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The following records were compiled by Thelma Faye Prince, updated with more records on 14-16th January 2004. Some are also found at this address: , but that site done in 1997 is updated with this information in January 2004.    Records compiled by Russell B. Sorrells on the early Richard Sorrells and wife, Mary,  of Augusta and Albemarle counties, Virginia,  may also be found here:

It is important to note that family DNA 25 marker tests matched exactly between a descendant of this John Sorrels, Sr. of Rutherford County, NC and the DNA of a descendant (Russell Bazemore Sorrells) of Richard Sorrells who married Mildred Snead {}.  Also the DNA 25 marker test of a descendant (James Carroll Sorrells) of Richard Sorrells (1707-1773), his son, Walter Sorrells and  Walter's son,  David Sorrells matched them exactly.  For the DNA test results, please click here: or  or 

This means they share a common ancestor, and that ancestor is Richard Sorrels, Sr.  of Albemarle Co. Va. and his wife, Mary. Walter Sorrells, the elder, mentioned in records  below was a proven son of Richard Sorrells, Sr. and his wife, Mary of Albemarle Co. Va See http://www.oursouthernancestors,com/sorr-002b.html.
Also see  for more on Walter, John, Samuel Sorrells and others.
Samuel, b. about 1753, died 1811 Elbert co. Ga.  is probably a younger son of Richard and Mary Sorrells.  No descendant of Samuel has taken the DNA test yet, and I urge any male Sorrells descendant of Samuel to take the DNA test.  The DNA tests so far have answered many questions about Sorrells ancestors.


Chronological Order

If no citation to sources is given, the Goochland County records came fromGoochland County, Virginia, Wills and Deeds 1728-1736, Benjamin B Weisiger, III, abstracter & compiler , 1983.

If no citation to source is given, the Albemarle and Amherst Co. deeds came from The Deeds Of Amherst County, Virginia, and Albemarle County,  Virginia, !748-1763, Rev. Bailey Fulton Davis, 1970.

The Rucker Family Genealogy with Their Ancestors, Descendants and Connections (CS 71 R8879 19329 Va. State Library), Sadie Rucker Wood, 1932.   JOHN SORRELL was paid 36 Ibs. Tobacco in Prince George County out of the estate of THOMAS JACKSON, 13 Sept. 1714.
[Don't know if this is the same John Sorrell. TFCP}

JOHN SORRELL married first, MARY ____, who signed many deeds, and who died before 1770. Early in 1770 he married again, MARY COLEMAN ELLIS, a widow who survived him.  No record has been found to give us the age of JOHN, but probably he was born about 1693, married about 1710 to his first wife, and he died in Amherst Co. Va. in 1783, leaving a will, which will be abstracted last.

Records  found in Goochland County naming JOHN SORRELL

 p. 40. 16 Nov. 1728. ROBERT ADAMS to JOHN SORRELL, for 10 lbs, 100 acs., Tuckahoe Creek. Wits: GEO. PAYNE, JOSEPH ASHLIN.


RUCKER FAMILY, Sadie Rucker Wood, 1932.   GEORGE ALVES brought suit against JOHN SORRELL, Dec. 18, 1728, Goochland

p. 156. 16 Dec. 1729. JOHN SORRELL to SYLVANUS, MARGARET PUMFREE, and SYLVANUS PUMFREE, JR. for 10Ibs, 100 acs. bounded by Broad Branch of Tuckahoe Creek. Wits: ROBERT ADAMS, JOHN BOWIE.

p. 248. 18 May 1731. CHARLES JOHNSON, St. James Parish, Goochland Co., to JOHN SORRELL, same, for 5500 Ibs tobacco, 150 acs, on North side of James River. Wits: ROBT. PAYNE, JAMES BARRET, BENJ. WOODSON. Signed CHARLES (X) JOHNSON. ELIZABETH, wife of JOHNSON, relinquished her dower right.

p. 337. 13 Dec. 1731. SYVANUS PUMPHRY & MARGOT, his wife,  of Goochland to JOHN SORRELL, same, for 19 pounds, 100 acs in St. James Parish, adjoining WADLOE and COLLINS, on Broad branch Tuckahoe Creek, adjoining land purchased by PUMPHRY of said SORRELL. Wits: GEORGE PAYNE, MATTHEW COLLINS, ROBT. PAYNE.


