. Quinn both wrote to Mrs. Pettigrew and gave data on the Sorrell lines for her manuscript. However, the compiler finds no mention of Walter Sorrells in Florence's letters to her sister. See George Washington Sorrells this book.

Marion Dewoody Pettigrew did not give her sources for the children of Walter Sorrells or the dates she used, or the sources for the records she found on Richard and Mary Sorrells, Augusta County, Virginia. However, the latter came from Lyman Chalkley, Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia. Vol I:30, 84; Vol II:437;Vol III:42 .

The name, Green J. Sorrells, as a son of either Samuel or Walter Sorrells is in error. He was a son of Greene Sorrell and Susannah Barnett Sorrell of Chambers County, Alabama [compilation follows]. However, it is possible that Walter had a son, Green, but the wrong one has been identified. See compilation on Samuel and Walter Sorrells above.

Several old letters from Sorrells descendants are included in the Pettigrew manuscript, among which are these: My comments are in brackets.
page 71: From Mrs. A.J. Scott (Gertrude Everett Scott, descendant of Richard Sorrells and Mildred Snead) Jonesboro, Arkansas, evidently written ca. 1921, but it wasn't dated. "Richard Sorrells married Mildred Snead. They had William Alexander Sorrells married Dorcas Sanders. Their issue: Richard T., b. 1808 m. Evelina Brown; Eleanor, b., Jan. 19, 1809 m. William G. Bullock; Sallie m. Bill Adair; Mildred m. Alex Bullock; Alex H. m. Harriet Lester; Bennett m. Martha Clegg; James m. Lucy Hanes (Haynes is correct sp.); Snead m. Joicey Tillman. The other child of Richard and Mildred Sorrells was Charles Sorrells, b. Dec. 1776, m. Elizabeth Jones. They had John B. Sorrells, b. 1829" [Error. John B. was son of Charles and (2)Sarah Rhodes. See John's letter later and the text, Richard Sorrells,

. John was b. 4 July 1830, Walton Co. William Alexander and Dorcas Sorrells is my line.]

Mrs. Scott continued with a listing of the children of William Gordon Bullock and Eleanor Sorrells, a listing of the children of Frances Gordon Bullock and Benjamin Blanton Brown as taken from the family Bible. These may be found at the web address above. She also gave a listing of her mother and father's family:

"Julia Mildred Brown, b. Monroe, Ga; m. James T. Everett (b.
Feb. 14, 1849, Monroe, Ga), 25 May 1880, Monroe. Issue:
(name unclear), b. Mar. 25 1881; m. Add E. Jones
Clarence Everett, b. Nov. 5, 1882; d. Dec. 1882; m. Madge
Berry (deathdate must be typograhical error in manuscript)
Alonzo Everett, b. Jan. 9, 1888; m.. Frances Austin
Claud Everett, b. Oct. 9, 1889; m. Carrie Carson
Gertrude Everett, b. Jan. 27, 1893; m. Alex J. Scott (b.
Aug. 15, 1881, Aberdeen, Scotland), Mar. 10, 1917, St.
Louis, Mo. Gertrude was b. in Jonesboro, Ark."Date of this letter is placed at 1921, because Mrs. Scott stated that all the children of B. B. Brown and Frances were living in 1921, except Francis Marion Brown.
p. 75-76: From Mrs. J.J. Quinn, Houston, Tx. (Martha Edith Reed, descendant of George Washington Sorrels and his father, Samuel Sorrels), undated but written after 1927.

'The 1800 Burke Co. N.C. census gives Walter Sorrells and wife, both above 45 yrs; had l male between 16-26; ; 1 dau. between 10-16; 1 dau between 16-26; 1 dau, between 26-45, supposedly daughters or widowed daughters-inlaw as there were no men of right age to be their husbands. Alongside of Walter was Richard Sorrells, who was young, between 16-26, his wife 16-26i and 2 little sons under 10; probably was the son of Walter. My Samuel was too young to have been the father of David, b4 1773, as he was not 45 yrs. old in 1800, but he was probably a brother to Walter, as Samuel lived in Burke Co. too. Samuel and Walter were Revolutionary soldiers from that same district." Then she quoted the Revolutionary War Army Account record which she had received from NC. Archives in 1927 on Walter. This letter shows that Mrs. Quinn had changed her mind about Samuel having sons, David and Richard (as listed on her DAR lineage papers), and she believed Samuel was from Morgan District in Burke Co. N.C. Mrs. Quinn went on to give the 1800 Burke Co. N.C. census record on Samuel Sorrells. Evidently, she believed that this one was her Samuel. However, it is impossible to identify this man from the census alone. Please note no relationships are given on these early censuses, just sex and ages, and the head of household.

