Compiled by Thelma Faye Cain Prince, © Copyright 1998


GEORGE  SORRELL, the progenitor of this particular branch of the Sorrell family in Georgia., might have been the George Sorrell who appears in the Index to Revolutionary Army Accounts, North Carolina: Vol.  IX, p. 101, Folio 2, Franklin County.  However, note there is also an account for a George Sorril: Vol,.  IX, p. 1149 Folio 4, Hyde County.  There are three Revolutionary vouchers for a George Sorrell #6023, #6039, and #3, all in Halifax District.  These records do not positively identify a person.

Research in North Carolina shows a George Sorril listed with 1 poll on the 1771 Surry County tax list; not listed for any other year. A Cornelius Sail is listed just above the Sorril entry; Sail is also listed for 1774 and 1775.  A 1972 issue of Virginia Genealogist mentioned the will of a Cornelius Sale of Essex County, Virginia, dated 3 April 1745, in which he named a daughter, Hannah 8orrill.  A Cornelius Sale is found later in Amherst County, Virginia.  He married in Amherst County, 20 October 1768, Jane Dawson, daughter of Joseph Dawson, formerly of Essex County, Virginia but Joseph lived in Amherst County at that time.  Jane Dawson and Cornelius Sale later moved to Wilkes County, Georgia.

The 1775 Surry County tax list names a Nathaniel Barnet, 1 poll.  The Barnett family later lived in Oglethorpe County and Franklin County, Georgia, and was found earlier in Amherst County, Virginia.  Two of the children of George Sorrell married into the Barnett family in Georgia.  For the tax lists, see William Perry  Johnson, Surry and Wilkes Counties, N.C, Taxables. Mr. Johnson abstracted the lists through 1777 for Surry County in this publication.  The Barnett and Sale families should be investigated by the George Sorrell descendants, since it is thought George came from the state of Virginia originally.

Please note that Richard Sorrils, with 4 horses & mules, 3 cattle and 100 acres land was found in Surry County, Capt.  Humphries District, 1782, and in Capt.  Shepherd's District, William Sorrils, 2 horses & mules, no land [Legislative Papers, 46.1, N.C. Archives]. Because James Sanders, Sr. (b. 1733) was found on this same list in 1782, Surry County, this Richard Sorrils is believed to be the same Richard Sorrells who bought land in Elbert County, Georgia in 1800, and whose son, William Alexander Sorrells, married Dorcas, the daughter of James Sanders.  

The List of Jacob Lash  [N.C. Archives   Box CRX 244, Rowan Co., N.C.] dated about 1768, the Hallows district, presently in Surry County, shows Georg Sorrel, 1 poll.

A George Sorrell was granted 640 acres land in Bute County, North Carolina, warrant issued 13 October 1778.  The land was on the waters of Lyons Creek, beginning at Geo.  Wooton's corner, to Jno.  Huckaby's corner, and Ralyeh (Raleigh) corner.  Bute County was abolished and formed into Warren and Franklin Counties in 1780.

A deed in Franklin County, dated 20 June 1780, tells us that George Sorrell and his wife, Elizabeth, both of Franklin County, sold 340 acres on both sides of Lyons Creek for 3000 pounds to Joseph Williams.  Description of the land shows it adjoined the lands belonging to said Joseph Williams, John Williams, Huckaby's line, formerly Thomas Wooten's line.  Wits: Michael Dorman, Abraham Jeffreys Bledsoe.  Recorded in the presence of said Sorrell in December, 1780.

George Sorrell was granted 500 acres land, adjacent to Walton Whatley, Benjamin Scott, vacant and unknown land, 15 January 1785, Wilkes County, Georgia .  Wilkes was an original county formed 5 February 1777 from the Ceded Lands.  It is not proven that the George Sorrell who came to Georgia was the same George Sorrell as the one in Surry County, Bute County, or Franklin County, N.C.

In Georgia, Greene County was formed from Washington County, 3 February 1786, and adjoined Wilkes County.  Oglethorpe County was formed 19 December 1793 from Wilkes County . Washington County was created 25 February 1784.

In Wilkes County, February 1785, George Sorrell witnessed a deed between Joseph Williams and his wife not named, and Anthony Ivey involving the sale of 225 acres land on Sherrells Creek[ Wilkes Co. Deed Bk BB:6].

A John Sorrells was given a survey and warrant for 200 acres headright land on the Little River, 19 August 1784, Wilkes County, adjacent to George Sorrells.  A John Sorrells was also issued a warrant for 13 acres land,  adjoining Morgan Williams,Walton Whatley, and George Sorrell, Wilkes County, April 1789 [Land Grant Bk FFF:417, for the 200 ac granted 1785; Plat Bk Q:252,332 and Land Grant Bk VVV:358 for the 13 ac granted in 1793].

Please note that a John Sorrels was in Wilkes County, Georgia, 24 July 1792, when he asked for final settlement of his Revolutionary War pay.  He participated in the war from November 1778-August 1779 from Burke County, North Carolina .  His identity is unknown, and this is mentioned here to inform the reader that there could have been 2 John Sorrells in Wilkes County at that time.

On the first extant tax list of Wilkes County, 1785-90, George Sorrell, George Sorrell, Jr., and Robert Sorrell are listed in Capt.  Karr's district.  George, Sr. was trustee for J. Sorrell on this list which reported 200 acres of land for J. Sorrell.

John Sorril, Green Sorril, and Archibald Whatley were in the Wilkes County Militia in October 1789 [Substitutes for Georgia's Lost 1790 Census, Delwyn Associates, Albany, Ga. 1975] .