In August 1732, a suit against JOHN SORRELL was brought by THOMAS WADLOE.  JOHN SORRELL brought suit against WILLIAM MOSELY. WILLIAM MAYO brought suit against JOHN SORRELL, January 1733 (Order book 3,, p. 89, 106, 222, Goochland).

JOHN SORRELL patented 100 acs land in Goochland County on the branches of Tuckahoe Creek beginning at his own land on WEBBER’S line, east to CHARLES JOHNSON’S, north to ADAM’S line. 6 April 1734/ (Book 15, p. 199, Land Grants.)

Goochland Co. Deed Book #2, 1734-1736 p. 12. 17 September 1734. JOHN SORRELL, Goochland, to THOMAS OWEN, Henrico Co. for 100 bushels wheat, 150 acs land on north side James River, bounded by Broad Branch. Wits: J. WILLIAMS, THOS. ANDERSON, THOS ALLEN. MARY, wife of JOHN, relinguished her dower right.

14 July 1735.  JOHN SORRILL, Goochland,  to CHARLES JOHNSON for 10 lbs, 100 acs on Tuckahoe Creek, land granted said SORRELL 6 April 1734  on WEBBER’S line, sa id CHARLES jOHNSON, said  SORRILL. March 25, 1735, MARY, Wife of JOHN, relinquished her dower right.   Deed Book #2, p.135.

21 January 1741. WILLIAM PERRY sold 220 acs of land to JOHN SORRELL in St. James Parish, southside of the Rivanna River, adj. CHARLES LEWIS. Wits: PRISCILLA DAWSON, MARTIN DAWSON. (Deed Book #4, Goochland)

Albemarle Co. records begin.

28 March 1745. Order Bk. B, p. 9. JOHN SORRELL, ROBERT ADAMS, CHARLES BOND, MARTIN DAWSON were appointed appraisers of the estate of CHARLES BLANE, deceased.

27 Sept 1745. Order Bk 1745-48, p.75. JOHN SORRELL in a suit against THOMAS FITZPATRICK, administrator of CHARLES BLANY, for 25 shillings, which he is to recover and 94 and lbs tobacco for his cost.

12 November 1747. Order Bk 1745-48, p.314. JOHN SORRELL was ordered surveyor of the Three Notched Road from No. 12, in the room of JAMES DEFER.

12 May 1748. Order Bk 1745-48, p. 360. ALEXANDER PATTEN was appointed Constable in the room of JOHN SORRELL.

23 Oct. 1749. Deed Bk 1, p. 139. THOMAS MERIWETHER of Hanover to JOHN SORREL for 40lbs, 200 acs both sides Mychunk or Beaverdam fork adj. BENJ. WHEELER. Patented to THOS. MERIWETHER 10 June 1740. Wits: THOMAS WALKER, JNO. LEWIS, WM. HILL.

13 February 1750. Deed Bk 1, p.277. JNO. SORRELL to BENJ. SNEED for 5lbs, 200acs Beaver Dam, fork of Machunk Creek, formerly that of THOS MERIWETHER. Wits: JNO. MORRIS, JAS. DEFOOR, WM. McGHEE..

8 May 1750. Deed Bk 1, p. 188. WM HARRIS to STEPHEN ROE for 5 lbs, 100 acs Beaver Dam adj. grantor’s new line, side of mountain, THOS. SORREL. {This is only time THOS. SORREL is found. Who was he?}

20 Dec. 1750. Deed Bk 1, p. 279. JNO. SORRELL to JNO. HENDERSON for 33lbs, 90 acs Southside North Rivanna adj. PERRY Creek. Wits: BENJ. SNEAD, JNO. MORRIS, WM. McGHEE, ROBT. HARDWICK.

RUCKER FAMILY, Sadie Rucker Wood, 1932. 20 Jan. 1755. Deed Bk. 7, p. 536. JOHN SORRELL, 260 acs on the S. branch of Rivanna River, part of a grant , to WILLIAM PERRY. The wife of JOHN SORRELL relinquished her dower rights. Signed: JOHN SORRELL. Wits: JOHN HENDERSON, JOHN DAWSON.  [Note on record:  "The above deed recorded 1783 as the book in which it was recorded was burned by the enemies."]

