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15 RICHARD W. 3 SORRELLS (Charles 2, Richard) was born 2 January 1802, Georgia; died 6 June 1855 [tombstone dates]; buried two miles above Danielsville in an old Sorrells Cemetery near Scull Shoal, Creek, Madison County.

He married SUSANNAH GRIFFETH (b. 22 Sept. 1803; d.30 June 1886; buried  Danielsville City Cemetery,  Madison Co.), daughter of Sarah Leeper(1782-1853) and James Griffeth (1774-1847).  For her parents, see Our Kin:1337.  Richard and Susannah were married 24 October 1824, Madison Co. GA.

In a letter to the compiler in March 1982, WILLIAM ARCHIE SORRELLS,  a descendant of  Richard W. Sorrells, said he believes Richard, the  progenitor, is also buried in the old Sorrells Cemetery above Danielsville.  Will lives about a half mile from the cemetery where Richard W. Sorrells is buried.  Will said a relative, Britt Sorrells, grandson of Samuel H. Sorrells, and great-grandson of Charles Lee Sorrells), grew up in this area and saw several iron fences around other graves in this cemetery when he was a boy.  Also about fifty yards below the cemetery, toward the creek, there was  an old homestead place in ruins.  Will remembers seeing those ruins himself.  Today, you can see the remains of two old homesteads, believed to have been the homes of Richard W. Sorrells and that of his son, Charles Lee Sorrells.  However, Will and Britt Sorrells are speaking of a third ruin.

[Sorrell Homeplace] [Grave]
Old Sorrells Homestead,
Madison Co. Ga
Believed to be that
of Charles Lee Sorrells
Grave of
Richard W. Sorrells
All that remains of the cemetery is the one iron fence around the marked, deteriorated tombstone of Richard W. Sorrells.  During the compiler's visit in 1981, Will said this land where the grave is used to belong to Samuel H. Sorrells,  a son of Charles Lee Sorrells.  Will knew Mary Susan Sorrells ( 72, writer of some of the old letters).  She wrote that Richard, the progenitor, and his wife, Mildred,  were buried on the farm belonging to A.C. Sorrells.  Will said that was Allen Candler Sorrells, his uncle who died in 1947. At that time A.C. Sorrells owned the land which  adjoined the land where the grave of Richard W. Sorrells is located.  The land where the grave is located has now passed out of the Sorrells family.  The grave of Richard W. Sorrells assumes more importance, as it is one of the earliest landmarks of this Sorrells family in Georgia.  We hope it is preserved.

Richard W. Sorrells is found by that name in the county records, but Mary Susan Sorrells called him Richard Wilburn Sorrells in the old letters, and some descendants say his middle name was Wilburn.  He had a first cousin named Richard Tully Sorrells, son of William Alexander, who also lived in Madison County (8).   Do not confuse them.  He is shown as Richard T. Sorrells in the records.

Richard W. Sorrells was a surveyor, extensive land owner, and planter.  He remained in Madison County with his family when his father, Charles, moved to Walton County by 1830.  In 1832, Charles sold Richard W. Sorrells some land which was a part of three surveys: some old Richard bought in 1800 from Colbert, some which Charles bought in 1803, and some which was granted to Charles in 1810 on Scull Shoal Creek.

After the death of Richard W. Sorrells, his only son, Charles Lee, was deeded large tracts of land by his mother, Susan Sorrells.  Some of this land was on Scull Shoal Creek and had belonged to Richard W. Sorrells .  The information for the children is taken from Our Kin: 1338-1339.  Note that Richard W. Sorrells, his daughter, and his granddaughter all died within days of each other.  Cause of deaths is unknown to the compiler.

Fourth Generation

+114        CHARLES LEE , Sr. 4, b. 26 June 1826, Ga; d. 5 Oct. 1888, Madison Co; bur.  Danielsville City Cem; m. (1) SARAH A. COLBERT, 30 Nov. 1848, Madison Co.; m. (2) MARY E. -------(census).

115        SARAH  E., b. 28 Dec. 1834, Ga; d. 11 June 1855; m. SAMUEL H. WARE, 21 Oct. 1852, Madison Co. They had one child: SUSAN E. WARE, b. 28 Aug. 1853; d. 7 June 1855.


16.       NANCY 3 SORRELLS (Charles 2, Richard ) was born ca.1803, Georgia, and died after the 1880 census and before 1891, Coosa County, Alabama.  She married HAMILTON WARE (b. ca. 1804, Ga; d. 18 Feb. 1891, Coosa Co. AL), son of Letty (Ware) and James Ware, Jr., 18 December 1823, Madison County  [Marriage Bk 1812-49:461].