A Robert Sorrell was granted 300 acres of land, Wilkes County, in 1785, but the compiler does not know whom it adjoined.  Robert has not been identified with the research done as of now.  The name Robert Sorrell Dist. 9, 1800 Oglethorpe County, Georgia census is crossed out.  The name, Robert Sowell, is also shown on this census in Dist. 9, with a census of 00221-00100-00.  In 1803, a Robert Sorrell, Jr. is shown on a petitioners list, No. 282, Mississippi Territory.

Robert Sorrell, Sr. is shown on the same list, Washington District, Mississippi, No. 291.  In the same year, Martin Sorrell is shown on the list, Mississippi Territory, No. 282, and a Martin Sorrell is shown in Washington District, Mississippi Territory, No. 291.  Who were they?

A Robert and Martin Sorrell were living or buying land in Wilkes County and Greene County, Georgia, at the same time George Sorrell was living there.  On 27 November 1790, Robert Sorrel of Wilkes County bought 287+ acres from Cemore Catchings of Wilkes County.  The land lay on Sandy Creek, Greene County [Greene Co. Deed Bk I:537].  A John Sorrell is shown living on Fishing Creek, 11 October 1790 [Greene Co. Deed Bk I:576].

Robert Sorrell of Greene Co. to Martin Sorrell of same, for $200, 131 ac on Sandy Creek, SE by Catchings, SW by Smith, NW by said Robert Sorrell, NE by Sandy Creek.  Wits: John Garrett, Tomas Harris, Moses Herrin, J.P. 22 Oct. 1795; recorded 21 Nov. 1795 [Greene Co. Deed Bk II:51-52].

John Sorrel, according to deeds, lived on Fishing Creek, Greene County, with a neighbor being Thomas Watts.  On 10 January 1791, Francis Burt of Virginia to John Sorrel*, Greene County, for 8100 pounds of tobacco, 287+ ac in Greene Co. on Fishing Creek, granted to Woody Burt, Sr., 13 Sept. 1784, the Court of Washington.. Wits:Archd.  Beall, James Beall, D. Hunter, J.P.  Recorded 6 March 1798. * Sorrells name is given as John Terrel in the body of the deed [Greene Co. Deed Bk II:344-45, and pp. 394- 95] .

The above deeds and more are published  in Some Georgia County Records, Vol.  II, Greene Co., pp. 162-365, Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr. compiler.  The reader is advised to check the original deed, Bk II:394-95 for the name, above, because published abstracts of deeds contain errors sometimes.

Browning Williams of Oglethorpe County, Georgia, left a will, dated 28 December 1795; probated 5 October 1796.  He named: my wife, Frances; son, Morgan Williams; daughter Tabitha Williams; son, John Williams; son, Joseph Williams; George Sorrell, relationship not given; Francis Bridges, relationship not given.  "To George Sorrell, Francis Bridges, and Joseph Williams, I give a Negro girl, Amy, to be divided among them and their heirs forever." His wife, Frances Williams, and Morgan Williams, his son, were executrix and executor., Wits: Moses Candle(?), George Hurst [Oglethorpe Co. Will Bk A:38-39].

It is believed by this compiler that George Sorrell and Francis Bridges were sons-in-law to Browning Williams, since it was the law in those days to name the husband of a daughter as the legal heir.  It is also thought that the daughter of Browning Williams was named Elizabeth, mentioned in the Franklin County, North Carolina deed of 1780 as George Sorrell's wife.   Joseph Williams, in the 1780 deed, and in the 1785 Wilkes County deed, may have been one and the same person as Joseph Williams, son of Browning Williams.  John Williams, mentioned in the warrant for land, Lyons Creek, Bute County, N.C., and in the 1780 Franklin County, N.C. deed, may have been one and the same person as the son of Browning Williams.

It is also believed that Elizabeth) wife of George Sorrell, must have been living in  1795-96, otherwise her share would have gone to her children, not George.  However, this is theory, not proven fact.   Accordingly, most of the descendants contacted by this compiler believe that the first wife of George Sorrell was Elizabeth Williams, and she was the mother of all his children.  He married a second time, since a stepmother is mentioned but not named in the will of George Sorrell, 1802, Greene County.

One George Sorrell married Sally Cameron,  16 Noverpber 1799, Greene County.  Since George had a son  George, Jr., and no other marriage record for a George Sorrell has been found in the Oglethorpe County/Greene County area, this is confusing matters.   Sally Cameron might have been the wife of George, Sr. and the stepmother in his will, or she might have been the wife of George, Jr., At any rate, one marriage record for a George Sorrell has not been recorded at all (many weren't during this period), or found in another location.

It is most likely that Sally Cameron was the wife of  George,Sr., not George, Jr.  The crossed out 1800 Oglethorpe County census of George Sorrell, Jr. lists him as 16/26 years old with 1 male under 10, and 1 female, 16/ 26 years old.  Since the census date was normally as of 1 June, it is doubtful that George, Jr. was the one who married Sally Cameron in November 1799  and had a child already by June.  However, this does not take into account that Sally could have had a child of her own by a previous marriage, or some other unknown factors that we cannot know of today.  George, Jr. was not located in the 1820, 1830, or 1840 Georgia census indexes; no other data.

The 1800 Oglethorpe County census shows George Sorrell, Sr., George Sorrell, Jr., Robert Sorrell, all of District 9, Capt.  Ellis District.  All of them are marked out, interpreted as because their land actually fell into Greene County.  However, the census for George, Jr. and a Robert Sowell, District 9, is still readable.  The 1800 Greene County census has been lost, as well as all other Georgia censuses for 1800 and 1810.