8 July 1762. Deed Bk 3:197. JNO HENDERSON, to son JNO. JR. for 125 lbs., 490 acs 200 of it pat. To HENRY RUNALLS 11 April 1732; N side Rivanna and bought from Runnalls, 90 acs S side Rivanna and bought from JOHN SORRELL and joins where JNO. HENDERSON lives. 200 acs pat. To ARTHUR HOPKINS, 20 April 1732, on Lewis Creek near Red Bank falls- has manor where I live. Wits: GUY SMITH, CHRISTOPHER CLARK, JNO. COLEMAN.

7 March 1763. Deed Bk A:96. HENRY ROBERTS, Amherst Co. to BENJAMIN MOOR, Amherst Co. for 50 lbs for 384 acs. This land used to belong to MORRICE ROBERTS, deceased. Lines: JOHN LYON, JOHN SORREL, JOHN CRAWFORD.

7 May 1764(?) Deed Bk A:200. BENJ. MOORE, Amherst, to JOHN DAWSON, Amherst, 20 lbs for 100 acs, Fork of Cove and Hickory Creek of Rockfish. Lines: JOHN LYON, JOHN SORRELL, JOHN CRAWFORD.

Amherst Co surveys: 14 April 1767, JNO. SORREL, 95 acs.

RUCKER FAMILY, Sadie Rucker Wood, 1932.   Land Grants, Bk 37, p. 378.  20 July 1769. JOHN SORRELL patented 95 acs land on the south branch of Cove and the north branch of Hickory Creeks

Amherst Deed Bk C:146. 3 November 1770. Marriage contract between JOHN SORRELS, Amherst Co. to MARY COLEMAN ELLIS. Wits: CALEB COLEMAN, JNO. DAWSON, SAML. GAY. (Data on Mary may be found in Nelson Co. Va. Will Bk A:153, 242. She outlived her husband.  She received support from John's estate after he died until her payments stopped May 3, 1810.)

Amherst Deed Bk D:373. 1 October 1776. NATHAN CRAWFORD of Amherst Co. to BENJ. MOOR, of Amherst Co., 200 acs in Rich Cove and both sides of Cove Creek. Lines: BENJ. MOOR, TERISHA TURNER, JNO. DAWSON, JNO. SORRELS. Orig. delivered 27 July 1804 to J. MOORE.

JOHN SORRELLS on Amherst Co. tax list 1782. 495 acs land paid tax on. The estate paid the taxes the following year on 2 whites and 26 blacks.

Amherst Deed Book H:343. 18 Dec. 1797. JNO. S. DAWSON and wife, JANE, to JNO. DAWSON for 80 lbs N side Hicory, part of tract left to JNO. S. by will of JNO. SORRELL, deceased, Amherst Co. Lines: ZACH ROBERTS, grantor, on a ridge near Rock spring, JNO. DAWSON. Wit: MARTIN DAWSON, JNO. LYON, JNO. BAILEY, JR.

Amherst Co. Deed Book H:345. 18 Jan. 1798. JNO. DAWSON and wife, SALLY, to JNO. S. DAWSON (orig. delivered as above) for 40 lbs, 40 acs Cove Creek. Bought by JNO. Of BENJ. MOORE, deceased. Lines: JNO, and JNO. S. DAWSON, Spring Branch of JNO. SORRELL’s widow. Wit: MARTIN DAWSON, JNO. LYON, JNO. BAILEY, JR.

The John Sorrell above in the records is the same person as the DAR record below.

JOHN SORRELL, b. ca. 1693, probably in Virginia, and d. in 1783, Amherst Co. Va. John's will was made 25 March 1780 and probated 1 Sept. 1783 in Amherst Co. The will mentions the following: wife, Mary Coleman Sorrell; daughter Katy Howard; granddaughter, Mary Ann Sneed and her two oldest children, Frances and John Sneed; grandson, Martin Dawson, preacher of the Gospel; grandsons Thomas and William Dawson; great-grandson, John Sorrell Dawson, son of my grandson, John Dawson and his wife, Sally. John Sorrell Dawson's brothers, Pleasant and Benjamin Dawson also mentioned. Great-grandson, Martin Dawson, son of John Dawson and Sally; great-granddaughters, Susanna Dawson and Mary Dawson and Priscilla Dawson, all children of John Dawson and Sally, also Nancy Dawson and Betsy Dawson, children of John Dawson and Sally. To grandson, John Dawson, son of Martin Dawson (b. ca. 1715, married Priscilla abt 1735)) and Priscilla, his wife. Grandsons, John Dawson and Martin Dawson, and Peter Lyon were made executors [Amherst Co. Will Bk 2:140].