The Hamilton Ware family is shown on the 1830 DeKalb County census in Georgia and the 1850 through 1880 Coosa County, Alabama censuses.

Some of Hamilton Ware's intestate records are found in Coosa County Probate Minutes #13:82-85.  Nancy Ware is not mentioned in the probate records , so she probalby predeceased Hamilton.  Heirs mentioned in Hamilton's probate records were: Elizabeth W.-----, Amanda Lauderdale, Jane Lock, and Fannie Baker, residing out of the state of Alabama; E.V. Jones, guardian of the interests of the minor heirs, Mamie Ware, Ella Ware, and one whose name is unreadable, and Maggie Ware.  Others (adults) were James C. Ware, Hamilton Ware, and George H. Ware, residing in Coosa County, Alabama.

Administrator of the estate was Joseph D. Hull, sheriff of Coosa County. This family was compiled from data sent by Clarence Otis Wilson, and his wife, Rosa Belle Wilson, and  by John Smallwood, Jr. All censuses refer to Coosa County, Alabama.

Fourth Generation

116       HARRIET 4, b. Dec. 1827, Ga; m. JAMES L. BURGESS, 25 Feb. 1845.  She appears on 1900 Coosa Co. Al. census, living with dau.  LEM (b.  Oct. 1852, AL.), and son in-law, MASIN F. LIVINGSTON (b.  Aug. 1837, AL.) and their children, ALBERT W., HATTIE S., JOHN E.?,  WILLIAM G. , and MAGGIE M. LIVINGSTON.  Lem and Masin stated they had 6 living children.  Harriet stated she had one living child.

117       LOUISA, on 1850 census, age 20, b. Ga; m. CHARLES B.HAGAN

118        PARMELIA F., on 1850 census, age 19, b. Ga; on 1860 census, age 25; m. WILLIAM W. BAKER, 27 Dec. 1860.

119        JAMES C., on 1860 census, age 22; 1870 census, age 36; 1900 census, b. Mar 1831, Ga.; m. SARAH E. (b.  Feb. 1839, Al.). One child , WILLIAM, age 2 on 1870 census.

120        NANCY ANN JANE, b. 15 Jan. 1836, Ga; d. 16 June 1918; m. FRANCIS A. LOCKE, 26 Sept. 1852, Coosa Co. AL. See Our Southern Ancestors for this family.

121        AMANDA L., on 1850 census, age 12; on 1860 census, age 20, b. GA; m. JAMES LAUDERDALE.

122        GEORGE H., on 1850 census, age 7; on 1860 census, age 18, b. Al; on 1870 census, age 29; m. MARY ____.  Child, GEORGE, age 5 months in 1870 census

123        ELISHA, b. Apr. 1845, Al; m. MARTHA J.  ____.

124        ELIZABETH JONES, m. COSTELLO H. WRIGHT (b. 1815, Franklin Co. VA).


17.        MILDRED 3 SORRELLS (Charles 2, Richard) was born March 1805, Georgia; died 30 August 1885, according to Mabel Yoakum Holliday Moody (117) in old letters.  Mildred married GEORGE WASHINGTON WARE (b. 1 Feb. 1802; d. 19 Apr. 1840), on 18 December 1823, Madison County.  George was the son of Letty (Ware) and James Ware, Jr. [Wilder and Connecting Families, Especially Wares, W.M. Wilder.   Book is available, GA Archives].   This must have been a double wedding, as Nancy, above, married Hamilton Ware the same day and place.

Quote: "Ann Eliza Ware Wynne's parents were George Washington Ware and Mildred Sorrells Ware; her grandparents were Charles Sorrells and Elizabeth Snead Jones, and her great-grandparent was Mildred Snead."Quote: "Ann Eliza Ware Wynne was a cousin to Dr. Crawford W. Long.  James Ware, Jr. married Letty Ware, his cousin, who was a sister to Dr.  Crawford Long's mother, Elizabeth Ware, the daughter of Edward Ware. Elizabeth married James Long, the father of  Dr. Crawford W. Long" [Quotes above from Coweta County, Georgia Chronicles, pp.. 734-35; also see pp.. 733 and 736 for more on the Ware and Wynne lines]

The compiler has never heard the middle name of Snead for the wife of Charles (2), except in this book.  According to the book, James Ware, Jr. was the son of James Ware, Sr. and his wife, Mary Veal.  The children of James Ware, Jr. and Letty are given and the children of Ann Eliza Ware and Obadiah Wynne are given in the book.

"George Washington Ware surveyed both in Georgia and in Texas; also discovered Cave Springs, and served in the Georgia Legislature,.  He came to Fayette County, Georgia about 1823" [Chronicles :736].