Thomas C. Sutton, a descendant of Etheldred Sorrell, son of George, Sr., was told by H. Armor, County Historian of Greene County, that the Sorrell homestead was in Greene County, very near the Oglethorpe County line and that in so far as he was able to determine, parts of the plantation lay in both counties.  Mr. Armor searched the area for a family cemetery, but found none.

Published 1805 Georgia Land Lottery records show for Greene County: Patsy & Etheldred, orphans of Geo. Sorrel, 1 draw, a blank, registrant #845.  John Sorrel, 2 draws, 2 blanks, registrant #905.  Greene Sorrel, 1 draw, 1 blank, registrant #844 [Virginia S. and Ralph V. Wood, 1805 Georgia Land Lottery.  Cambridge, Ma. 1964].


[Greene Co. Ga.  Will Bk:43-47.  Microfilm copy, Ga.  Archives.  See also Greene Co. Probate Bk:322-324.]
 Greene Co. Ga.
In the name of God, Amen.  I, GEORGE SORRELL, of the county and state aforesaid, being through abundant mercy and goodness of God, though weak in body, yet of sound and perfect understanding and memory, do constitute this My last Will and Testament and discreet to be resigned by all of such.

lst- I give unto by beloved wife the one half of the clear profits of the sawmill, so long as my son GREENE keeps her, that is the mill.

2nd- It is my will and desire that the whole of my property both real and personal remain upon the premises for the purpose raising of my little son and supporting the family.  All left in the care of my son GREENE SORRELL who shall have the sole care and command of the plantation together with my negro Frank and mill.  It is my will that GREENE holds the mill for the term of twenty years from the date hereof and the plantation until my son ETHELDRED comes of age, then it is my desire that ETHELDRED take possession of the plantation and stock of all kind and household and kitchen.  Except one bed and furniture which I give to my wife giving her choice.

 3rd- I give unto my son ETHELDRED the tract of land whereon I now live containing four hundred and sixty one acres, lying in the county of Greene and Oglethorpe.  But shall not prohibit GREENE from timbers of any kind for the purpose of sawing for the time above stipulated. [Published version of this will in Lucas, Some Georgia County Records, Vol.  II:345, says, "lying in the county of Lincoln and Oglethorpe." However, the microfilm copy does say Greene and Oglethorpe.]

4th- It is my will that my wife should continue on the plantation with ETHELDRED who shall support her during her natural life or widowhood.

5th- I also give unto my son ETHELDRED my said negro FRANK who shall be delivered by GREENE when ETHELDRED comes of age.

6th- I give unto my daughter TABATHA GRESHAM one dollar and twenty five cents to her and her heirs forever.

7th- I give unto my daughter JANE GRIFFIN one dollar and twenty five cents to her and her heirs forever.

8th- I give unto my daughter NELLY WILLIAMS one dollar and twenty five cents to her and her heirs forever.

9th- I give unto my daughter BIDDY WIATT one cow known by the name of "the saw'd horn cow" to her and her heirs forever.

10th- I give unto my son GEORGE SORRELL one dollar and twenty five cents to him and his heirs forever.

 llth- I give unto my daughter ANN WESTERN (or WEBSTER, WESTER) one dollar and twenty five cents to her and her heirs forever.

12th- I give unto my daughter SALLY BARNETT one dollar and twenty five cents to her and her heirs forever.

 13th- I give unto my daughter ELIZABETH SORRELL one dollar and twenty five cents to her and her heirs forever.

14th- I give unto my daughter FANNY WALLY one dollar and twenty five cents to her and her heirs forever.

15th- It is my will and desire that if my daughter PATSEY SORRELL will stay with her stepmother and behave herself, when she living then in credit, she shall have a horse and saddle, which horse, etc., must be provided for out of the profits of the mill.

16th- I give unto my son JOHN SORRELL one dollar and twenty five cents to him and his heirs forever.

17th- I give unto my son GREENE SORRELL twenty years work of my saw mill, that is one half of the net proceeds thereof as his legasee.

18th- It is my desire that MORGAN GRIFFY be allowed to stay upon the Plantation where WHATLEY lives for 5 years, provided he complys with said bargain.

19th- Provided my little son ETHELDRED should die leaving no lawful heirs, in that case it is my will GREENE should have the Estate to whom I give in that case.  Who I constitute and appoint my sole Executor of this my Last Will and Testament.  In witness whereof  I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 24th day of November 1802.
Anderson Fambrough
Robert Cole
James Turner

Signed GEORGE SORRELL (his mark and seal]

Sworn to 1 April 1803 and recorded.

Inventory and appraisement of the GEORGE SORRELL estate took place in Greene County, Georgia,  19 May 1803.  Appraisers were ROBERT ROYSTON, ALEXANDER JOHNSON and WILLIAM FEARS.  The estate was valued at $1277.52 ½, not including any land that he owned.


All of the returns and the final return of the estate were not located  in the records on file in Greene County.  See Probate court Minutes Bk 1803, pp. 229-231.

Minutes Bk, p. 199 shows: "JOHN SORRIL came forward to forbid the proving of the will of George Sorrell for reason he is now ready to make known." but no further information was given.