pp. 81-82: From John Benjamin Sorrells (grandson of Richard Sorrells), letter not dated, but was written ca 1915. [See This is about Richard, Thelma's ancestor)

"My grandfather's name was Richard Sorrells married Mildred Harris about 1773 in Virginia. He moved to North Carolina, from there to South Carolina, and then to Madison County, Georgia, where he died at about 45 years. Mrs. Mildred Harris Sorrells survived her husband many years, and died at the age of 90 in Walton County, Georgia. They only had two children, William and Charles, who were both born in Virginia. Charles, my father, was born December 1776 and married twice. First wife, Elizabeth Jones, daughter of William Jones of Madison County, Ga. Second wife, Sarah Rhodes, my mother . He raised two sets of children, nine of the first marriage, and five of the last. I am the oldest of the last set, and I am in my eighty-fifth year. I was born July 4, 1830. Of the entire fourteen children there are only two of us living, my brother and myself.

"My grandfather was a soldier of the Revolution, and participated in the famous Battle of Bunker Hill and also Kings Mountain. He was wounded slightly in each battle. My father, Charles Sorrells, was a Colonel in the War of 1812 at the Battle of New Orleans. He was prominent also in civil affairs, having represented Elbert County, Georgia in the legislature for several years. I have been represented by close relatives in every war from the Revolution down to the Spanish- American War. My youngest son, William E. Sorrells, served as Lieutenant in that war. There are Sorrells brothers in Asheville, North Carolina, also in Kentucky, Tennessee, and most of the southern states."

J.B. Sorrells, Monroe, Ga. [grandson of Richard and  Mildred Snead Sorrells. Many errors have been found in this letter which are explained at the Richard Sorrells webpage at this site.]]
p. 82: From Dr. J.W. Sorrels, Mansfield, Ar. (1, G.W. Sorrels, James Little Sorrels), not dated:"My great-grandfather was Samuel Sorrells and he had a brother, David. I have heard from my father that my great-grandfather, Samuel, was a soldier in the Revolution. I met your grandfather, Judge T.F. Sorrells, in Little Rock, Ar. in 1874, while I was a member of the State Constitutional Convention."

Mrs. Pettigrew notes, "No doubt this is the same line as that being traced from Richard Sorrells and his wife, Mary, but this compiler has no proof." Herndon's Centennial History of Arkansas, Vol. II:1001, Little Rock, 1922, gives sketch of Dr. Sorrells.

This sketch states, "Dr. James Warren Sorrels lived 3 miles east of Mansfield, near Abbott, Arkansas. He practiced medicine in the area for about 40 years, married Charity Barnett, and died in 1913. He was one of the recognized leaders of the Masonic fraternity in Arkansas, filling the office of grandmaster of the Grand Lodge at one time."

Dr. James Warren Sorrels was probably the Warren Sorrell who was mentioned as the grandson of George Washington Sorrels on the DAR papers of the descendants of George. J.W. Sorrels, born 1842, is listed in the household of James L. Sorrels, 1850 and 1860 Scott County, Arkansas censuses, Barbara Ann Smith and her husband, Sammy Tise, have found the grave of Dr. James W. Sorrels in Coop Prairie Cemetery, Mansfield, Ar. Tombstone reads: b. 6 Dec. 1842; d. 14 Jan. 1913.
From N.C. SORRELL, Petersburg, Tennessee.
My people were originally from North Carolina. Wake County. My grandfather left North Carolina, 1826, went to Louisiana, where he lived two years, then came to Madison County, TN, where he lived four years. Then he came to Dyer County,TN. He died here 1885. I have often heard him speak of David Sorrells, but we do not spell our name Sorrells although there are many that do add the final "s", just as you do. I have one cousin who spells his name Sorrelle.