Fourth Generation

125       PERMELIA ELIZABETH  4,  m. DR.  JOHN STILES HOLLIDAY.One of their children was GEORGE HENRY HOLLIDAY, b. 25 Sept. 1846; m. MARY ELIZABETH WRIGHT (b. 12 June 1849), on 2 Nov. 1869, Atlanta, Ga.  Their daughter, MABEL YOAKUM HOLLIDAY, b. 7 Aug. 1870; m. JOHN THEOPHILUS MOODY (b. 25 May 1868), on 30 Oct. 1888, as stated by Mrs. Moody in an old letter to Marion Dewoody Pettigrew, written 5 Sept. 1914, Atlanta.  The letter was printed in Pettigrew's Sorrells and Allied Families, p. 83, available Pine Bluff Arkansas Library.




129        EMILY FRANCES m. W.B. FULLER.



132        CICERO died as a small child.

133        MARY ANN died as a small child.

134       BENJAMIN died as a small child.


136       RICHARD never married.[List of children, with supplementary data from Mrs. Moody"s letter on the Holliday line, was used with permission and taken from  Coweta County, Georgia Chronicles].


18.         ELIZABETH 3 SORRELLS (Charles 2, Richard) was born 16 October 1806, Georgia; died 15 August 1888, Texas, and is buried in Oakland Cemetery, Travis County, with a marked tombstone.  A descendant, GLENDA RUE GUGGOLZ SMITH, Fort Worth, Texas, has located her grave and the inscription says "Our Beloved Mother", Elizabeth Holton..

According to the letters received by the compiler from Glenda Smith in 1981-82, "Elizabeth's daughter  ELIZABETH 4,  and her daughter's husband, PAUL DEATS, are buried in the same plot with Elizabeth Holton.  Elizabeth married  (1) BURRELL WARE (son of Letty Ware and James Ware, Jr.), on 17 November 1825, Madison County, Georgia.  First they went to Coweta County, then Fayette County, Georgia by 1830, and then to Texas via Alabama by 1840, where Burrell died in 1841. (It was not clear which state she meant Burrell died in, Alabama or Texas.) Burrell and Elizabeth had eight children; four lived and married (she did not list them).

One of them was BURRELL H. 4 WARE, who returned to Georgia after the settlement of the estate of his father, married CLARA TIPPETT, and fathered three boys.  He was killed in the Civil War.  One of the sons of Burrell H. Ware and Clara Tippett Ware was GEORGE MADISON  5 WARE, my great-grandfather.  Clara remarried to a MORGAN and they returned to Texas.  Elizabeth (Sorrells, Ware) Holton's obituary was in the Austin Statesman, August 1888.  Much proof of this Ware family is recorded in Bastrop and Ilano County, Texas."

Elizabeth Sorrells Ware married (2) WILLIAM S. HOLTON.  Please see the loose estate papers of Charles Sorrells in Georgia Archives and his will, Walton Co. GA.  Three of Elizabeth's children are mentioned in his loose estate papers: PENNSYLVANIA  4HOLTON and MORTIMER  HOLTON, and BURRELL H. WARE.  Please see also the 1850 Bastrop County, Texas census which lists the children, GEORGE J. WARE4, age 22,
BURRELL, age 18, MARTHA F. WARE, age 15,  MARY A. WARE, age 11, MORTIMER HOLTON, age 4, and PENNSYLVANIA HOLTON, age 7 months.


19.       CHARLES JAMES 3 SORRELLS (Charles 2, Richard ) was born ca. 1807, Georgia; died 23 December 1886, Walton County.  He married SARAH STILL (b. 19 May 1808, SC; death date unknown, Walton Co.), dau.  Jane Martin and Benjamin Still.  Both buried  Sorrells Cem., Walton County. Charles J. and Sarah married 18 November 1830, Walton County [B:148].

Charles J. Sorrells was administrator of the Wiley Jones Sorrells estate in 1867, Walton County.   Wiley (13) was his brother-in law and also his first cousin.  Sarah Still was a sister to Wiley's wife, Susannah Still.  Please see Our Southern Ancestors or this URL: for more on the John Still Family of Edgefield County, SC.

The Charles J. Sorrells family was compiled from 1830-1880 Walton County censuses, 1831 and 1834 Walton tax lists, folder of loose papers in Georgia Archives, will of Charles Sorrells, old letters, cemetery records, Sorrells Spring Church records, and Walton County marriage records.