NOTE:  The name of George Sorrell's daughter, Ann did not appear clear at all in the will.  It could as Webster, Western, but most likely it was John Wester who died in Greene County, Georgia in 1805.   JOHN SORRILL was appointed administrator [Greene Co. Annual Returns Bk F:29].  John Wester's chi ldren were: Sally, b. 1781; JOHN WESTER, Jr., b. ca. 1782 and married ANNE, 20 Jan. 1803, Greene Co.; Prudy, b. ca. 1783, Edward, ca. 1784; William, b. ca. 1785; Sucky, b. ca. 1786;  Betsy, b. ca. 1787; and Benjamin, b. 1792/1800.  See Greene Co. Minutes 1799-1836, pp. 193, 231.  See The Georgians, comp.  Jeannette Austin, Gen.  Pub. Co. 1984, pp. 377, 378,  for the Wester family of Georgia. This information is given as a clue for any reader who may descend from Wester family.

The children of George Sorrell follow, but they are not in birth order, as that is unknown.

+1.    JOHN 2 was listed as a son in George's will.  John SoRelle  married Mary Watts.  See later.

 2.   GEORGE, Jr., birthdate and birthplace unknown; unknown where or when he died, See preceding pages.

+3. GREENE, b. ca. 1773, birthplace unk; d. after 27 June 1842, Chambers Co. Al.; m. SUSANNAH BARNETT, 2 June 1808, Oglethorpe Co. Ga.

 4.   FANNY, b. 10 May 1777; d. 22 July 1863; m. ARCHIBALD WHATLEY (b. 19 Dec. 1769, S.C.; d. 22 Sept. 1847, Troup Co. Ga.; bur. family cemetery), on 15 Dec. 1797, Oglethorpe Co. Ga. [Query: Family Puzzlers, #835, Oct. 1983].  Family in 1830 Troup Co. census, p. 36, also in 1840 census .  Archibald Whatley was son of Walton or Wharton Whatley and his wife, Elizabeth [Will Bk A:70, Oglethorpe Co., Ga.  July 1791].

5.   SALLY, m. JOHN BARNETT, 8 Oct. 1802, Greene Co. Ga.; See 1830 Greene Co. census, p. 290.

6.   TABATHA, m. previous to date of George's will; probably  m. FERDINAND GRESHAM named in returns ; see 1830 Jones Co.  Ga. census, p. 443.

7.   JANE, probably m. MORGAN GRIFFIN (GRIFFETH); see 1820 Morgan Co. Ga. and 1830 Gwinnett Co. Ga. census, p. 335.

8.   NELLY, prob. m. JONATHAN WILLIAMS, listed under sundry notes due the George Sorrell estate.  Not found in 1820 or 1830 Ga. census index.

9.   BIDDY prob. m. ELISHA WYATT,listed as legatee of George Sorrell, and in sundry notes.  Elijah Wiott, 1800 Oglethorpe Co. Ga. census, 20010-20110.

10.   ANN m. WESTERN (or WEBSTER, or WESTER), no data.

11.   ELIZABETH, single during will probateof father; m. JOHN HUNT, in 1807, Greene Co. Ga.  See John Hunt, 1830 Greene Co. census, p. 277; Elizabeth Hunt, 1840 & 1850 Greene Co. censuses.  She was 70 years old in 1850, b. N.C.  "Mrs. E. Hunt, 77 years old in 1850, d. 22 July 1857" [Christian Index Obituaries, 16 Sept. 1857, p. 147, Col. 3].  Now (July 2001) other evidence is presented by a researcher of this family who found a 1812 War widow's pension record of Elizabeth Hunt, widow of John Hunt who served in the 1812 war, enlisted Aug. 23, 1813 in Capt. John Browning's outfit.  The maiden name of widow, Elizabeth Sorrell; resided in 1854, 1855 and 1871, Greene Co. Ga. at P.O. Union Point.  Marriage of soldier and widow was Oct. 15, 1803, Greene Co. Ga. and John Hunt died July 15, 1831, Greene Co. Ga.  Elizabeth Sorrell Hunt died Aug. 27, 1873 according to this pension record.  Also a newspaper article (Greene County Newspapers Clippings, Vol I 1852-1873, Tad Evans) says Elizabeth Hunt, widow of John Hunt, and mother of the late Henry Hunt, of Greensboro, died Aug. 27, 1873, in the 102nd year of her age;  this would make her born in 1771.  There is an Elizabeth Hunt in 1870 Greene Co. census who is 80 years old (b. 1790; cannot read who she lives with)  and an Elizabeth Hunt in 1860 Greene Co. census, b. Ga.; age 75 (b. 1785) ; living with Henry E.  Hunt, age 38, and a John ___. age 50, farmer.  Can anyone straighten this out?  Let me know.

12.  PATSEY.  The only record found is of a similar name: Patsey Sowell m. Mikelberry Holloway, 23 Apr. 1820, Bullock Co. Ga.  Do not know if this was her.

+13.  ETHELDRED, b. c. 1790, Ga.; d. intestate between June and December 1840, in Tishomingo Co. Ms; m. NANCY WALKER, daughter of Sarah Lambert and William Walker.

1. JOHN 2 SORRELL (George 1), was born ca. 1763, birthplace unknown but tradition says Virginia, and died 27 September 1841, Plum Fayette Co., TX, at the home of his daughter Celia Cooper.

Please note that parts of this family began to use the spellings Sorelle and SoRelle, and some descendants still use those spellings today.

According to family tradition, John  was buried in Fayette County on the place where his son, Thomas B. Sorrell lived, but John's probate papers say Thomas B. Sorrell lived in Alabama in 1842.   The obituary of John Sorrell in The Wetumpka Argus in Alabama,  dated 8 December 1841, says he died at his daughter's home  after a prolonged illness and was a native of Georgia who settled at Cahaba, Alabama about 1819, and was in his 78th year of age when he died.