"I have the history of the Sorrell family since they first settled in Maine, 1756.  As far back, as I can trace there were two brothers that came from Maryland 1750, one settled in North Carolina, and the other in Virginia, the latter's name I do not know. Elijah settled in North Carolina, he had six sons all of whom were soldiers in the Revolution. Their names were John, Needom, Matthew, Curtice, Elijah, Jacob. Jacob, my ancestor had three sons one of whom was named John, who fought with his father in the War of 1812. John had four sons, Lemuel, my grandfather, Jacob, Orey, John. Lemuel moved from North Carolina,1827, to Louisiana, later he came to Tennessee where he died, leaving four sons, and five daughters.

At a family reunion, of this branch of the Sorrell family, July 12, 1894, on my grandmother's birthday 95th birthday, there were 132 of her descendants present, even unto the 5th generation. John Sorrell, brother of grandfather Lemuel Sorrell,
Needham, Mathis, James, Theado, Sanford, David.     Of these Needham came to West Tennessee, in 1841. All of his descendants are dead as far as I know, with the exception of daughter, and eight grandchildren. John died in North Carolina, Mathis went to Arkansas, Theado and Sandford to Louisiana. David was in North Carolina the last I heard from him, or rather in 1835.


The applicant, MARTHA EDITH REED QUINN, joined the Lady Washington Chapter, Houston, Texas, on 22 Jan. 1917. She was nominated and recommended by MRS. PLEASANT JORDAN GANTT (Florence Minerva Reed, her sister), of New York (see Natl. No. 116791). Martha was the wife of James Johnson Quinn, living at 2617 San Jacinto St., Houston at the time of her application. She was born in Titus Co. Tx. (on 15 Apr. 1864; birthdate not given on her application, but is given on charts included in her old letters).

According to her application,, Martha Edith Reed Quinn was the daughter of George Walker Reed (b. 1819; d. 1893) and his wife, Minerva Narcissus Estes (b. 1833; d. 1893) married 1848. Minerva was the daughter of Russell Estes (b. 1805; d. 1849) and his wife Maria Sorrell (b,. 1808; d. 1859) married 1825.  Maria was the daughter of George Washington Sorrell (b. 1784; d. 1855) and his wife Mary B. Chambers (b. 1790; d. 1868) married 1803. George W. Sorrell was the son of Samuel Sorrell (b. ca. 1753. N.C; d. 1811, Ga.) and his wife Nancy Newberry (b. 1756; d. 1810) married 1772.

"My ancestors services in assisting in the establishment of American Independence during the Revolution were as follows: Samuel Sorrell was active in the N.C. Militia. He was quite young, but had early become a member of Committees for the Regulation of His Majesty's Affairs in his native state. He was very zealous in the great cause of American Independence as clearly evident in the names given to three of his sons, George Washington, Ethan Allen, and Greene Sorrell. A gun, powder horn, and silver belt buckle worn by him in the Revolution remains in the family of one of his grandsons. There were many representatives of the Sorrell family in the Revolution, about 12 from Virginia, and quite a few from North Carolina. Miss Newberry, the wife of Samuel Sorrell, was from South Carolina. They married 1772, first son born 1773. We have every record complete from that date to the present day. My information is based on Bible records kept in every line of the family. A grandson, Isaiah B. Hickman, still living in Oklahoma, gives affidavit to records, Also records given by Dr. Warren Sorrell, grandson of George Washington Sorrell, Past Grand Master Mason of State of Arkansas, whose picture is in the Arkansas Archives, Little Rock. I also enclose certificate of service of Samuel Sorrell from Auditor of State, Raleigh, N.C. See also 116792 (Irene Gantt McDougal, her niece). My Revolutionary ancestor was married in South Carolina in 1772.
David Sorrell, b. 1773 m. Mary Bartlett, Burke Co. N.C.
Richard Sorrell m. Elizabeth Hardy; removed to Mississippi
Ethan Allen Sorrell
Paschall Sorrell died in Georgia.
Greene Sorrell removed to Arkansas.
Nancy Sorrell married O'Neill; lived in Pike Co. Arkansas.
George Washington Sorrell, b. 1784; m. 1800 Mary B. Chambers, removed to Arkansas. Became County Judge of Pike Co. in 1833, joined Missouri Conference in 1835, established one of first M.E. churches in Arkansas. Work too arduous in new country and large family. He then became a physician; died Waldron, Ar. in Sept. 1855 and his wife, Mary B. Chambers, died November 1868. "
Note: All essential information from this lineage paper has been given. The compiler realizes there are discrepancies, such as the marriage date for George W. and Mary B. Chambers Sorrels. Descendants of Isaiah B. Hickman and Dr. James Warren Sorrels are invited to contact compiler.