References for Charles J. Sorrells estate: Selection & Order for Permanent L/A, Eleanor Wright, Admr in Minutes 1889:221; Appt. of Admr. in L/A and Gdn. 1888:12,33;also Admr. & Gdn.  Bond 1879D:276, 324 [Microfilm Index].

Fourth Generation
All Born Georgia

137        ELIZABETH J. 4, b. ca. 1832; m. JOSEPH BELL, 25 June 1853, Walton Co. [Bk D:414]

138         SUSANNAH ADLINE, b. ca. 1833; buried  Sorrells Cem., Walton Co. near parents; never married; no dates on tombstone.  Mentioned in will of sister, Mary Catherine Sorrells, 9 May 1876, Walton Co.  Loose papers, Ga.  Archives: Petition of Eleanor Wright, next of kin to Susannah Sorrells, deceased, 4 Mar. 1889.  Petition for permanent L/A, Minutes 1889:51, Eleanor Wright.

139        MILDRED JANE, b. 3 Sept. 1834; d. 4 Feb. 1920, Oconee Co., Ga.; m. JEREMIAH HARRISON (b. 19 May 1824, Walton Co.; d. 29 Mar. 1910, Walton Co.), son, of Nancy Chaffin and James Harrison, on 3 Dec. 1850, Walton Co. [Bk D:340]. Buried Sorrells Cemetery, Walton.

140        MARY CATHERINE, b. ca. 1837; d. June 1876;  unmarried; buried Sorrells Cemetery, no dates on tombstone; member  Sorrells Spring Church.  Will, Walton Co. Return S:324 bequeaths to father, Charles  J. Sorrells, her one-third interest in 63 ac. Lot #79, where she then lived with father; also 4 ½  ac. NW Lot #78, adj. the 63 ac.   She stated "other two-thirds interest in said land belongs to my two sisters, Susannah Adline and Louisa Sorrells".   Signed 9 May 1876; probated Oct. 1876. Wit: Martin Still, David M. Moore, James M. Smith.

141        ELEANOR, b. 10 July 1842; d. 9 July 1910 [tombstone];   but 1900 Walton census says b June 1840. She m.   JAMES R. WRIGHT (b. 14 Oct. 1837; d. 2 Sept. 1912  [tombstone], but 1900 census says b. Mar. 1837), on   18 Dec. 1856, Walton Co. [Bk D:491]. Buried Sorrells   Cemetery, Walton Co.

142        LOUISA, b. ca. 1841; bur. Sorrells Cemetery; no dates on stone.

143        CHARLES B. (Charles J., Charles, Richard),  b. 17 Nov.1842;  d. 5 March    1879 [tombstone], Walton Co; m. ALMEDA BURSON, dau. of Seaborn C. Burson, Sr. on 25 Jan. 1866, Walton Co. Buried  Sorrells Cemetery. Their children were ESTELLE THORTON, CHARLES SCOTT SORRELLS of Walton Co., DAVID BENJAMIN SORRELLS, Prescott, AZ, SEABORN SORRELLS, Sierra Co., NM, MARY LILLIE WIGGINS, Walton Co.

144        NANCY FRANCES, b. 28 Apr. 1844; d. 3 June 1910 [ tombstone], but 1900 Walton Co. census says b. Apr. 1846; m. JAMES L. BROOKS (b. 14 Feb. 1847; d. 6 May 1914), on 1 Feb. 1866, Walton Co. Buried  Sorrells Cemetery.

145        HUGH BENJAMIN, b. ca. 1846; d. in Feb., year. unknown. [Still Bible]. He was one of the longest lived Confederate vets from Walton Co. Served Co. D, 2nd Regt.  Pvt.  Enlisted 1 July 1864, Monroe, GA; absent without leave, Nov.-Dec. 1864; Paroled Charlotte, N.C., 3 May 1865 Service record  Ga.  Archives; also has a pension claim].  He m. SARAH E . GRIFFIN, 1 Mar. 1866, Walton Co.  Burial place unknown.

146        WILLIAM TAYLOR, b. 17 Apr. 1847; d. 3 July 1910; served Co. D, 2nd Regt. m.  LOUISA INDIA GRIFFIN (b. 10 Dec. 1844; d. 23 Jan. 1925), 1 Mar. 1866].  Walton Co. Buried across road from Shoal Creek  Primitive Bapt.  Church, Walton Co. The Griffins are said to be sisters.

147        SARAH A., b. ca. 1850; no data.

148        VIRGINIA, b. ca. 1853; d. Feb. 1884; m. JOHN W. BROOKS, 22 Dec. 1870, Walton Co.

149        T.W., daughter in 1880 census; b. ca. 1855; not found in earlier censuses; no data; initials faded, may be misread.

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