JOHN SORRELL married MARY "POLLY" WATTS, daughter of Hannah Rust Boggess (b. 15 Aug. 1753; d. 26 Jan. 1836, Dallas Co. Al.), and Thomas Watts (b. 14 Feb. 1747, Va; d. 25 Nov. 1797, Greene Co. Ga.).  See Greene County, Georgia, Will Bk II, 1794-1810, pp. 1-3, for will of Thomas Watts.   Polly's parents were married in Fauquier County, Virginia, 26 September 1768.  Polly Sorrell died 18 October 1838 at the age of 70, according to her obituary in Dallas County, Alabama.  The marriage record of John and Mary Watts Sorrell has not been found.   The only children with known birthdates are Wiley Jones Sorrell, born 1796 in Georgia, and Thomas B. Sorrell, born 1811 in Georgia  according to census reports.

A manuscript, entitled Sorelle Family of the South, by Vivian Sorelle, a great-granddaughter of John, compiled in 1950, is in the New York Public Library, New York City.  It gives many old family letters and records research she had done on the family.   She said family tradition said this family was from Virginia.  She searched records at Norfolk and Portsmouth, Virginia, without results.

John Sorrell was in the 1820 and 1830 Dallas County, Alabama censuses, and sometime before 1840 he was in the Republic of Texas.  Old Cahaba Land Records of Alabama show John Sorrell of Greene County, Georgia bought land in Dallas County in 1818, 1819, and 1820 [Marilyn Davis Hahn. Old Cahaba Land Office Records and Military Warrants, 1817-53, Mobile. 1981].

The will of John Sorrell, dated 2 June 1841, Dallas Co. Alabama, names his sons: JAMES M., WILEY J., SEABORNE J., JOHN M. and THOMAS B. SORRELL.  Daughters named, CELIA COOPER, MATILDA WEBB, NANCY BROWNING, REBECCA ADAMS, MARY WEBB, MARGARET PYLANT, and CATHERINE BARNES, deceased, bodily heirs of her body.   On 6 December 1841, in Dallas County, James M. Sorrell and Henry Adams were appointed executors of John Sorrell's estate and took bond of $50,000 [Will Bk A:194 ].

In June 1842, Dallas County, a petition to sell the land of John Sorrell, deceased, shows all the above sons living in Alabama; also, Elisha Webb and Matilda, his wife; James Pylant and Margaret, his wife; Henry Adams and Rebecca, his wife, living in Alabama.  Living beyond the limits of Alabama were: Robert Webb and wife, Mary; Daniel Browning and wife, Nancy; Charles Cooper and wife, Celia.  The heirs of Catherine Barnes, wife of John E. Barnes, both deceased, were: James E., Lloyd W., John E., Martha A., and Thomas S. Barnes, all living in Alabama [Bk E:105-06, 226, 249, 273, 301, 350, 369].   Final settlement of the estate, dated October 1846, Dallas County [Bk H:218, 251, 266 ].

A lengthy settling of the estate also took place in Fayette County, Texas, with Charles Cooper, executor [Probate Records, Bk B:215-26; Probate C:80-84, 197; Probate Minutes Bk B:102, 178-80].  By 1850 Margaret Pylant had become Mrs. Manning of Texas and Polly Webb was of Louisiana.  The ones in Texas were W.J. Sorrell, S.J. Sorrell, John M. Sorrell, Thomas B. Sorrell, Nancy Browning, Celia Cooper.  In Alabama were the heirs of Catherine Barnes, James M. Sorrell,  Matilda Webb, and Rebecca Adams.

These records are very lengthy and the compiler has only given the highlights from them.  The land records of John’s estate show, among others, that he owned SE quarter of section 14, township 15, range 10, containing 160 ac, except 4 ac he had deeded to the Baptist Church where it now stands on the Greenville Road... (Dallas County).  His obituary also shows he was a member of the Baptist Church for many, many years before his death.

The children of Mary Watts and John Sorrell are not in birth order and birthplaces are taken from censuses, where available.  Vivian Sorelle, author of the manuscript mentioned before, was a granddaughter of Thomas B. Sorrell, and she quoted family tradition saying that he was born in Norfolk, Virginia, but she found no proof.

14.  MATILDA 3 , m. ELISHA WEBB, 4 Feb. 1808, Greene Co. Ga.  Marriage record calls him West, but probate records of John Sorrell call him Webb.

15.   NANCY, m. DANIEL BROWNING, 12 July 1808, Greene Co. Ga. They were living in Austin, Travis Co. Tx. in 1840.  Daniel was appt. overseer to build road from Austin to San Marcos, 1840.  Children: JOHN, CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS, b. 9 Feb. 1812, Greene Co. Ga., MARY, MARTHA, PAMELA, and FRANCES.  Christopher was an Indian fighter and Texas Ranger, lived in Austin, and married PENINA GUNTER of Al. [Citizens of the Republic of Texas.  Texas State Genealogical Society, Dallas, 1977, p. 497].  Page 502 of this reference lists John Sorrell, d. 27 Sept. 1841, Fayette County, Tx, residing in Fayette County in 1836; no other information.