John Sorrell is on the 1782-83 Amherst County tax list. He was a patriot during the Revolution, living in Amherst Co. See Amherst County Revolutionary Claims for provisions impressed or taken for use 1781, Archives, Richmond. On 21 Jan 1741, Goochland Co. Va., Priscilla and Martin Dawson were witnesses to a deed whereby William Perry sold 220 aes land to John Sorrell in St. James Parish on the Rivanna River adjacent Charles Lewis [Deed Bk 4,Goochand.]

Priscilla Dawson, wife of Martin, was a daughter of John Sorrell. From this deed, we know she was already married in 1741. The compiler notes that John is found in the deed books of Goochland as early as 1728, and the order books of Albemarle County as early as 1745. He probably was born before 1700.

Priscilla Sorrell Dawson was the ancestor of Fey Ruth Montgomery. She gave her line as follows; John Sorrell and his first wife, Mary (Mary Coleman was 2nd wife); Priscilla Sorrell and Martin Dawson; John Dawson and ,Sarah Carroll; John Sorrell Dawson and Jane Lyon; Elizabeth Dawson and Elliott Roberts; John Preston Roberts and Julia Wingfield; Rosalie Roberts and William Rufus Cross; Ethel Rosalie Cross and William Henry Fomby, her parents. Fey Ruth Fomby married Edward Layton Montgomery, 9 June 1925, in Magnolia, Arkansas.

For further details of the Sorrell-Dawson lines, see Sadie Rucker Wood, The Rucker Family Genealogy with Their Ancestors, Descendants and Connections (CS 71 R8879 19329 Va. State Library) and Dixie Hammonds, Southern Relatives(CS 69 H3 Vol. I, II, III, IV, Va. State Lib.). Also see DAR lineage Natl. 61626, Sadie Rucker Wood.

See this link for a research reports  done by Dick Baldauf on John Sorrell and a connection with Benjamin Snead and his wife Mary Ann who was a grandaughter of John Sorrell and also general research on the Snead family in Virginia:



Miscellaneous Albemarle and Augusta County Records in Chronological Order

Albemarle Order Book 1744-48, p. 74. 27 September 1745. FRANCIS WRIGHT was in a suit against RICHARD SORRELL, case dismissed.

Chalkley's Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, Extracted from Original  Court Records of Augusta County, 1745-1800, Lyman Chalkley.  Vol I, p.30.   Order Book #1, p. 252.  20 August 1747.  Church wardens ordered to bind WALTER SORRELL, son of RICHARD SORRELS to Joseph Tees.  The Augusta Co. Va. Parish Vestry Book, p. 45.  August 1747 says: WALTER, son of RICHARD SORELS bound.

JOHN SEARLES married 23 March 1750/51 in Albemarle Co. from DIARY OF ROBERT ROSE,  Ralph E. Fall, McClure Press, 1977 (Bride’s name not given).

Albemarle Co. Va. Will Book 2, p. 9. 16 May 1753. JAMES MAHUNNEY left to MARGARET SORRELL land in Louisa Co. whereon JAMES FRANCIS did live, when she is of age or marries. (Is this the same Margaret as Margaret Gilbert below? Is this the same land?)

Deed Book A, pg. 517-518, Louisa Co. Va.
These records were found also: 24 July 1753. Louisa Co. Va.: JOHN DICKENSON, planter, to MARGARET SORRILLS, child of aforesaid county, for 20 pounds current money, 150 acres in Fredericksville Parish, Louisa Co. Va. Between two ridges of mountains, part of a survey patented by MAJOR JOHN HENRY of 1,750 acres. Said HENRY transferred the said 150 acres to JOHN DICKENSON by deed in Hanover court WILLIAM CARR’s corner, etc (description of land, hard to read). Witnesses: William Coursey, Jr., William Hughes. Signed/ JOHN DICKENSON.

Albemarle Deed Bk 4: 344-345. 12 March 1757. RICHARD SORLS & NATHANIEL GILBERT & MARGARET GILBERT, wife of said NATHANIEL of Albemarle sold THOMAS WALKER 150acs adjoining MORDECAI HOOD & JOSIAH WOOD, for the sum of 12 pounds, 10 shillings. Albemarle Court, March 1757. This indenture acknowledged by RICHARD SORELS, NATHANIEL GILBERT, and MARGARET , wife of the said GILBERT, she being privately examined as the law directs and ordered to be recorded. All signed by marks.