The following DAR lineage papers for Samuel Sorrells, Revolutionary soldier, are all for applicants descended from his son, George Washington Sorrels :
1) JOHNNYE MAE MICKLE, Natl. 353983. See George W. Sorrels family text for comments.

2) LENA SANDEL GATLIN, Natl. 371753. See Samuel Jefferson Sorrels, sonof George W. Sorrels. Descendant of Martha Sorrels who married John Williams; Martha, dau. of Samuel Jefferson Sorrels and Mary Minerva Archer.

3) DESALONE IZORA SORRELS, Natl. 158303. Daughter of Victor Morreau Sorrels , son of Samuel Jefferson Sorrels, Eliza Butler, his first wife. Desalone married Thomas Greene Hollabaugh. Desalone's mother was Rosannah Bennett.

Daughter of Frances Elizabeth Cary and William Parker Reed, a brother to Martha Edith Reed and Florence Reed. Same lineage
as Martha and Florence Reed. Mrs. Barringer joined the DAR in 1956, and her paper differs from Martha Edith Reed Quinn's
paper in the following respects:
She stated that Samuel Sorrell died in Elbert Co. Ga. in 1811. Samuel's residence during the Revolution was Duplin Co. NC.
His daughter, Nancy Sorrell, married Orville. His son, David Sorrell, b. 1773, married Mary Bartlett 1793 in N.C.
5) ALIDA MONTESE HAAS, Natl. 284528 Daughter of Mary Elvira Huie and Dr. Mark M. Hukill; Granddaughter of Cynthia Sorrell and Dodson Beverly Huie . She stated Mary Elvira Huie, age 6 in 1850 Scott Co. Ark. census, lived with her grandparents, George Washington and Mary B. Chambers Sorrell, until she was grown and married. She gives more information on the Huie family than is found on the other papers. Her ancestor's service record was given as "An account of the claims allowed by the Board of Auditors for the District of Wilmington for military pay from 4701 to 6064 inclusive. Samuel Sorrell received 20 pounds, 5 shillings, 0 pence. Military record: Vol. V, p. 20, Folio 2, N.C. Rev. Army Accounts, Raleigh, N.C." [ See Rev. Army Accounts and Vouchers of N.C. abstracted by compiler. Compiler has seen this record and it looks like Samuel Sowell.]

6) MARGARET BRASWELL, Natl. 237218, paper not seen by this compiler.

7) MARY FRANCES QUINN, Natl. 347872, paper not seen.
This is not a complete list of all the lineage papers on Samuel Sorrell. The Samuel Sorrell DAR chapter in Houston, Texas was confirmed by the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution on 17 April 1926. It was organized by Martha Edith Reed Quinn.  Many of her grandchildren joined the Children of the American Revolution on Samuel Sorrell, ancestor.

MARY KANSAS BAYS, Natl. 361320; ancestor, ELISHA SORREL

The applicant, MARY KANSAS ALFREY BAYS, in 1944 joined the DAR. She was b. 28 Sept. 1887, Bath Co Ky; m. John R. Bays (b. 1879), on 2 Aug. 1905, Jackson, Ky; living in Lexington, Ky. in 1944. Her parents were Martha Ann Johnson (b. 17 Sept. 1860, Menifee Co. Ky; d. 12 Apr, 1902, Bath Co. Ky); m. James Anderson Alfrey (b. 19 Apr. 1860 a Ky; d. 27 Feb. 1940, Ohio). Martha's parents were Rachel Sorrel (b. 18 Dec. 1822, Bath Co. Ky; d. 20 Jan. 1896, Hazel Green, Ky.); m. Jefferson Johnson (b. 5 Aug. 1822; d. 8 Mar. 1867), on 10 Aug. 1842, Bath 'Co. Ky. Rachel's parents were Joseph Sorrel (b. ca. 1795; d. has will, 3 Sept. 1853, probated 12 Sept. 1853, Bath Co. Ky); m. Seny Hall (b. ca. 1798), on 2 Oct.>
ELISHA SORREL (b. 1754; d. Bath Co. Ky in 1825); m. ELIZABETH (b. 1760?).