16.  MARY, m. ROBERT WEBB, 10 Feb. 1812, Greene Co. Ga.

17.  WILEY JONES, b. 24 Nov. 1796, Ga.; d. 23 Mar. 1868, Hopkins Co. Tx; m. MAHALA VARNER (b. 7 Dec. 1797; d. 23 Dec. 1876, Tx.), on 9 Jan. 1817, Oglethorpe Co. Ga. She was the daughter of Susannah Henley and Matthew Varner, a Revolutionary soldier.  Wiley died intestate and he and his wife are buried Shiloh cemetery, Campbell, Hunt Co. Tx.  Wiley J. SoRelle (way he spelled his name) was a Primitive Bapt. minister [Orphan's Court, Minutes C:67, Dallas Co. Al, 23 Sept. 1833].   He is listed in the 1840 Benton Co. Al census (now Calhoun Co.); in 1850 Harrison Co. Tx. census; and in 1860 Hunt Co. Tx., living at Shiloh, l mile south of Campbell, Tx.  Campbell business district burned in 1950, and it is no longer on the map.  See also Fayette Co. Tx. and Dallas Co. Al. for records.  Dr. ELEANOR DUKE, who m. JACK DUKE, , descends from ELEANOR CAROLINE SoRelle, dau. of Wiley J., who m. JAMES M. McCAMANT.    The issue of Mahala and Wiley J. SoRelle were: SIDNEY ZENOBIA, SARAH, PRUDENCE FLORENTINE, AGNES EMMALINE, ELEANOR CAROLINE, WILEY HENLEY VARNER, CATHERINE M., and MARY SoRelle.

18.  MARGARET, m. (1) JAMES PYLANT, 17 Jan. 1821, Dallas Co. Al; m. (2) ______      MANNING.

19.   SEABORNE J. b. ca. 1805, Ga; d. ca. 1854 of yellow fever, Port Lavaca, Tx; occupation: physician.   He m. ELIZABETH HARDY, 12 June 1823, Dallas Co. AL.  She d. in 1840, Dallas Co. Al.  [Wetumpka Argus, 19 Aug. 1840].  See 1840 Autauga Co., Al. and 1850 Harrison Co. Tx. census.

20.   JAMES MADISON, b. ca. 1807, Ga.; wife not known; admr. of John Sorrell estate in Dallas Co. Al.  See 1830-50 Dallas Co. Al. censuses.  Said to have stayed in Al.

21.   JOHN M., b. 1806-1808; see 1830 Lowndes Co. Al, 1850 Harrison Co. Tx, and 1880 Harrison Co. Tx. censuses.

22.  THOMAS B., b. 30 Apr. 1811 [Vivian Sorelle gave dates].  He was born  in Ga. [census]; d. 8 Mar. 1878, Tx.; m.  BARBARA GORDON KENNEDY.  See 1840 Dallas Co. Al. and 1850 Fayette Co. Tx. censuses.  See Vivian Sorrelle manuscript for more on this ancestor and his siblings.  The New York Public library will send you a copy of her manuscript for a nominal fee.

23.   CELIA, m. CHARLES H. COOPER.  He was Admr. of John Sorrell estate, Fayette Co. Tx. and lived there between 1841-50, at least.

24.   REBECCA, m. HENRY ADAMS, 24 June 1824, Dallas Co. Al.  He was Admr. of John Sorrell estate in Dallas Co. Al.

25. CATHERINE W., m. JOHN E. BARNES.  Both deceased prior to June 1841 when John Sorrell wrote his will.   Issue named in the Dallas Co. Al. probate of John Sorrell.


3.  GREENE 2  SORRELL (George) b. ca. 1773, birthplace unk; d. after 27 June 1842, Chambers Co. Al.; m. SUSANNAH BARNETT, 2 June 1808, Oglethorpe Co. Ga.  He was listed in the Wilkes County, Georgia militia in October, 1789, so he had to be at least 16 years old then.   He married SUSANNAH BARNETT (b. ca. 1779, parents unk; living in Chambers Co. Al. as of 15 Jan. 1850), on 2 June 1808, Oglethorpe County, Ga.  Greene died after 27 June 1842, Chambers County, Alabama, date he wrote his will.  Records will follow.

The compiler wishes to note that this Greene Sorrell has been mistaken by some family researchers as the son of Nancy Newberry and Samuel Sorrells on DAR papers.  Greene's son, Green J. Sorrell, the grandson of George Sorrell, has also been mistaken as the son of Samuel.  It is hoped this book will help to clear this up.

Greene Sorrell was on the October 1789, Wilkes County, Georgia militia list, along with a John Sorril,, and Archibald Whatley.  Greene was not on the first Wilkes County tax list of 1785-90, but he was listed on the 1796 and 1797 Oglethorpe County tax lists in the same district as George Sorrell.  The 1800 Greene County census is lost, as well as all other 1800 and 1810 Georgia censuses, except the 1800 Oglethorpe County census.  He was not listed on the 1800 Oglethorpe County census, and may well have been in Greene County running the mill as later provided for in George's will, probated in 1803.  As noted previously, Greene drew in the 1805 Lottery from Greene County, but he did not win a prize.

Greene is listed on the 1820 Gwinnett County census; 1830 Meriwether County census, both in Georgia, and the 1840 Chambers County, Alabama census.  The name of his son-in-law, Joseph Foshee, appears below Greene Sorrell in the 1830 census, and Joseph is also listed in the 1840 Chambers County census, and named in Green Sorrell's probate records.  The land records of Monroe County, Georgia during the 1820's show these transactions:

The land records of Monroe County, Georgia during the 1820's show these transactions:
25 Nov. 1822.  Greene Sorrells and Susannah Sorrells to James Lester EBk A-2501
25 Nov. 1822.  Greene Sorrell to James Lester EBk C:112]
5 Dec. 1825.  Greene Sorrell to Edward White EBk E:2181
29 July 1822.  Elijah Ethredge of Jones Co. GA. to Job Tailor of Jones Co. Lot #115, 6th Dist.  Monroe Co. 202 and 1/2 ac. Wits: Daniel Malone, J.P., John Sorrell. Rec. 4 Feb. 1824 [Bk B:180-181].  Identity of this John Sorrell?
The daughter of Greene Sorrell, Dorothy, married Joseph Foshee in Monroe County on 22 August 1824.