Chalkley's Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, Extracted from Original  Court Records of Augusta County, 1745-1800, Lyman Chalkley.  Vol III, p.42 .  Abtracts of wills of Augusta Co. Va.  JOSEPH TEES, Will Book 2, p. 143. 4 December 1753.  He leaves to sons, William and Charles, plantation and negroes. Charles 16 years old. Wife. To daughter Mary, the place bought from John Wilson.  To daughter Eleanor and her children, the place bought from James Hamilton.  Executors: wife, overseer and Wm Henderson.  Teste: John Campbell, Andrew Campbell, WALTER SORALS and Jane Tees qualifies as executrix, with sureties Wm Henderson and John Campbell.

Albemarle Co. Surveyors Book 1, part 2, p.35 (1756-1790)
220 acs on both sides of Tillery’s Creek or branch in Albemarle surveyed for RICHARD SEARLES, 20 April 1758, adjacent Col. John Chiswell’s line and John Tillery’s line. Land was transferred to CORNELIUS McGUIRE & from McQUIRE to SAMUEL WOODS.

Chalkley's Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, Extracted from Original  Court Records of Augusta County, 1745-1800, Lyman Chalkley.  Vol. I, p.84.  Augusta Co. Order Bk. VI, p. 289.  August 15, 1759.  RICHARD & MARY SORREL, parents of MARY SORREL, who is bound to RO. CUNNINGHAM, complain of his treatment of her, and she is released from indenture..

FREDERICKSVILLE PARISH VESTRY BOOK, Vol. II 1742-1787, Rosalie Davis. Pp. 117,118.
25 March 1760
By order of Albemarle Court , we, JOHN HARRIS and THOMAS PAULET, Church Wardens of Fredericksville Parish, do put PEGGY EVANS, a bastard child, the daughter of ELIZABETH SIMMONS, now ELIZABETH SORREL, an apprentice or servant unto JOHN McCULLOCK until age 18 years. Said McCULLOCK doth agree he will teach or cause to be taught the said EVANS, and provide in such manner as the law directs and at the expiration of the term give such reward as the custom of the country. Witness: JOHN MOORE

Chalkley's Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, Extracted from Original  Court Records of Augusta County, 1745-1800, Lyman Chalkley.  Vol III, p. 68.  WILLIAM JOHNSTON, Will Book 3, p. 120.  2 January 1761.  calls himself WILLIAM JOHNSTON, yeoman, aged about 40 years,.  Legatees named: daughter Mary Johnston, 2 years old last June.  Executor: Walter Davis.  Teste: Wm Scott, Michl. O'Donnell, John Cunningham, Robt. Cunningham, and JOHN SOREL.  Proved 18 May 1762 by Scott, John Cunningham, and SOREL.

FREDERICKSVILLE PARISH VESTRY BOOK, Vol. II 1742-1787, Rosalie Davis. Pp. 117,118.

Albemarle Deed Bk 3: 332-333. 3 &4 April 1763. Transfer of property from RICHARD SORLE to THOMAS WALKER. This was a deed of Lease and Release 400acs in Albemarle Co. on waters of Great Creek, formerly in Louisa Co. granted by patent to SURLES 10 August 1759, bounded by Nichalson Oliver, James Powers. Both deeds refer to the same property. Richard signed by mark. No witnesses given.
At a court held for Albemarle Co. Va. 7 September 1763, these deeds of lease and release were acknowledged by RICHARDS SURLS, party thereto and ordered to be recorded. ELIZABETH , the wife of said RICHARD, personally appeared in court and being first privately examined as the law directs voluntarily relinguished her right of dower conveyed by the said indenture.

1769 HOUSE OF BURGESS, Folder 47, Virginia State Library. Dated 23 December 1768.
Realizing that his majesty’s title to the lands situate on the east side of the River Ohio having been lately recognized by the six nations of Indians, the petitioners, among them William Carr, Benjamin Lewis, RICHARD SURLS, Thomas Jefferson, Mordecai Hood, etc., ask for leave to survey 45,000 acres of land, to begin on the lower side of the little Kankawa River at its confluence with the river Ohio and to run up the said little Kankawa and down the river Ohio to complete the said quantity in one or more surveys. Note: no county mentioned, but most of the men named on this were from Albemarle, including all those named above.