Mary Kansas Alfrey Bays listed the children of Elisha Sorrel and Elizabeth as: John, James, Phoebe, Joseph, and Sorrel. References she gave: Pension S37190 of Elisha Sorrel, Elisha's will, Bath Co. 1825, Joseph's Will, 1853, Bath Co. Ky; marriage records of Bath Co. and family Bibles for the parents and grandparents of Mary K. Bays. Also, 8th annual report, Virginia State Library, p. 410, and 9th annual report, Virginia State Library, p. 283

Note: Elisha Sorrel signed his will on 7 July 1825, Bath Co. Ky. It names his wife, Elizabeth and his two youngest children, James and Phebe Sorrel, and was witnessed by John Sorrels, Joseph Sorrel, and William Burk. It was probated August Court, 1825, Bath Co. Ky. [WiIl Bk B:19]


In 1982, Mrs. Montgomery was living in Waco, Tx. 76707 and sent a letter to the compiler to answer letters concerning her ancestor, John Sorrell, and gave the following information.

JOHN SORRELL, b. ca. 1710 (some accounts give his birthdate as early as 1697), probably in Virginia, and d. in 1783, Amherst Co. Va. John's will was made 25 March 1780 and probated 1 Sept. 1783 in Amherst Co. The will mentions the following: wife, Mary Coleman Sorrell; dau. Katy Howard; granddaughter, Mary Ann Sneed and her two oldest children, Frances and John Sneed; grandson, Martin Dawson, preacher of the Gospel; grandsons Thomas and William Dawson; great-grandson, John Sorrell Dawson, son of my grandson, John Dawson and his wife, Sally. John Sorrell Dawson's brothers, Pleasant and Benjamin Dawson also mentioned. Great-grandson, Martin Dawson, son of John Dawson and Sally; great-granddaughters, Susanna Dawson and Mary Dawson and Priscilla Dawson, all children of John Dawson and Sally, also Nancy Dawson and Betsy Dawson, children of John Dawson and Sally. To grandson, John Dawson, son of Martin Dawson and Priscilla, his wife. Grandsons, John Dawson and Martin Dawson, and Peter Lyon were made executors [Amherst Co. Will Bk 2:140].

John Sorrell is on the 1782-83 Amherst County tax list. He was a patriot during the Revolution, living in Amherst Co. See Amherst County Revolutionary Claims for provisions impressed or taken for use 1781, Archives, Richmond. On 21 Jan 1741, Goochland Co. Va., Priscilla and Martin Dawson were witnesses to a deed whereby William Perry sold 220 aes land to John Sorrell in St. James Parish on the Rivanna River adjacent Charles Lewis [Deed Bk 4,Goochand.]

Priscilla Dawson, wife of Martin, was a daughter of John Sorrell. From this deed, we know she was already married in 1741. The compiler notes that John is found in the deed books of Goochland as early as 1728, and the order books of Albemarle County as early as 1745. He probably was born before 1710.

Priscilla Sorrell Dawson was the ancestor of Fey Ruth Montgomery. She gave her line as follows; John Sorrell and his first wife, Mary (Mary Coleman was 2nd wife); Priscilla Sorrell and Martin Dawson; John Dawson and ,Sarah Carroll; John Sorrell Dawson and Jane Lyon; Elizabeth Dawson and Elliott Roberts; John Preston Roberts and Julia Wingfield; Rosalie Roberts and William Rufus Cross; Ethel Rosalie Cross and William Henry Fomby, her parents. Fey Ruth Fomby married Edward Layton Montgomery, 9 June 1925, in Magnolia, Arkansas.

For further details of the Sorrell-Dawson lines, see Sadie Rucker Wood, The Rucker Family Genealogy with Their Ancestors, Descendants and Connections (CS 71 R8879 19329 Va. State Library) and Dixie Hammonds, Southern Relatives (CS 69 H3 Vol. I, II, III, IV, Va. State Lib.). Also see DAR lineage Natl. 61626, Sadie Rucker Wood. Also see Albemarle County, Va. Gen Web site for John Sorrells' will and some land records.

See this link for a research report  done by Dick Baldauf on John Sorrell and a connection with Benjamin Snead and his wife Mary Ann who was a grandaughter of John Sorrell and also general research on the Snead family in Virginia:


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