Named in the will of Greene Sorrell, dated 27 June 1842, Chambers County, Alabama,were the following.  Sons: GREEN J., JOHN  S., executors and son, GEORGE W. SORRELL.  Wife, SUSAN SORRELL, "companion of my heart".  Daughters: ELIZABETH ANN JARVIS, wife of GEORGE Y. JARVIS; NANCY, wife of BLAKE B. MATHIS.  These are the only children mentioned in his will, although others are named in the probate records [Will Bk 1 & 2:227].  Inventory and appraisement took place 3 February 1844, Chambers County; estate valued at $3,451 [Record of Inventories Bk,4 Vol.3:83-86].

On 3 April 1851, the executors of Greene Sorrell's estate requested a final distribution and stated the value of the estate was $5,292.  Named as heirs and legatees were: GREEN J. SORRELL, JOHN S. SORRELL, GEORGE W. SORRELL, WILLIAM B. SORRELL, FRANCIS M. SORRELL, DOROTHY FOSHEE, WIFE OF JOSEPH FOSHEE, ELIZABETH ANN JARVIS, WIFE OF GEORGE Y.JARVIS, NANCY MATHIS, WIFE OF BLAKE B. MATHIS, SUSAN FOSHEE,WIFE OF WILLIAM R. FOSHEE, MARY ANN STACKS, WIFE OF ENOCH STACKS. The final distributions were made to the ten heirs on 9 June 1851 [vol. 3:157-60].  Previously, in November 1849, SUSANNAH SORRELL, widow of Greene Sorrell, had accepted a settlement as her part of the estate, stating at the time she was about 70 years old.  A sale of the estate was held 14th and 15th January 1850, at which time she was still living.

The first name and the last name of Greene Sorrell are spelled various ways, that is, Green or Greene, etc.  Please be aware there are several Green Sorrell(s) in the southern states at this period of time.


26.  GEORGE W.3 SORRELL,  m. MARY ANN (POLLY) HURLEY, 11 May 1835, Troup Co: Ga.  He may be the George W. Sorrell on 1840 Chambers Co. Al. census, 1860 Pike Co. Al. & 1870 Baker Co. Al. censuses.  Tombstone says b. Nov. 1808; d. 1 Nov. 1889; wife buried there, b. 2 May 1819; d. 13 June 1897.  Both were born in Ga.  I was told by a descendant that she found his grave in Jefferson Co. AL, at the Sulphur Springs Cemetery.  Other descendants say the grave is not in that cemetery, so I don't know.

27.   ELIZABETH ANN, b. 22 Jan. 1810, Ga.; d. 2 July 1883, Al; m. GEORGE YOUNG JARVIS (b. 1 Aug. 1807; d. 6 Sept. 1887); buried  Bethlehem (New Salem) Churchyard, Alexander City, A1.  Marriage record not found.   Their son, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN JARVIS, b. 21 Sept. 183l or 1833, Meriwether Co. Ga; m. SARAH ANDERSON, 30 June 1853, Tallapoosa Co. Al.  Ben and Sarah were parents of WILLIAM F. M. JARVIS who m. JANE P. YATES.  William and Jane Jarvis had IZILLAR JANE JARVIS who m. JOHN VANCE LESTER.

28.   DOROTHY  m. JOSEPH FOSHEE, 22 Aug. 1824, Monroe Co. Ga. ; in 1830 Meriwether Co. Ga. and 1840 Chambers Co. Al. censuses.  Their son, NOAH E. FOSHEE, b. 7 Dec. 1829, Monroe Co. Ga. m. FRANCES ANN DAVIS, 11 Oct. 1850, Tallapoosa Co. Al.  They were parents of JOHN WADE ELLIS FOSHEE who m. MALISSA JANE ALFRED.   John and Malissa had HENRY LUCIAN FOSHEE who m. NELLIE MAY REDDAN.  Their daughter RITA FRANCES FOSHEE m. RUSSELL LESTER STROM.

29.   GREEN J., b. ca. 1813, Ga.; m. HULDAH PITTS, 18 Sept. 1833, Troup Co. Ga.  He may have married a second  time, as a record is in Chambers Co. Al. for Green J. Sorrell to MAHULDA PETERS, 21 Jan. 1841. See l850, 1860, 187O Chambers Co. censuses.  Green J. had son, GREEN B. SORRELL, b. Ga., age 14, in household of Green J., 1850 census.  Look for Green B. in 1860-80 Chambers Co. censuses, because he m. MINERVA (maiden name unknown) and they had a son, GREEN J. SORRELL, b. ca. 1863, Al.  These various Greens have not been researched thoroughly.  This is for your information only.

30.   JOHN S., b. ca. 1814-16, Ga.; m. RUTHENA PANNELL, 12 Nov. 1836, Chambers Co. Al.  See 1840-80 Chambers Co. censuses.

31.   WILLIAM B., b. ca. 1820, Ga. m. SARAH A. PANNELL, 16 Nov. 1844, Tallapoosa Co. Al., Francis Sorriel(sic), bondsman.  May be the one in 1870 Tallapoosa Co. Al.