THOMAS JEFFERSON MEMORIAL FOUNDATION RECORDS (personally researched by Thelma F. Prince in June 1981, and also by a genealogical records researcher and by Russell B. Sorrells, descendant) show that a RICHARD SORRELS began to work for THOMAS JEFFERSON 28 August 1769, and he worked more or less continously for him at Monticello until the last reference to him is made on 10 February 1774 when a sale of his estate was held. Therefore he died before this date. Jefferson kept detailed accounts on all his workers, crops planted, etc. In Richard’s account , several references are made to WILLIAM SORRELLS.    I have received permission from Princeton University Press to use the information about Richard Sorrels in it's entirety.   These records are given in full in the book:Jefferson'sMemorandum Books, Vol I and II, Accounts with Legal Records and Miscellany, 1767-1826. Edited by James A. Bear, Jr. and Lucia Stanton.  Princeton University Press, 1997.  Please see this URL for the excerpts in their entirety which refer to Richard Sorrells made by this compiler  in 1997 from the mentioned book:

Note: The parentage of Richard Sorrells (1744-1801) who married Mildred Snead (subject of this web site and the progentitor of our line) is proven by the following.   In 1997, the wife of a descendant (Russ Shriver) of Richard Sorrells and Mildred Snead, named  Cindy Shrider found a book in the Stauton, Augusta County,  Virginia library entitled Albemarle County, Virginia Court Papers 1744-1783, abstracted and compiled by Benjamin B. Weisiger III. From pg. 33, it says:

1772, Folder #1---  12 Aug. 1772.  David Nowlin sells for 20 pounds, 3 cows to John Henderson, Jr that Nowlin purchased of William Towel, also all goods, etc. on plantation.  Witnesses: RICHARD SURLES, JR., and Wm Thomason.

Further down the same page of book, it gives this record:  22 March 1772.  John Henderson, Jr. complains before me, William Harris, one of His majesty's Justices for Albemarle County, that David Nowlin, late of said county, is in debt to him and removed himself from the county.  An order is given to attach his estate.  Execution carried out on livestock and other items.   RICHARD SORRELLS, JR. and SOLOMAN NELSON noted as garnishees.

These  records  place Richard Sorrells, Jr. in Albemarle Co. Va. in 1772! This is before his father, Richard Sorrells died.   Another record below in 1774.

Albemarle Co. Deed Bk 6, p. 107-108.   8 April 1773.  SOLOMAN NELSON sells to WM SORRELL, land in Albemarle Co. in the cove of one of the Ragged Mountains for 30pds Va. money.  Land beginning at a poplar in Henry Terrel's line.... Margarette, wife of SOLOMAN NELSON religuished her right of dower. Wit: Tuck Woodson, Clerk of Court.

Albemarle Co. Deed Bk 6, p. 110.  8 April 1773.  HENRY EMERSON sells to WM SORRIL, both of Albemarle Co. for 2L 10 shillings,  7 ac land in Albemarle Co on waters of Mechanns River. Neighbors were Soloman Isreal, Henry Terrell's old line, Edward Carter.

Note: Many deeds in Surry Co. NC from 1780 on  mention SOLOMAN NELSON of Albemarle Co. Va. He received two land grants on Little Fishers River.  Deed Bk C, p. 422.  6 August 1785.  SOLOMAN NELSON to JOHN MCKENNY 10 pds 43 ac waters Arrarat River adj Stewart's old line and Norman.  Wit:Matthew Cox, BENJAMIN SNEAD, WILLIAM (X)  WEAVER.  Signed SOLOMAN  (X) NELSON.
(Question, who is this Benjamin Snead?) Surry County Deed Books A, B, C, (1770-1788) Mrs. W.O. Asher, G.R.S. Southern Historical Press, 1981.

Albemarle Co. Va. Will Bk 2, p. 316.  JOSEPH HUCKSTEP will, dated July 1, 1774.  Teste: RICHARD SURLES, JAMES HILL,  and SARAH MAISLEY.  Executors HENRY MULLINS, WALTER MAISLEY, THOMAS GARTH. At court August 1774  (This would have be the younger Richard, because "old" Richard had died. )

Albemarle Co. Deed Book 7, p. 3.   21 July 1777.  THOMAS JEFFERSON to MILES GATHRIGHT land in Albemarle County. Wit: Walter and Sarah Maisley of Bedford Co. Va.  on  8 August 1777.
NOTE:  Later on RICHARD SORRELLS, JR. owned 50 acs land on Sandy Creek, Elbert Co. Ga on undated 1795-1804 tax list, next to MILES GATHRIGHT.

17 September 1777- Vestry held at poor house. To ELIZABETH SORRELS provided she is a resident of this parish one year, to commence from 1 January 1778. (This is from the Fredericksville Vestry Book, Vol II 1742-1787, by Rosalie Davis.)

I believe the below record is Richard Sorrells who married Mildred Snead and it is placed here for continuity of dates of his records.

NC Secretary of State, 302 Legislative Office Building, 300 N. Salisbury St., Raleigh, N.C. 27611, November 1985.  The index in the Land Grant
Office shows: File No. 1452 for  RICHARD SORREL, Burke County, 150/100 acres, Grant No. 1342 issued 16 Nov. 1790, Warrant No. (blank),
Entry No. 1764 entered 23 Dec. 1779, Book 77, page 140, location on the head of Little Mulberry Creek.


 N.C. No. 1764. Charles McDowell, entry officer of lands in the county of Burke to the surveyor of said county. Greeting. You are hereby
  required to lay off and survey for RICHARD SORREL a tract of land containing 150 acres lying in the county aforesaid on the head of
 Mulberry or Michel Willson's forke of the Mulberry and joining lines with said Willson agreeable to their conditional line and running up
 said forke for complement entered 23 Dec. 1779. Observe the directions of the act of assembly in such cases made and provided for running
 out lands. Two just and fair plans of such survey you are to return with this warrant to the secretary's office without delay. 28 Feb.
                                        A.D. 17.. (year indecipherable). s/ C. McDowell

                                                                                                  BACK OF WARRANT

John Carter (with line marked through name; name could be something other than Carter)150 acres land No. 1764. Transfer this warrant to
RICHARD SORRELS as he hath paid me for said. This shall be your authority for the same. October ye lOth To Mr. William White from your
humble servant. s/John (x) Carter. RICHARD SORRELS warrant 150 acres of land, No. 1764. ____ 4, 1779.


Burke Co. N.C. y 4th day 1779.

Surveyed for RICHARD SORRELL one hundred acres land lying on the head of Little Mulberry, Beginning on a pine in James Nailors line running N 39 chains to a Spanish oak thence W.,38 chains 44 links to a s~ake thence S 39 chains to a pine in Michell Willsons line thence E 38 chains 44 links  with this line to the beginning. Surveyed by W. White, D.S. October y 4th 1779.

William Nortley (surname not clear) C.C.
 Dickerson Nailors (chain carriers) Christopher Beekman

Chalkley's Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, Extracted from Original  Court Records of Augusta County, 1745-1800, Lyman Chalkley.  Vol. I.  p. 269.   Augusta Co. Court Records, Order Bk XXII, p. 150.   August 1, 1792, called court on SARAH SORRELS for larceny.  Sent to district court.

Augusta County, Va. selected SORRELL Marriage Bonds with Sorrell name in them somewhere.
Chronological Order

Chalkley's Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, Extracted from Original  Court Records of Augusta County, 1745-1800, Lyman Chalkley, Vol. II


May 3, 1792 .  LEWIS SORRELLS and THOMAS CLIFTON, surety.   LEWIS SORRELS and ELENOR CARR, orphan.  "This is to certify that ELENOR CARR has neither father or mother in the state of Virginia, for her father died when she was but young, and as for her mother I can give no account of her.  This young woman came with my brother's wife's cousin to Virginia and has lived the bigger part of her time with me, and LEWIS SORREL is to obtain marriage liscense of you. "   ALEXANDER ROBERTSON.  They married same date.

December  29, 1792.  ROBERT MORTON and SARAH SORRELLS, daughter of JOSEPH SORRELS, who consents.  Surety: NATHANIEL KELLY.  Wits:  THOMAS BEARD, KEZZEYAR BEARD.

October 8, 1795.  MATHEW LAMB and LEWIS SORRELS, sureties.   MATHEW LAMB and KEZIAH  SORRELS, daughter of JOSEPH SORRELS late of this county,  sister of LEWIS SORRELS.

Dale Mueller is a direct descendant of Joseph Sorrells of Augusta County, Virginia.  We also believe that Joseph Sorrells may be a son to Richard and Mary Sorrells above. Please contact him with any information you have about Joseph's line at  I would appreciate your contacting  Thelma Prince also on my guestbook on the link below.

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