32.   NANCY m. BLAKE B. MATHIS, 30 Dec. 1841, Chambers Co. Al.

33.   SUSAN m. WILLIAM RILEY FOSHEE, 28 Jan. 1841, Chambers Co. Al.  Her birthdate unk.

34.   MARY ANN m. ENOCH STACKS, 21 Sept. 1847, Chambers Co. Al. Her birthdate unk.

35.   FRANCIS M., b. ca. 1825, Ga; m. HOLLAND PETERS, 27 Mar. 1845, Chambers Co. Al.  See 1850 Chambers Co. and 1870 Tallapoosa Co. Al. censuses.


13.  ETHELDRED 2  SORRELL (George ) born about 1790, probably in Georgia, drew as a minor orphan of George Sorrell in 1805 Land Lottery as a resident of Greene County, Georgia (#845), and died intestate in Tishomingo County, Mississippi, between June and prior to  December 1840.

He married NANCY WALKER, daughter of Sarah Lambert and William Walker, a Revolutionary soldier of Oglethorpe County, Georgia.  The marriage record of Nancy and Etheldred has not been found.  The Walker family records are contained in Sarah Walker's widow's Revolutionary  Pension #W6401, National Archives.

Nancy Walker Sorrell was born 9 July 1790, North Carolina, and died 8 February 1852, Tishomingo County, MS.

Etheldred Sorrell is listed on the 1820 Oglethorpe County, Ga. census as 26/45 yrs old, and on the 1830 Clarke County, Ga. and 1840 Tishomingo, MS censuses.  Etheldred was in Chambers Co. Alabama about 1836-37, before he went on to  Mississippi.  [Bobby L. Lindsay, A Reason For Tears, p.  158].

Etheldred's estate was first probated in December, 1840 [Old Tishomingo County Probate Case #31, Office of the Chancery Clerk, Corinth, Alcorn Co.. MS].  The legatees named in this case were: NANCY SORRELL, widow and Admr., HARRISON W. ELDER, husband of SARAH, MILLEDGE S. DURHAM, husband of ELIZABETH, REBECCA L. SORRELL, WILLIAM F. LAMBERT, husband of SUSAN ANN, WILLIAM A. TREADWELL, husband of LUCY ANN, MELKIJAH SURATT, husband of AMANDA

Nancy Walker Sorrell left a willl dated 1 June 1842, entered for probate 26 February 1852 and remained in probate until 14 June 1858, because the will was contested as to legality [Old Tishomingo County Probate Case #274].   Excepting Nancy, the same legatees as named in Etheldred's probate were involved in the distribution of assets except the omission of Rebecca L. Sorrell, who died ca.1842, and the addition of AZARIAH PARIS COBB, husband of MARY ANN FRANCES SORRELL.


36.   SARAH3, b. ca. 1811, Ga;m. HARRISON W. ELDER of Clarke Co. Ga.  Census 1850 and 1860 Tishomingo County, MS.

37.   ELIZABETH T., b. ca. 1813, Ga; m. Dr. MILLEDGE S. DURHAM.  Census 1850 Oglethorpe Co. Ga., 1860 Clarke Co. Ga.

38.   REBECCA L., b. ca. 1815, Ga; d. unmarried Tishomingo Co. MS.  Probate Record Bk, Chancery Clerk, Alcorn Co. Ms. Case #55, will of Rebecca L. Sorrell, dated 16 Dec. 1842, says in part, " NANCY SORRELL, beloved mother, bequeath all, coming to me from my deceased father's estate ..."   Wits: W.A. Treadwell, R.H. Boon.

39.   SUSAN ANN, b. ca. 1817, Ga; m. WILLIAM F. LAMBERT in Ga. but moved to Tishomingo Co. MS by 1850 census.

40.   LUCY ANN, b. 28 July 1819, Clark Co. Ga; d. 19 July 1899, Dale Co. AL; m. WILLIAM AUGUSTUS TREADWELL, M.D., 16 Feb. 1837, Chambers Co. Al.  Buried Victoria Cemetery in what is now Coffee Co. AL.   It is believed they were living in the Etheldred Sorrell household in 1840 with a daughter under 5 yrs old.   See 1850 Russell Co. Al. census.  Probate papers of Nancy Sorrell gave this legatee as a non-resident of MS in 1858.  W.A. Treadwell wit. will of Rebecca L.  Sorrell, above.

41.   AMANDA L., b. ca. 1822 Ga. m. MELKIJAH (MELCIJAH) SURATT, 26 May 1840, Tishomingo Co. MS.  In 1850 and 1860 Tishomingo Co. censuses.

42.   WALKER WILLIAM, b. ca. 1823; m. LUCY A. FLINT, 30 Nov 1848, Tishomingo Co. MS; in 1850 census.  He was reported living in Texas in the 1858 probate papers of Nancy Sorrell.

43.   MARY ANN FRANCES, b. 14 Oct. 1829, Ga; d. 23 Sept. 1895, Ga; m. AZARIAH PARIS COBB  ca. 1847, MS; buried Mars Hill Cem., Oconee Co. Ga.   See 1850 Tippah Co. MS. census and 1860 Clarke Co. Ga. census.  Their daughter, ELIZABETH DURHAM COBB m. CHARLES WILLIAM HARRIS, Elizabeth and Charles were the parents of  WILLIE GERTRUDE HARRIS who married BAXTER SUTTON.  The last named were the parents of THOMAS COLE SUTTON who m. MARY LOU BUDINICH.  Tom researched this line some years ago and shared his research with the compiler.